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So as of late I've been really down on my luck. Went to my local thrift as usual today and actually came out with some stuff for a change. It was a decent day overall. The real downer is the Brioni jacket. It's a recent Traiano model. Side vented and my size. For every suit I found today, the trousers were seperated and hanging in the pants sections. All except the Brioni! I turned the store upside-down looking for them. Bah! I bought it anyway and will continue to search the racks for the next week. I have the ability to shop this particular store everyday since I live so close. Since none of this stuff was here yesterday, I know it's all fresh stock so maybe the trousers just got misplaced and will be put out later tonight? Anyway..... Five pairs of Brioni trousers. All the perfect size in the waist and inseam. They just need to be pressed. Two Zanella for Neiman Marcus trousers Brown Zegna Su Misura suit from 2006 The Brioni jacket.... Barbour quilted velvet jacket. Pretty recent, has their website on the tag. Sadly, the PO removed the model/size/fabric content tag, but it fits! Couple other things not pictured: 3 btn navy Corneliani suit, 3 button Hugo Boss tux, 3 button striped Armani Collezioni suit.
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That's it. I quit.
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That's crazy.

BTW, how is Zanella? I see Zanella pants not infrequently on my rounds. Never in my size and not knowing much about them, I leave them. They always strike me as nice, though.
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^^ The older ones tend to fit like MC Hammer pants. I see a lot of those. I only go for the more recent ones which are a bit trimmer.
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That's why I leave them. I typically see them with pleats as well. Will keep an eye out for trimmer models.

That Barbour is a huge score.
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Originally Posted by deveandepot1 View Post
Goodwill on Grand Ave in Santa Ana.

where do you live?

im from the riverside county area
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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post
That's it. I quit.


Where did all this killer stuff come from all of a sudden? Did some of you guys form the People's Thrifting Liberation Army and start gunning down flippers in the street?

At lunch today I found a Joesph Abbound made in Italy tie, a new with tags BB spread collar dress shirt, and a NWOT BB Country Club, Loro Piana navy blazer. The shop looks like it received a shipment of stuff from a BB store: there were numerous unworn shirts with the labels marked out with sharpies. The blazer looks unworn but it's missing the tags.

The blazer was hanging with a pair of pants and priced as a suit. I looked at the pants and they were, in fact, very nice, new BB pants. Unfortunately they were a different fabric, a different shade, and a women's size 20! I took them up to the front counter and explained the issue and the ladies started yapping at each other in Spanish. What they don't realize is that I speak Spanish. They proceeded to tell each other that I was trying to screw them over! I explained that I simply could not use it as a suit and just wanted the blazer. The lady said that if I wanted to buy it that way they couldn't sell it to me. So, I told her I'd take it as is (Who knows: maybe I'll bump into Mo'nique and discover she's going through a "trad" phase). The manager told the cashier in Spanish, "see, I told you he was lying". I don't want them to ever know I can understand them so I didn't say anything but I can't figure out what she thought my scam was? The suits and sportcoats are all a flat price and the pants were security-tagged to the coat (a real pain in the ass by the way). Wow, that was my Idiocracy moment of the day.
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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post
It was a decent day overall.

that's a decent six months
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Originally Posted by EBTX66 View Post
I don't want them to ever know I can understand them so I didn't say anything but I can't figure out what she thought my scam was?


I can never decide if I want to let on to other people when I speak the other language. I don't speak more than 2 sentences of Spanish, so it comes up less frequently.
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2 Eton and 1 Talbott Estate shirts for $24 and $17 each. The Etons are nice, but french cuff and I would rather barrel. The Talbott is the probably the nicest shirt I own. This was at the same place I got a Purple Label Keaton for 30 bucks IIRC. All in very good/new shape.
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Just picked up 3 white BB shirts 16/32
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Oh and I burberry shirt 16/33
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hi all,

long time lurker but have finally signed up! there is a goodwill store and a salvation army store here in orange county. anyone have other ones? we should compile a list of stores at diff cities as well. i know theres a store called jeremys in berkeley. i am up to the task if someone will contribute.

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Had a very good day. Was out on the west side of LA to return some liquor from an event, and decided to hit a couple of thrifts. My favorite out there is closed Mondays, but I stopped into two others, and walked out with a Chester Barrie suit (made for Carrol & Co., a high-end menswear store here in LA), a Hong Kong custom suit that suits and fits me perfectly, a perfect Charvet shirt (in white with barrel cuffs), an LL Bean chamois shirt in my best color (something I've had my eye out for for a while), and a pair of lightweight grey wool incotex pants.

The sizing of the LL Bean shirt was amazing. It's a medium, and fits me great. Of course, I'm 6'3" and 210 pounds, so... let's just say I don't usually wear medium.
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we're very different sizes. where do you like in la?
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