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Originally Posted by greekgeek View Post
My "overpaid" post was meant to be sarcastic. Sheesh

Sorry; sometimes around here it's hard to tell.

Those longwings remind me of the ones I never received.
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"Bespoke Grade" Made in England Alan McAfee

Snakeskin desert boots? Stacy Adams, of course. Shit quality, I assume, but where else do you get this?

Crazy sole shape on these, does anyone know more about the maker?
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Good deal on a pair of Stuart's choice loafers in black, size 8D.
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Who would have made these for facconable? (made in england)
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seems to be a nice colour. trickers run bigger than indicated.
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Paul Stuwart Grenson cream&brown oxford shoes : 11.5D

BIN $149.

Have some wear, but not too much. Could be fun for someone down under with spring on the way...
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I just saw these @ FB for $699 and almost broke down in tears because I could not afford them.

$499 on eBay. The pics just don't do them justice.
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Dunheel table lighter with a clock in it:

Polo C&J slipons:

Lobb St James bespoke step in boots, priceless and distinguished:

Yarrrr!!! Ahoy there me hearties!!! Just in time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, RLPL skull and crossbones slippers:

Goyard briefcase:

Gorgeous old antique coromandel post box:

Valextra bifold:

N&L suede shoes:

N&L calf oxford:

Cleverley bespoke shoes from A Harris:

Pickett (Ettinger) change case:

G&H braces:

Thurston braces:

Drake's cashmere scarf:

Sulka suspenders:

Tanner Krolle washbag:

Goyard black suitcase:

Goyard miniature trunk:

Royal Navy pith helmet and carry case:

Cheaney oxfords for G&H:

By the trees these look like bespoke Lobb Paris tassel loafers for some lucky Frenchman:

From the same seller, these may be other bespoke Lobb Paris shoes:

Edward Green leather shoe care kit:

Polo RL bridle hide trinket box:

Old Hermes suitcase:

Silver and leather coin case:

Lobb St James bespoke tassel loafers:

Old Peal briefcase:

Ede & Ravenscroft ceremonial cap:

G. Lorenzi horn shaving brush:
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Just listed these brand new Church's loafers 8/8.5 D

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Also a pair of Alden cordovan loafers in an 11.5 A/C, been half soled and the heels are a bit worn, but overall still nice and a great deal

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I don't know
but these are great IMHO
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Originally Posted by 330CK View Post
Pretty cool memoribilia.

Hrm, is that the sound of Conne's piggybank shattering?
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chukkas with comando sole

lovely slip on
MENS-EX featured about them in JULYs issue
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