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I hit a final sale for a local independent menswear store. Most things were 50-60%. They had some wings & horns chinos for $99. Lots of suits and SCs in that sale range.

But with my thrift store trained eye I managed to find the one gem: a NWT Canali. Either because of the fabric (POW check) or the size (50 (EU) L) it was 85% off retail.

I also pulled a Gant Rugger flannel for fall/winter for 60% off retail. I'm on the fence between keeping and flipping. The clincher might be that they sales clerk removed all the tags so bye-bye NWT.

Two ties from the $10 box. I've seen ties for more at the thirfts.
A Ted Baker with a vespa scooter for flipping and an Ike Behar silk/linen blend for me.

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Tyrwhitt flat front dress pants



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


The lining looks kind of like their shirts


Zegna single button no vent tuxedo. no pants to be found. Do these flip nicely on e-bay?



Florsheim Imperials. Can anyone tell me what kind and are they shell by any chance. My guess is not but I want to learn about this.


more pics (Click to show)









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Originally Posted by klay49 View Post

I have been catching up on the last couple of pages and see a lot of people exspressing their graditude to the great members of this forum. I would also like to add a sincere thank you. I normally just read and try to asorb what I can. When I occasionally post itis usually with a question and everybody is always extremely helpful. So thanks again.

As a token of my appreciation I am making a donation in all of your names to The Human Fund. Now for the question... Oprphan, SC or SC'able orphan?

Nice Seinfeld reference smile.gif
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^^^^^ not shell, I can see the micro creasing from here.
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Originally Posted by eazye View Post

^^^^^ not shell, I can see the micro creasing from here.

Thanks I didn't think so but I needed to hear it from someone in the know. Going back then.

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Wow - fell 1000 posts back and finally caught up today. Great hauls, as always. Lobbs, Vicuna, great stuff all around.


I found a jacket by CP Company today along with a Kiton shirt and two PRL made in Italy jackets, perchance pics later.


But my favorite find of the week is below:





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






Wool/Cashmere robe, made in Italy for Carroll & Co. (N/A). This will do quite well in a few months (for the two weeks LA gets somewhat cold).

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Left to right, front to back.
AE Cameron, Magnanni tassel loafers, AE Clipper boat shoes, AE Orthopedic, AE Sanford (barely worn), Bean boots, Florsheim zip boots. Not pictured - Woolrich made in USA best, BB braces.

All from one stop. I was visiting another nearby city picking up something I won on eBay:

Which is going to look amazing when I finish building my library/study.
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????????????? plain.gif
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Hmmm, I like that too. Not sure I'd actually buy it, but it looks good here.
Originally Posted by DanM View Post

. I was visiting another nearby city picking up something I won on eBay:

Which is going to look amazing when I finish building my library/study.
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Originally Posted by dahl5yankees View Post


Salvation Army $5.99 Isaia Red Label Shirts

Goodwill $49.99 average Burberry shirt

Fall 2012

???????? plain.gif
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It seems I was thrifting in Mrs. Spoo's turbulent wake today. Not that I hit that many stores, but there wasn't much left -- at least not at reasonable prices. Passed on lots of nice stuff (brioni, Hermes and Charvet ties, Mezlan shoes, sweet PRL madras) due either to condition or price. But the one that haunts me is an awesome light beige glenplaid linen Barbara by Cantarelli, I think (older label, seemed to be the line immediately preceding Sartorile). It was awesome. Overpriced, but awesome. Ended up with a pair of AE whole cuts, one Charvet that escaped the overpricing, and one Brioni tie. Disappointing.
WARNING: the following is not strictly thrifting related and obliquely invokes eBay. I would spoiler but can't figure out how to do so on my phone.
In other news, my laptop being out of commission is really starting to get irritating. Might be just the impetus I need to get my own personal backup. My distaste for Mac is well documented. But that damned Garage sale app is just about enough to tip me over the edge. Anyone got an old Mac they want to part with? All I need is internet access; I wouldn't use it for much more than listings. Anyway, if you've got one, please hit me with a pm.
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Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post

Seems like there is only a couple participants. Easy victory for someone who wants to join. Plenty of time left!

