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I always love a cool hanger.

Originally Posted by ruben View Post
What do you all use to recondition old shell?

Apparently Venetian Shoe Cream is supposed to be good on old shell.
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Got a couple of smokin' deals yesterday morning at a flea market; both from the same seller. Schott Perfecto 618 in either heavy steerhide or HH; like new condition; size 46; fits perfect; on Schott's website for $510; got it for $25. The other is a Schott A-2 184SM in naked cowhide; near new condition; missing mouton collar and zipout lining, neither of which I would use; fits perfect; Schott's price, $530; my cost, $25. I'll be selling the Perfecto through Walker's Vintage Boots on Newbury St. in Boston, but definitely keeping the A-2.
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Found an awesome pair of black E.T. Wright Masters Collection, made in England, split toe bluchers. Made by Sanders & Sanders. 10 EE. Almost no wear! Appears to be vintage stuff. Double thick leather soles and brass tacks in the heels.
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

When you flip the clothing/ shoes, is it policy to wash them first?

This seems like a tremendous amount of work if the items are properly cleaned by you before selling,
in which case you would have my utmost respect.

I polish all shoes I sell. It is sometimes amazing to see what a little polish and elbow grease can do.
Many shoes I find need heels and I have been learning a little from my cobbler and am thinking about trying to put heels on as needed. Maybe branch into Sole Savers and Heel Savers as well. I just enjoy working with shoes and one never knows when another hobby/skill can be turned into a business.
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Originally Posted by 83glt View Post
I almost punched a woman square in the nose yesterday. I was so tempted. Just when my rage was about to boil my wife happened to call and that was enough of a distraction to let it go. This Goodwill I was at has the ties in stackable platic drawers. I had the top drawer open and was pawing through the ties when this woman comes over and just starts digging around in there too. If you saw the size of these drawers, probably 10 by 14 inches, it's fucking cramped for two people to be digging around. I guess you had to be there but man did I want to smash her face. The worst part is she was probably looking for Tommy Hilfiger.

Anyway, she didn't stop me from finding 2 Battistoni ties before I had to leave. I just wonder what else might have been in there ...

One of the ties is a 6-fold, which I've never seen by Battistoni before. The other looks like it may have been made by Hermes? It has the same style of printed "tags" complete with serial number and everything.

I also found a really cool pair of NWT Kuhlman cashmere blend pants, made in Italy, in a vibrant plaid. Can't wait for the temp. to drop to sport those.

Bravely spoken.
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Found a really cool pair of vintage Stacy Adams woven, black & white spectators, 10 D. I have a pair of Hanovers from the '50's and these have similar stylin'. Groovy! Or was "groovy" in the '70's? They unfortunately have some kind of weird wrinkling on the toes.

Here is a link to pix of them and the E. T. Wright's I mentioned yesterday:

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Sweaters and overcoats are starting to come out. I came across my first Colombo item today, 75% cashmere/25% silk. Great sweater, paid $8. I also picked up a Brooks Brothers merino/cashmere sweater for MrsC ($3).

I figure $500+ retail? I've had a hard time tracking down Colombo items on the web. FourInHand.com uses them, and apparently they do some contract work for Hermes.

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Originally Posted by BBC View Post
...The big purchases this month were a pair of Alden snuff suede loafers...

Awesome. Where did you find them?
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Found a NWT Black Fleece woman's suit today, size BB3 or 8 (I think). Double breasted navy flannel pinstripe. Really stunning. $75 though. Called the Mrs. to see if she wanted it, she said no, and so it's still on the rack ...
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I found this made in Italy Brioni Shirt in a ecru/cream French Cuff while in Seattle traveling.

When and for whom does Brioni produce their shirts with the label in Black?

Sorry, it was also my size.

