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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread - Page 4976

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Originally Posted by concealed View Post

would tend to think these deals were done piecemeal and in cash vs credit

Yeah. Although I'm not sure how those stores handle returns when cash was used for a large purchase. If the person was using cash and spreading out the purchases so he wasn't attracting attention, it would be very difficult to catch unless they started to train their employees. There should be at least a few trained employees that handle all returns over X amount of dollars - enough so there's always one at the store.

The person also must have access to additional labels. For example, they walk into a neiman marcus outlet and buy a Zegna blazer for $500. They take off the labels and tags and sew them onto another blazer and return it. They get their $500 back and keep the blazer, but now they're left with a Zegna blazer with no labels. They would need an extra set of real labels to sew back onto the jacket so they could fence it on eBay. I suspect they are probably taking items into the dressing room and removing the labels so they can use them later (like Eddie's tie example), although a rack full of blazers missing labels would be a huge red flag, so I suspect they're spreading out that part of the operation as well - or maybe they're just keeping the stuff for themselves.

The exception would be those Armani shirts. How is there a $599 security tag on those shirts? That makes no sense unless an employee is in on it. When the shirts were purchased they would have removed the security tag, and clearly that was not the original security price tag from an Armani dress shirt. That bar code on the price tag has to be linked to the type of item with a description, right?
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Don't be foolish, there are cameras over the dressing rooms now. patch[1].gif
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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

they know the skus and can see on camera when transactions occured


tough to pick out some indiscriminate fellow from a line up bro.

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If your local store is not willing to deal with the issue at hand.


I would def try and take it to upper level regional status.


That is a big PR mess they don't really want to get into with the public.  Imagine if this went viral from online blogs / postings or local news to get the word out.


Passing fake goods onto to the consumer from within a nationally renowned establishment...yikes

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For the Winners and Marshalls in Canada, they write in a code/price in Ink on the fabric (usually near the content label) that's damn near impossible to remove. If someone was trying to return a Calvin Klein jacket for a grand, the clerk should be able to check that the jacket was priced at 100 originally.

There must be insiders working on this scam.
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Is this the Montecristi I am looking for?

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Just got this Dolce and Gabbana jacket in.

paid ebay prices but it was my size.

the label is weird, super large compared to the other dolce labels ive seen

also the threads sticking out is weird.. given all the swapping  we've been reading about..

no holo.

Im thinking its just a really old label.... I hope. I know black text white back is old but its just kind of off





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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

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thx guys

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Originally Posted by eazye View Post

Vintage NWT PRL cotton canvas "work pant". I've only ever seen this dry clean tag on the Corneliani versions, but I cant imagine them making work pants.

Eazy, love those pants. I Magnin has been gone since the early 90's so those are probably from the 80'sat least.

And a big thanks to acosbysweater for hooking me up with sweet Oxxford suit! fistbump.gif
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Originally Posted by shirtsnmor View Post

Found a cool merino wool Burberry Sweater with a hunting design.  Never seen anything like this.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

J.M. Weston Richelieu Cap Toe Oxfords.  After watching the video on their website, I'm obsessed with finding some in my size.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Here's the video if anyone's interested

Watched the video... I'm obsessed now too!
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I suspect this is a fake, but would happily be persuaded otherwise biggrin.gif I can take additional photos if they would be useful.


Moar pics (Click to show)








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ATL folks - just spotted this on CL - never been to this store so I don't know what they stocked originally, but, a joint named Ambrose Vintage is going out of business.  Fill a bag with clothes for $10 (not sure how big the bag is - if it's a little sandwich bag, well, that would suck) - and they are also selling fixtures (mannequins and whatnot).  The ad.


If anyone goes and spots a full-size female mannequin, or female dress form, in good shape and for cheap, please let me know...I'll be in the market soon with something headed my way in the next week or three.

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Just the machined stitching on the edge of the scarf tells you its fake. And that's just the beginning...
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