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That's it. I quit.
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That's crazy.

BTW, how is Zanella? I see Zanella pants not infrequently on my rounds. Never in my size and not knowing much about them, I leave them. They always strike me as nice, though.
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^^ The older ones tend to fit like MC Hammer pants. I see a lot of those. I only go for the more recent ones which are a bit trimmer.
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That's why I leave them. I typically see them with pleats as well. Will keep an eye out for trimmer models.

That Barbour is a huge score.
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Originally Posted by deveandepot1 View Post
Goodwill on Grand Ave in Santa Ana.

where do you live?

im from the riverside county area
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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post
That's it. I quit.


Where did all this killer stuff come from all of a sudden? Did some of you guys form the People's Thrifting Liberation Army and start gunning down flippers in the street?

At lunch today I found a Joesph Abbound made in Italy tie, a new with tags BB spread collar dress shirt, and a NWOT BB Country Club, Loro Piana navy blazer. The shop looks like it received a shipment of stuff from a BB store: there were numerous unworn shirts with the labels marked out with sharpies. The blazer looks unworn but it's missing the tags.

The blazer was hanging with a pair of pants and priced as a suit. I looked at the pants and they were, in fact, very nice, new BB pants. Unfortunately they were a different fabric, a different shade, and a women's size 20! I took them up to the front counter and explained the issue and the ladies started yapping at each other in Spanish. What they don't realize is that I speak Spanish. They proceeded to tell each other that I was trying to screw them over! I explained that I simply could not use it as a suit and just wanted the blazer. The lady said that if I wanted to buy it that way they couldn't sell it to me. So, I told her I'd take it as is (Who knows: maybe I'll bump into Mo'nique and discover she's going through a "trad" phase). The manager told the cashier in Spanish, "see, I told you he was lying". I don't want them to ever know I can understand them so I didn't say anything but I can't figure out what she thought my scam was? The suits and sportcoats are all a flat price and the pants were security-tagged to the coat (a real pain in the ass by the way). Wow, that was my Idiocracy moment of the day.
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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post
It was a decent day overall.

that's a decent six months
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Originally Posted by EBTX66 View Post
I don't want them to ever know I can understand them so I didn't say anything but I can't figure out what she thought my scam was?


I can never decide if I want to let on to other people when I speak the other language. I don't speak more than 2 sentences of Spanish, so it comes up less frequently.
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2 Eton and 1 Talbott Estate shirts for $24 and $17 each. The Etons are nice, but french cuff and I would rather barrel. The Talbott is the probably the nicest shirt I own. This was at the same place I got a Purple Label Keaton for 30 bucks IIRC. All in very good/new shape.
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Just picked up 3 white BB shirts 16/32
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Oh and I burberry shirt 16/33
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hi all,

long time lurker but have finally signed up! there is a goodwill store and a salvation army store here in orange county. anyone have other ones? we should compile a list of stores at diff cities as well. i know theres a store called jeremys in berkeley. i am up to the task if someone will contribute.

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Had a very good day. Was out on the west side of LA to return some liquor from an event, and decided to hit a couple of thrifts. My favorite out there is closed Mondays, but I stopped into two others, and walked out with a Chester Barrie suit (made for Carrol & Co., a high-end menswear store here in LA), a Hong Kong custom suit that suits and fits me perfectly, a perfect Charvet shirt (in white with barrel cuffs), an LL Bean chamois shirt in my best color (something I've had my eye out for for a while), and a pair of lightweight grey wool incotex pants.

The sizing of the LL Bean shirt was amazing. It's a medium, and fits me great. Of course, I'm 6'3" and 210 pounds, so... let's just say I don't usually wear medium.
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we're very different sizes. where do you like in la?
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Some great finds for some of you guys lately.
I know the 2 Kiton in one day's addictive!
Nataku comes through with more Brioni!

I've had a bit of success lately. I've been looking for a nice solid navy blazer, a navy with patch pockets cashmere SC and a modern cut ,good quality camel SC for a while now. I found all three this week in the form of a Samuelsohn navy blazer, a Boss 100% Colombo camelhair SC and a Coppley 100% cashmere, camel color SC. All in mint condition, none my size. Oh well, they're all very saleable and will fund my other purchases. Also found a nice Armani suit for $20 at Salvation Army. Samuelsohn is already sold, the others are on ebay.

As with most of us, I think the main purpose is to find cool stuff for ourselves and selling stuff is just a sideline to fund more purchases. To that effect I found these that I'll keep:

$1.99 This is from the same Goodwill I bought an obviously fake Hermes tie from early on in my thrifting days but I'm pretty sure this on is real.

I don't know who this Vito Addadi fellow is but he sure makes a nice coat. Made in Italy, 100% cashmere, very soft shoulders, unlined, working cuffs, a perfect fit. $15. Anyone recognize the label?
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