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ˆ Got a feeling this will be a compelling reason for spending more than $15 on shoes at a thrift.

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Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let it be known that DM7 just called them his best thrift ever. Popcorn everyone? Once you're done with his main course, I'll serve dessert.

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Sweet jesus if 45 or 46 shut up and take my money.

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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post





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Spoo, thrifting a Ferrari is one thing. Having the self control to allow that amount of money to amass over that long a period of time, is truly amazing. Congrats!

A question. Is there a line of Tom James that is actually made by Oxxford? I know they have the same parent company, but I always thought that was their only connection. Until today when I came across 5 or 6 jackets that must have been donated by the local TJ rep. All of them had names in them, but still had tags or basting or no buttons probably ordered and never picked up. . Two or three of them were full canvass, with pick stitching and two of them had the concave bone buttons that I've only ever seen on Oxxford jackets. Most had the TJ labels removed, but one of the canvassed ones had a purple, Royal Classic label. I picked one of them, but haven't had time to take pics yet. I'll try to do that tomorrow. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by darkmatter7 View Post

SICK! I love that shit and im not even that into the whole rickowens/ann d thing qulaity is amazing as well as detailing
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post
Thats my size...but im kind of..um.. broke this week. smile.gif
Welcome to the thread and looking forward!


Yeah I imagine it costs a fair mint to keep the gas gage on F in that Ferrarri you thrifted.

Maybe you can thrift some gas for your thrifted car 



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CCP? I want to move to LA now.
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Wandering the women's section when I spy this on the rack of clothes people have tried on and left behind...

The slick pattern is what grabbed my eye and told me to take a closer look.


Details details (Click to show)

A good sign.


No vents, but if you can rock this, you don't need em.


Buttons- Frosty.


Let's head inside...



Anyone seen that printed in black instead of blue? Is this that made in Italy tag?


Made for some gent named

This one.

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Had a boys day today, took my two sons to our first estate sale and was fairly stoked by some of the buys. Also found out my youngest is a great negotiator icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gifWe found 3 large buckets of Legos, and carried them downstairs. The guy asked for $30 for all of them and my son looks crestfallen and says no he is going to put them back and the guy gave him ~10lbs of Legos for $20. I found a few things for myself:


100% Cashmere scarf and a J&M shoe tree + generic shoe tree which prompted the question from the wife why I need 14 sets of shoe trees...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


A Suit valet not sure what type of wood, maple I believe. Not really sure why I bought this...


Also found 2 Samsonite Garment bags, 1 OK condition and the other brand new. Which is great because I made my first trip recently in my new position at work and drove down to New Jersey and covered my dress clothes with a f*ing Hefty Bag.


We then took a trip over to my favorite Savers, not really much. I found a couple chinos (1 Banana Republic and 1 J Crew) for myself.


Brooks Brothers Slacks Tan wool 34"W 29"I


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Zanella Tan 33"W 29I"


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Charcoal Zanella 35"W 31 1/2"I


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







1 Canali sport shirt


1 Nerf gun for the kids $3


Then finally what I have been searching for, a decent leather briefcase. Butter soft leather, only issue is a broken zipper and a scuff below that. Not sure if I can have that fixed but I can live with it, it is better than a back pack with a jacket or suit on. Getting a $500 briefcase for $8... Priceless

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





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More details from my thrift on Friday with the 2 D&G jackets, kris van assche and Corneliani.  Here's pics of all but the Corneliani, becuase that bitch is already resting in my closet - I actually found a fray in it, so I can't sell it anyways.  Good enough for me though.  The rest are going up here or on the bay.

D&G 1 (Click to show)











D&G 2 (Click to show)









kris van assche corduroy jacket. (Click to show)



not sure if a tie is appropriate for this pic, but I had about 13 suits and sc's to shoot today and didn't feel like changing it.







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