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^^^ Thistle cufflinks are awesome. Do want.
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Halloween is the thrifting Christmas.

Not for me. My epic dry spell continues. I've clearly offended some god or other. Human sacrifice is now possibly virgin sacrifice.

Heres what I have actually found. Massively overpaid at a "thrift" in the richest town on the area. Only the tux shirt is available for now:

RLPL tux shirt. 15.5, available.
photo IMG_6535_zpsd0926263.jpg

Canali staple blue stripe.
photo IMG_6530_zpsff6c3a38.jpg

Talbot Carmel handmade tie in seafoam
photo IMG_6528_zps9097ba18.jpg

Loro Piana cashmere ribbed/commando v neck
photo IMG_6520_zps44a42c6d.jpg

Corneliani windowpane SC
photo IMG_6510_zps26e81c3b.jpg
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Originally Posted by mainy View Post

Levi's update: Buyer actually paid for them. $1400. Was for sure it was a bullshit nonpaying bidder. Officially my all time greatest find and you thrift thread OG's know I've had some good hauls. Bananaaaaaaaaaaas. I don't even really thrift anymore, but Kansas City: I still run this

This is why I'm back to looking for the E on the back of EVERY SINGLE FRICKING PAIR OF LEVIS


Originally Posted by FUMAO View Post



I'm glad you got that jacket.  Don't know the label, but it's really nice looking.


Originally Posted by ejay1 View Post

Thrift store finds:


4 NWT Hickey Freeman wool flannel trousers


Canali,EZ,Charvet,Hermes, Trafalgar belt


Luciano Barbera corduroy pant


Polo Italy trouser


Allen Edmonds


Unworn 1960's Vietnam Macshore BDU


Gieves & Hawkes sport coat


like-new vintage Starter jacket




new Robert Talbott vineyards cycling bib



Quite the list!  Love those AE's


Originally Posted by jgill79 View Post

A few more finds from this week. I've got a couple more to take pictures of tomorrow.

Zegna (by Incotex, right?) (Click to show)



Nice, you killed this week.  This town is big enough for the both of us.... plus the hundreds more we don't know of, including the 20 or so lurkers that are reading this :nodding:

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Some recent accessories....





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Some really big suits I found

Corneliani 16.25 micron suit size 48 (recent label)


Corneliani Super 150s (recent label) suit size 46 (3 button)


Corneliani super 120s (recent label) suit size 46(3 button)


Vestimenta suit size 46


Ravazzolo hand tailored Loro Piana wool/ silk suit. looks like it was never even worn


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Spoo what are the black spots in the shoe u have first? Why does that happen? I have a pair like that too.
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^My first guess would be iron stains from moisture.  It looks like most of them line up with nail heads.

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Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

 A gift from my designer jeans friend.

I want a designer jeans friend too!

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Originally Posted by mrcmcklwht View Post

I want a designer jeans friend too!

For Realz
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Originally Posted by DanM View Post

Took a thrift road trip. Finds from two cities.

8 Talbott Estate Bespoke, 1 Talbott Carmel. Same store, assuming same size.


Assorted sport coats. Winston Tailors, BB, Oxxford, BB, Canali, Burberry London.







Looks like a trip you should repeat on a regular basis

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Another installment of "Real of Not Real"


Ok guys. It would be hard to find someone with less background on authenticating brands, so I'm coming to you with this Burberry purse my daughter picked up. 


I looked at it and saw it was made in China, and I assumed fake. Then I see online that since early 2007, most of their mainline hand bags were outsourced to china for production. 


Thought I'd try to get a read from you on it. 



What say ye?

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These things often need close examination. One general rule is that if it doesn't feel like luxury, its not luxury. Hardware should be heavy, no discoloration etc. Does it have burberry tags inside?
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Originally Posted by txwoodworker View Post

I'm glad you got that jacket.  Don't know the label, but it's really nice looking.





S.T. Dupont are French and mostly known for their luxury pens and lighters.


It's still available if anyone wants it - size 38.

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Some recent finds...sorry about the crappy pics. Been noticing myself with an odd assortment of finds. I guess what I have been reading here has me branching out a little more. Also found really nice Bogner and Descente ski suits that I have yet to photo.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
BB Trench

NWOB Jordan Retro V Fire Red

NTW Tommy Bahama

Cool Pendleton with Suede Elbow Patches

Also some questions about these finds
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Any word on this maker. Neat toggle coat but can't find anything on it


Is this good Borelli? First one I've seen in the wild...riddled with moth holes. Just curious.

Thanks guys
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It's Borrelli. The ones I've come across so far also have been green in text color/logo

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^^Dood Borrelli is two Rs two Ls.
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