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I took the quiz thing yesterday and it had me right as SE Wisconsin which I'm guessing throws out the whole thing once you answer Bubbler for the water dispenser question
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I live in NYC, but I'm not from NYC...

And what's with the St. Lous(I think?) bump?

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Originally Posted by hooker4186 View Post

I live in NYC, but I'm not from NYC...

And what's with the Twin Cities(?) bump?

I think that's St Louis, not the twin cities

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Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

I think that's St Louis, not the twin cities

Dangit you caught me before my ninja edit. I grew up overseas so US geography is not my, aherm, strong suit.
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Dennis deyoung Is pretty good though
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Pnutplug , me and mrs 38R were listening to IRON MAIDEN in the car yesterday . going thrifting. with a free pass for Macklemore. :lol:

And "mr Roboto" is in the car mp3.


Softer? Bobby Womack (oh shut up).

Brian, we are always square. let's just keep rolling........:cheers:


thanks for a good year guys


Thanks KenP. :D 

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Originally Posted by Digmenow View Post

Other assorted folks outside of the US might enjoy learning where your vocalizations would be most common in this big melting pot of a country.

How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk
What does the way you speak say about where you’re from? Answer all the questions below to see your personal dialect map.
Apparently, on my first pass through the quiz, I'm from the south east, somewhere near Richmond. Or Birmingham. Or Augusta.

One out of three ain't bad for an online quiz, though.

'Tractor-trailer' and 'y'all' helped them peg me closest.

My second time through gave a more accurate result, based on a couple of different questions. Atlanta was the outlier thanks to the pajama question.

That test was wholly inaccurate, it was off by at least 75 miles! I was pegged as Modesto/Stockton/Santa Rosa, but grew up in San Jose.
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Californians sure are a silly folk.

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Soon I'll be driving from Texas to South Carolina. Major thrift spree.

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Found a navy cashmere top coat by Chester Barrie yesterday! Unfortunately too worn collar...so left it


I have just had christmas dinner with my folks... always liked this tune (some christmas references in the beginning). Merry Christmas thrifters!!

Spice 1 - Runnin' Out Da Crackhouse (Click to show)

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My New Christmas Kamakura!

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Another discount PSA: Gilt has a handful of Drakes and Luciano Barbera ties/PSes at nice prices. May have kopped if not for the dreaded XMas-wallet-syndrome.
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Originally Posted by pnutpug View Post

There is no bigger fan of Styx than myself--when I was 14, I stood in large pool of vomit for 90 minutes because it was close to the stage and was the only chance I had to get up close, and I liked it. Styx didn't need Yoko Ono to break up the band, they had Dennis DeYoung, and he did it all by himself with devastating effect. You can take the biggest asshole who ever posted on this thread, whoever that might be, and he wouldn't hold a candle to the asshole that is Dennis DeYoung. Dennis DeYoung is to assholes what vicuna is to fabrics, a class unto himself, the smelliest turd in a mountain of shit. And his "music" is even worse. Perhaps there is a hidden message that makes sense when you play a Dennis DeYoung record backwards at 78, because there sure as hell isn't anything there when you play one at 33.

Even if I liked Dennis DeYoung--and I really, really don't--I would never publicly admit it. I thought I would retch when Eazy confessed to liking Billy Ocean, who is Frank Zappa, Roky Erickson, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, John Coltrane and David Bowie all rolled into one compared with Dennis DeYoung.

I'm constantly amazed at the crappy music that people here who otherwise have such impeccable taste think is good. Not long ago, IIRC, someone said they like the Ray Conniff Singers. Seriously, WTF. I'm leaving now to blast some Spinal Tap in the car--I have some last-minute shopping to do.


So what your saying is, you don't like Dennis DeYoung?

Seriously though, I literally shot coffee out of my nose while reading this. rotflmao.gif
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Found this lovely Ozwald Boateng 'Bespoke Couture' charcoal suit, a Polo Ralph Lauren double breasted blazer and a couple of pocket squares by Liberty of London and Jaeger.









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Originally Posted by FaceOfBoh View Post

First a big THANK-YOU to futuremyth and his wife who I met up with for a quick bite this afternoon since they were in town visiting family for Christmas. Both of them are very nice and even treated me to a share of the most beefalicious nachos I've ever seen or tasted!

I found a bunch of stuff this past weekend and haven't had time to photograph anything but did want to post this baby. NWT Pringle of Scotland knit coat. Heavy as all get out and retailed last AW at around $1600 USD.

That's a real nice coat; should fit perfect in your new store (even though it's new). What's with the crazy stuff turning up in our clothing wasteland?

I was up in the far north for dinner and hit a thrift beforehand and found a Mister Freedom workshirt. I can't ever figure out a store that even sells that here!
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