1/2 off of $8.
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2 Thomas Pink french cuff shirts 1 Ermenegildo Zegna shirt (didnt notice at the store it had a chipped button and does not have extras on shirt) Polo RL Harris tweed sport coat J Crew linen longsleeve shirt Brooks Bros "The Original Polo Shirt" and a stack of good books I passed of a pair of Allen Edmonds black tassel loafers in size 11 A. I forget the model Bestwich? some ending in wick or wich. I can go back and grab those if anyone is interested.
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It was Oxxford day yesterday for me. Dropped by a new place and found 3 Oxxford suits next to each other on the rack. Funny thing is they were all different sizes. Luckily one fit me. I grabbed one of the others which is a 43R and left a DB in blue that seemed to be a 44 or so. There was also a great Norman Hilton in my size I that got me excited until I inspected further and found a couple of big tears. Anyone interested in the 43R suit? I'm happy to trade it.
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A funny thing happened today. Every Wednesday I work off site, and there are a couple thrifts in the neighborhood (GW, SA). The GW is hit and miss, and usually has nothing because this neighborhood is really depressed. I very rarely go to the SA anymore, maybe 3 times a year, because they never have anything. I happened to park near the SA today, and on my way back to the car at the end of the day I figured I'd check it out. On my way I thought to myself, how amazing it would be to find like 10 Kiton suits and sportcoats.... Well, guess what I found? Almost anyway, and better AFAIC...

Right at the head of the suit/sportcoat rack were about a dozen Cifonelli vintage suits and sportcoats. It was amazing. One right after the other. I've never seen their tailoring in person, and I can tell you it is among the best I've ever seen. The fabrics and styles varied wildly, with some very dated from the 70's, and others more modern and traditional. Everything belonged to the same gentleman, so I have to think he either passed or got rid of everything he owns. I left the dated styles/fabrics, and ended up taking home just the following:

1 glenplaid sportcoat
1 brown velvet sportcoat
1 two piece peak lapel 1 button tuxedo
1 black flannel chalkstripe orphaned suit jacket

I was going to take more, but the rest was mostly orphaned pinstripe jackets. I almost didn't take the black flannel pinstripe because it was orphaned, but then I said the hell with it, on the off chance I find the matching pants elsewhere or later on at the same store. It's such a sick jacket I'd wear it with gray flannel trousers, I don't care. It's amazing. The tuxedo is also fantastic. It has a couple minor pulls on the grosgrain lapel, but the construction and quality make it totally wearable. My favorite is the glenplaid. It's perfect in every way, down to the smoked mother of pearl buttons. Not certain, but I bet some of this stuff was made under the watchful eye of Arturo.
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Originally Posted by 83glt View Post
The tuxedo is also fantastic. It has a couple minor pulls on the grosgrain lapel, but the construction and quality make it totally wearable.

Nice haul!

Here's a technique I've used with success to fix pulls in silk: Thread a fine needle with normal thread like you'd use to sew on a button. Don't wax it or anything--you want some friction. Using a magnifying glass if necessary, try to stick the point of the needle through the silk fabric at the exact point where one end of the pulled thread comes out. You're trying to get it through the same "hole" in the weave. Pull the needle and thread through to the other side of the fabric and all the way out. If you're lucky, the friction of the thread passing through the hole will take the pulled thread with it and pull it to the back of the fabric where it's unseen.

Hope this makes sense. It's worked for me on various silks, mainly on ties.
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^^ Wow, nice haul! I'd love to see pics! I managed to grab a 100% Cashmere Canali jacket today. Also found a beautiful charcoal flannel (fawnskin) 3 button Oxxford suit. As usual, the trousers were separated, but as luck would have it I managed to find them. My question is, does Canali make pure cashmere suits? The jacket I found is a gray with white pinstripes. I thought it was a orphan at first, until I saw it was 100% cashmere. AFAIK, only a few super high-end makers do 100% cashmere suits (Attolini, Kiton, etc), so I grabbed it on the off chance that my hunch was right and perhaps this was indeed just a jacket.
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