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My thift adventure this week:


So I went to the store, there were soo many people flipping the racks.

Im thinking, ouch. not getting anything...


walking around. I see one dude just going through every tie. must be flipper?

i saw wassup we make small talk, I try to be cool with peeps cause I like to be cool with others.

I see he has a cart of stuff and walk around.



Later I see this old dude go p to the ties.

Man he uses his cart to block everyone off the ties and tries to make it so no one can get past him.

Im thinking man, this isnt your house. I walk past him to get to the other sections, slide past his cart.

Hes grilling me like " hey this is my house":censored:


i keep walking.:violin:

while hes sorting every tie I think ..SUCKER its been sorted... hehe:bounce2:




later I see the other dude,  the first one I talked to. he only had liek two things. I think he was just looking for himself.

while looking I found a baller BB golden fleece shirt.

I was like this is dope.

BUt I see bro didnt have anything left i think he was shopping for himself.

I go bro you want this? its hot.

he goes thanks man! it was his size. :cheers:



im like cool. I didnt need it.

i actually get in line behind him.

while hes paying im just flipping items on the rack by the line.

I find ANOTHER BBGF half the price of hte other one





the prevous week someone hooked me up with a coreneli in store, he was shopping with his s/o and hes like bro u want this  was like cool.

I had a few jackets and offered it to him before if any where his size and he was like nah, but if u want u can have this.

i was like sweeet:cheers:  tanks bro wherver u are having fun!




so my thrifting lesson.

if you are cool, cool things happen

sometimes i think peple get cuaght up in resale and stuff

but the most important part is this is a hobby, have fun. finding cool stuff meeting treasure hunters like us.

thats what its about. fun!

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Moar ebay ownage. Lattanzis anyone???



I went IRL thrifting too- loads of stuff to post. Soon!

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Three different Canali labels






not the greatest stitch on the first one

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Originally Posted by sparrow View Post

sometimes i think peple get cuaght up in resale and stuff
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Once I deciphered Sparrow's message, I found out I agree with him. lol8[1].gif
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I might need you to translate for me. Still trying to figure that message out.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Do not drink and thrift.
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Had a few decent finds this week, not too much worth posting (RG, JPress OCBD, etc.) but a couple of shoes stood out a bit:


The first mostly just for being random... AE Nassau Sharkskin oxfords:  



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Not gonna speak too much to the styling but these things feel like they are basically bulletproof...


Royal Tweed Church's cap toes that were barely worn and high for thrift prices but ended up getting them for me anyways because they were so mint.  After trying them on again, they really are a bit too tight so to the bay they will go:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
The store had 4-5 of these but all expensive and none this nice of condition


Lastly, was running down a bit on thrifting this past couple of weeks and starting to see too few new things at my typical shops so thinking about a break but decided on a whim to hit up a new GW a decent ways out of my way.  Took a peek in the case (in my experiences these are usually complete busts) on my way back to the men's section and saw a nice looking pair of Chelsea boots along with some Cole Haans.  Decided if I find anything else in the store I'd ask to see them while I check out.



Ended up finding a Barney's by Samuelsohn sport coat with Loro Piana fabric that I was probably gonna grab but saw the line was about 15 people deep and I was already running late so went back to leave the jacket and bounce.  I couldn't shake the thought of those boots though and found an associate on my way back and asked them if they could open the case for me.


Saw this first... good sign






Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Obviously couldn't get in the line soon enough.






They are the Tudor model from the Prestige Collection - no luck on the shoe trees though.  Really nice condition with not too much wear - better than the pics show.  Needless to say, pretty happy I asked to see them.
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Originally Posted by matty long legs View Post

Nicky is Nicky Milano. I've found a few of their ties but haven't done that well with them.

Ah. I seem to remember googling Nick and Bergdorf Goodman, and Wooster came up since apparently he used to be their fashion director. The tie itself ain't bad though, and it's staple-ey enough to be useful. Looking at sold items, these may not be entirely worthless either. Some get decent money, some don't.

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Originally Posted by R01gt View Post




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LOL, Lobb Chelsea boots for 30 bucks ! (BTW EasyE take notice!! biggrin.gif)
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Originally Posted by ATLnoob View Post

You know what I would do for those pants in a 34x32?

They are a 33x34.
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Originally Posted by R01gt View Post


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Obviously couldn't get in the line soon enough.

Congrats on the Lobbs!


I ran across a pair of those Church's/Royal Tweed last week, unfortunately not in my size, and more unfortunately beat to hell so I had to leave them.

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Pretty insane finds lately. Lobbs, Vicuna, those Isaia suits, Vass....


Only a few minor things recently..

Irish Aran Sweater.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Faconnable by Cantarelli for myself. Linen and Cotton blend.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





J Crew chinos with marlins (?) 30 x 30.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


First T&A. Getting the treatment right now..


Also first pair of Incotex in my size. Cotton/linen. "Chinolino"

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^ Chino LINO.
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