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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

+1 to spoilers.

Also, PD, I am, and I'm sure I speak for all of us, very excited that you've discovered this hobby, this thread and these items. Each in their own way will prove incredibly worthy of your investment. The more you hang out here, though, I think you will find that the thread moves so fast and gets such a density of truly impressive items that only the real creme will garner you praise, and the rest should probably not be posted. For example, "no name" probably doesn't make the cut. Now, it may turn out that you've found G&GS. Some research on the label thread and the wider Internets should help. But until then, I'd advise discretion. Same goes for diffusion labels like "Hugo" for Boss ( what you have is mainline, BTW -- still not bragworthy, IMHO; we all pass daily), BEN Sherman, Pride of England and other labels that are pretty common at stores. (We all pick that stuff up for personal use but don't necessarily brag about it). Don't sweat -- this is a learning process, and many of our most illustrious members have done exactly the same thing first time out. DM7 is a great example. Early posts were Dior ties (an inside joke here). Now he hauls NWT Kiton.
So keep finding and keep post in. But most of all, keep reading and learning. fing02[1].gif

+1 Out of everything you posted- I would have only bought:
-Shoe Buffer
-BB Spectators
- Billy Reid Shirt
-BBBF Shirt
-Zegna Ties

You keep picking up all this stuff you will have your funds depleted quickly. Even if you are only buying for your personal use- way better to wait for better things to come than spend all your money on mediocre things.
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Big shout out to CesarC for the awesome 1970s vintage North Face vest!


Now I just need to lose those ten pounds I've put on this year so it'll fit better...

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Thanks for the kind words and inspiration.  It is  indeed a hobby.  An addictive hobby.  Most the items I plan to keep.  All the style approved and worthy labels will be up for sale.  The no name seem to be custom made for someone because are indications of initials inside the Blucher's.  I have no idea about the ankle boots.


Again, thanks.

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Originally Posted by MZhammer View Post


You owe me a fit pic, get it on here!

Oh alright, I suppose. laugh.gif

The fit isn't bad for right off the thrift store rack. The sleeves need to be let out just a tad but other than that I think it fits nicely. Don't mind the rest of the outfit, just something I hobbled together rather quickly.

Jacket: Brioni cashmere (thrifted today)
Shirt: Brioni (thrifted several weeks ago)
Trousers: Brioni, thrifted last year
Belt: Martin Dingman (thrifted several weeks ago)

Onto today's finds. Finally found stuff worth buying.

Recent Brioni 100% Cashmere sportcoat. 2 Btn. Side vented. Traiano model. My size (42 R). Found at the same spot as MZhammer's Kiton & Isaia. I'm guessing same donor.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Recent Isaia bamboo/silk blazer. Just a label pic for now. Dropped at the cleaners as it looks like it sat at the bottom of a bag of clothing for about a year. Wrinkled to death. Sadly not my size. Eu 56 R

Woolrich Woolen Mills Upland jacket. Tweed. Has removable throat latch. Size L. Thrilled about this one.

Lululemon t-shirt


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Question: I found this HF shirt a couple weeks ago. It's a L and too big for me. After getting it home I realized the collar is well-worn. I grabbed it for probably $3. Is this at all flippable/trade-worthy or should I just re-donate?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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^^ Throw the shirt away ^^
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Originally Posted by jamiebryant View Post

Its been awhile...
Been lurking and Im glad to see you guys still bringin good shit to the table.
I was about to post over 30 pics of highlight pics but it was taking forever, so now im posting highlights of the highlights...
None available...Not Discount Dept. store prices...Not Thrift Prices...Church Sale Prices.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Thom Browne
Flannel Shirt

Oxford Cloth Weld Shirt

PRPS Noir...

Gitman Vintage
Oxford Star Shirt

Engineered Garments
Flannel Utility Shirt

Levis LVC Jacket

Allsaints Spitafields
Millerain Shirt...

Gitman Vintage
Dragonfly Shirt

Allsaints Spitafields
Shinto Shirt w/ Shuttle Notes Japanese Fabric

Band of Outsiders
Black Oxford Shirt

Brooks Brothers Black Fleece 
Grey Oxford

Alden x Unionmade
Saddle Shoes

Duckie Brown x Florsheim
Saddle Shoes...

