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Just conditioned those AE's I found last week

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It is, in fact, a very German name. 

Thanks a ton for the info - fascinating stuff!



Originally Posted by Lirum View Post


I believe this is 70s-80s era. They're German, actually, atleast every pair I was able to find online while researching was. That blacked out bar is probably hiding a German name. Mine are in minty condition, but they're bid at around $50 right now on the bay.

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So did I fuck up today then:( Didn't have the camo guide with me.

There were no tags on them what so ever and I can't remember off the top of my head if they were double sided.
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Also, Andro, drool.gif
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Originally Posted by thefastlife View Post

yea. i did just move and found this one through yelp. she gets outstanding reviews and has done some work with which i was pleased. but $30+ for tailoring a shirt seems a bit high - pleats or not.

The guy I go to charges a lot, but is, I think, the best around here. I could save a bit if I took simple jobs elsewhere, but I use him for everything because making a living as a tailor these days in a small-ish town isn't easy when most folks wear disposable crap. His shop has been around for nearly 50 years, and I don't want him to go out of business. Because most everything I buy is thrifted, he gets a lot of business from me, and the loyalty is rewarded. When I need a ripped seam re-sewn or something similarly easy, it's free, and when I need something in a rush, he accommodates me. He warns me off if I ask him to do something stupid, and I've learned a lot of stuff. Think twice before altering poplin, always dry clean corduroy. The one time I tried some place else, they screwed it up, and so lesson learned.

Your situation may be entirely different, probably is, but when I see folks posting about whether a tailor is charging too much, I think about my experiences and the old adage about when you buy the best, you only cry once.
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Had a nice tie haul this past week. All NA

-15 or so borrelli 6 fold (although everyone on eBay calls them 7)
-A few purple labels (the pow is the bomb)
-zegna, Versace, Holland & Holland

My favorite tie cashmere/silk 6 fold

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That is a wonderful tie haul
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^^ 15 Borrelli ties?!?! wow.gif

Originally Posted by eazye View Post

So did I fuck up today then:( Didn't have the camo guide with me.

There were no tags on them what so ever and I can't remember off the top of my head if they were double sided.

Looks like regular duck hunter camo. A spin off of the WWII HBT camo but not double sided. Produced commercially from the mid 60's-late 80's. Though it was commercially produced, it was also used in Vietnam after the fact that US military advisers figured out the OD green jungle fatigues weren't cutting it.
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Wowsers green machine.
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I also finally found one of these today, grail sweater synergy.......in an XL. ffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gif

Edit: mint, salmon colored and available for trade.
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The funny thing is I've really only been hitting one shop after work because my apartment looks like an episode of hoarders.

Do you guys have any technique for getting pen off of a tie? I have this almost perfect hermes tie with a pen mark. I was about to throw it on eBay but saw this.

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Alcohol on a cotton swab, followed immediately by blow drying has worked for me with everything except coffee and some other weird stain I've never seen but once before. Got out pen stains 99% of the time.

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Originally Posted by staxringold View Post

Welp, I'll get lost in the post-Andro shuffle (awesome haul, BTW), but my meager finds. Burned some time in a GW yesterday, got the itch, so went out today.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Minty fresh pink striped Gitman Bros (16 neck, so available), 2x recent Zegna, old Dunhill

Left them for you smile.gif ties, didn't look at the shirts at all.

Lately the stores are barren. Did not buy anything, although was temped by an Invertere jacket and a Donegal Mist.
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lot of disspointment today


and my favorite find in a while which was a nwt, including a fabric swatch and little bio on how they are made, lands end made in scotland shetland. not terribly valuable but the nwt and little extras were cool. they ended up not having a price on them so dude wouldn't sell them to me :(

what I actually bought:

two made in italy jackets with dual vents and nice-ish styling so I took a gamble



this bad boy is my favorite

wtf is this brand though

and what the hell is that fabric



oh and these size 36 flat front masons made in italy chinos (these are a thing right?)


bonus thrift fit

j crew cardi

epaulet popover

helmut lang moleskin trousers from nat MY NEW FAVORITE PANTS

made in canada chelseas

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