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Bro, how long does it take for you to grow out your beard? Wow, that seemed pretty fast.

About 2-3 weeks to get it to that point. I went unshaven from November 1st (No-Shave November) until early January and it was in full fledged lumberjack mode. The wife made me trim it. I admit it was getting a bit out of hand. Just too lazy to shave now. I like not having to shave every day or three.
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Decent kop?

Definitely. Only found one ever. They are amazing ties.
Originally Posted by suited View Post

Brand new. My size. Dual vent, baller blue.


Originally Posted by jgill79 View Post

 (or anyone else who might know:

Can you help me date this Pendleton label?

I'd guess mid-60's to early 70's. Just guessing based on the "Made in USA" at the bottom of the label which I haven't seen on many Pendleton stuff prior to the mid 70's and the dry cleaning tag style looks like 60's-early 70's.

Here's my favorite finds from yesterday:

Vtg unworn Redhead hunting jacket. Canvas. I love this brown on brown duck camo pattern. Need Supply did a collab with Rogue Territory a few years ago and did a shirt and pants in this pattern. I missed out. frown.gif This will make up for that, though.

J Crew Moon Tweed Norfolk (I think?) hunting jacket. Suede elbow patches. Super cool. 42 R

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I found this badass suit today, anyone want to guess what was inside the pocket?

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a pen?

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Luxeswap tag

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I'm gonna go for a big bet... a valuable watch, or a wallet, complete with cash and cards, OR the tag of a super-heavy hitting bespoke house. 


Please keep my hometown in your thoughts. The Columbia mall is about ten minutes from where I grew up. My parents left the mall about two minutes before this started. Feeling extremely lucky this morning.

E thrifted Malverns (made with a Nordstrom label) arrived today. A few paces short of NOS. Available, just a hair too big for me. 11D on the 202.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)










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A tiny version of the same jacket, Russian nesting doll style?
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This biggrin.gif
Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

A tiny version of the same jacket, Russian nesting doll style?
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So, I never buy Hart Schaffner Marx but this was too baller to leave behind. Ticket pocket, leather buttons and dual vented with a baller ass pattern? Too bad it won't fit me for shit.





Also picked up a Pringle of Scotland SC. I didn't realize they made those.

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Cuban fo sho
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I'm hoping for a flask or sunglasses in that pocket -- either one would be good to offer to others when you walk up in that thing.


I've never thrifted a pen in a pocket, but I do own a suit with a pen trapped in the lining, and no holes in the pockets.  Kind of a "then who was phone?" deal.


Spoo, there's no way that's a 36R, right?

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Somewhat shitty fit pic (are those still allowed in here?)


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Shoutout to @brianG again for my new favorite jacket.




Engineered Garments jacket - trade

Woolrich Woolen Mills flannel - thrifted

Epaulet Oxford Popover

Gant Rugger Slack pants - thrifted

Alden 404 Indy Boots - Technically discounted(?)

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