My 4 for $325 Alden box showed up.... icon_gu_b_slayer%5B1%5D.gifThey all fit...SORRY.  Might be starting to have tooo many shoes

Wow. Alden box. happy.gif
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Vtg J&M Aristocraft my size and color









Shoe shine kit to keep my shoes in good shape for the long run







Just added to the list is Marantz Home Theater Reciever (Goodwill online $70)






Hot Dam!!!



Today's haul

Canail Inverted Pleated trousers 34x30; Virgin Wool

Orphan F/F Black with Faint brown needle stripe 34x30; Wool

Orphan F/F Navy Blue with Faint brown needle stripe 34x30; Wool

Ballin F/F black wool herringbone, 36x33

Cashmere and Wool Wheat colored blazer, center vent, medium, my size

Charcoal Grey, Orphan,MTM daul vent sport coat 42R

BB Black Fleece white twill botton down oxford

E. Zegna Blue Squares and circle made in Italy; NWT

BR dots blue and light blue made in Italy, NWT

J. Hilburn Grey herringbone custom, semi spread shirt

Yves Saint Laurent 16.5x34/35 (available)


I will post pictures of past thrifts finds once I take photos

H. Freeman & Sons Suit

Boss Hugo Boss Suit

MTM Nail head british style suit

BR Macho Brown sport coat, made in Turkey, 40R

Black black cashmere and wool sport coat, non-vented

Bally black kilti loafers, black, 10.5 narrow

Florsheim black kilti tassel loafers 10M

Florsheim black brogue oxfords

Plum colored no name bluchers, 10M

Merlot colored ankle boots, no name 10M

Ecco driving penny loafers, brown, 9.5M

Bostonian dark macho brown kilti tassel loafers, prestine outer shell and sole (4 nail heel), little wear on the soul, 12D

AE loafers, 12D, antiquing/barnishing project

MTM white and blue needle stripe, semi spread shirt; small 

MTM light blue semi spread collar, semi spread f/c, small 

1 Theory plaid shirt

Zodiac white semi spread tailored shirt

BB trousers, made in USA, 34x32, cuff

TM Lewin F/C 

Ike Behar Navy textured tie

Joseph & Feiss blue button down oxford

Gitman Vintage blue button down oxfod



I plenty of more in inventory that I haven't inventoried yet.  I will update later.




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Originally Posted by HansderHund View Post

Anyone have any Chick-fil-a coupons? I was considering buying some, but if anyone has a few around that they won't use, it would be great! Also, do they have them in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California or Oregon?

I have some Steak 'n Shake coupons ready for the Midwest!


No Chick-fil-a in Oregon that I know of, unfortunately. Ate at Steak 'n Shake visiting my brother in Indiana a few years back and it was fantastic. The butter burger is a heart attack on a bun though. If your travels bring you through Eugene hit me up fistbump.gif

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^That robe is the tits. Same with Eazy's gangster jacket, those are so dope.


Shout out to Put This On for a feature in the eBay roundup. At first I thought it was just my new photo setup and I got all pumped, lolhappy.gif. Crazy amount of traffic that brings.


I decided to go all out and hit a ton of stores today before I drive back for school tomorrow, and boy did it pay off (...well it hasn't paid off yet, the bank account took a serious blow today). No details until I get back and settled in, but here are some quick and dirty teaser pics. On a side note: the money I had was going to go to a camera to replace my crappy one. So if anyone wants to trade their fuji x100 for copious amounts of clothing, then get at me lol.










Does anyone know this maker? (Click to show)


It was half canvassed/ had pick stitching




And my favorite for last... (Click to show)

I have a feeling Spoo is going to love these.

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