Might do a part 2, in a couple of days. still got a ton of shit sitting around...
Stay tuned

Wow, there's been some killer sw&d popping up on here lately but in this quantity is insane. I'm guessing one person's stuff? I'd go back and clean em out! I need to find a sw&d church.....
Originally Posted by Ian Erickson View Post

Also mzhammer needs to post a Kiton suit fit

Indeed. biggrin.gif
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Hey guys, I just picked up some killer AE's at a thrift store, thought you guys would appreciate a look. 


I guess they were a limited edition for the 1992 Olympics. Size 10.5 D. Sadly, they dont fit. so they're available. 




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quick one. a dark grey, Loro Piana fabric, Brooks Brothers GF Suit jacket. No sign of the Pants. 


$8. Is that worth a flip?


Also, have seen a number of Conti blazers with a prominent Barney's label. I passed but wanted to check.



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Last days of summer thrift fits, from today and yesterday, all thrifted/traded/heavily discounted.


Linen/cotton Corneliani SC - from GMMcL BEST TRADE EVER!!!
Eton shirt
No name silk PS
Ike Behar silk/linen tie
HB Baldessarini pants - from Nataku
Church's Custom Grade shoes


Linen Southwick SC - from GMMcL
Nautica Vintage BD shirt
No name cotton PS
Cashmere silk, some low-level label that but Made in Italy
Canali linen pants - dolfan, I think
FLorsheim v-cleats - GMMcL
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Ledbury x 3. 17 x 34.

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Originally Posted by dz-015 View Post

I wanted to express my appreciation to everyone here sharing their awesome finds. I started reading this thread a few weeks ago, and was eager to start thrifting myself. If I find even a tenth of what you guys find, I'd be happy.
So after my first couple weeks of thrifting, considering the law of averages, I have to say that most of you here must be visiting the thrift stores a LOT. And if you're making a living at this, more power to you! I truly admire your dedication.
I might go a couple days a week during a lunch break or a weekend, so I'm buying just for myself. The Cleveland area is not the most fashionable place in the world, but I've learned to spot the good stuff. I make sure the fit is good, and since I don't have a mannequin, I model the shirts myself. My goal is to build a good quality CM wardrobe from scratch. Without further ado:
Vintage Florsheim Imperial Gunboat Longwings - $4.00
It's nice to find something exactly in your size - 9D

Brooks Brothers Blue Stripe Shirt - $4.35
Nice staple pattern - I'll be using this as my necktie shirt for modeling. Alteration: waist taken in.
Hart Schaffner Marx Shirt - $5.50
A bit wrinkled, hadn't ironed it yet. I like the pink windowpane check pattern. Alteration: waist taken in.
Corneliani Shirt - $6.00
Fractional neck size 15 3/4 but fits my 16 inch neck. Alteration: waist taken in.


Orvis Shirt - $4.35
The nicest, softest cotton of the bunch, but shoulders are too big (see how they droop over my shoulders, but not horribly). Hadn't noticed it before buying. Alteration: waist taken in.


Brooks Brothers Makers Red Floral Necktie - $1.00
A bit wide, but very nice eye-popping red tie that will go with a lot of shirts.


Vineyard Vines Custom Collection Vanguard Necktie - $1.99
Nice sailing theme.


This dude got some pics going on. Whether or not the finds are "brag worthy" or not, I really like the photos and the way they are set up. Kudos to a newbie from a newbie! 

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Vaguely related... someone should probably kop this (not my auction) 

Considering the nature of this piece, I'd call it an e-thrift

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Damn you FaceOf Boh!!!!!! That was my linen windowpane Corneliani jacket!! Just kidding, looks good from here. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif In other news, I just e-thrifted my white whale of outerwear for a song, paid for with thrift funds. Pics when it arrives. devil.gif
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GMMCL schooled me on how to up my thrift game.  So, I hit up one of JpMorris favoriate thrift store here in dallas (Genesis Benefit thrift store). Because of him I was late to class.  And spent funds I shouldn't have.  But these pieces should meet the entry level standard.
Salvatore Ferragamo Pebble grain Blucher oxford 10.5
Ravazzolo of Italy Lora Pina Trousers
Zenalla Trousers 
Hiltl Dorset Pants
Ted Baker Endurance 2 - Button (I know it's not SF Thrift Approved)
Photos to be posted soon.  I am in a one of my grad school classes. 
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