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Chet bringing the knowledge fistbump.gif

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Found at vintage shops/websites for my wedding:
Perfectly fitted 1930's morning coat, in amazing condition, for $126 including shipping from
Vintage silk plush top hat, some wear to the underbrim, made in Toronto, fits almost perfectly, $150 including shipping in original case, from eBay.

Beautiful, seems like never worn (pockets still stitched shut) dinner suit, made in Austria, virgin wool and 25% mohair.  Sleeves need to be shortened, and going to have the jacket waisted, but a perfect fit in the chest and shoulders.  Found at a vintage clothing store in Vancouver, BC for $140.

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Hit a store at lunch. Couldn't leave this on the shelf. I have no idea if it has any value, but it was just too cool.

Crappy pic, but vintage morning coat:

78 years old and in immaculate shape.
About a 36-38 and available.
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Double post.
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Originally Posted by ocooney View Post

Hit a store at lunch. Couldn't leave this on the shelf. I have no idea if it has any value, but it was just too cool.

Crappy pic, but vintage morning coat: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

78 years old and in immaculate shape.
About a 36-38 and available.

Poast in the vintage thread when you get a better pic! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Hello gents this is ejay415. Firstly my apologies to everyone who messaged me regarding trades and sales. I haven't been ignoring anyone's messages but since my last post in this thread, I've lost access to messages and the ability to post. I guess I was put under a sort of ban that only allows me to log in without any posting or messaging capabilities.  All my posts have only been in this thread. This happened after my last one here of a 15 robert graham shirt haul (had I known they'd be such detestable nauseating eyesores to warrant a ban, I wouldn't have ever posted them confused.gif )

I emailed support regarding the matter multiple times to no avail.

Anyhow, fantastic finds everyone. I have a few to share from the past couple weeks

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Originally Posted by Ken P View Post

Ahem... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
and it was grenadine! mwink[1].gif

Damn, don't know how I missed that one! Nice!
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Hit the store this afternoon and ran across a busted old J Press blazer with some Ben Silver buttons:


Ben Silver Cornell University buttons (Click to show)


There's some wear to them, but they still look good.  Will probably be the first thing I try to sell on ebay.


Strangely, it looks like Ben Silver doesn't make these for Cornell anymore. 

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Just picked up this beautiful, vintage, blue-gray BB flannel suit. Check out the lapel roll!!!!! My size so N/A.
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Originally Posted by sparrow View Post

the fit on the dockers is pretty good.
Im used to the old JCP dockers, forgot they make slim.
looks good 

Thanks, these were pretty slim to begin with, but I still had them taken in a smidge more.
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Originally Posted by messenger309 View Post

Between thrifting and discount I have been forced into a serious culling of my wardrobe. Going through pants and you'll never guess what rolled outta my pockets... 

Spoilered because the thrift tie in is tenuous at best but if you like poker... (Click to show)

A few years ago I ethrifted 400 of these from an archivist who worked for Miramax. They are the actual chips used on the set of the movie Rounders. I think that in the last few years Miramax has released the rest of the chips but at the time they were the only 400 outside of the studio.
The original seller had listed 200 of them in the poker chips section of e bay and was getting little action. I contacted him to make sure he wasn't sitting on thousands of the damn things and when I found out he had only 400 we struck a deal off ebay.
I placed a 200 chip set with a movie type collector in Texas for 12K and sold off the remaining $100 chips in two chip sets for $150 a set.
Or so I thought. Apparently I have one set left!

John Dahl, who directed Rounders, is actually down the hall from me right now. I'll have to see if he knows anything about how much those chips are worth.
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I only have made it to one store recently. Found a couple things.


Awesome Dunn & Co. Harris Tweed. Around 38R. Available.

Details (Click to show)


p2p 19.5

waist 19

boc 30

sh 18

sleeves 25.25


Canvassed. Great condition. Hand Sewn Buttonholes. Label looks to be from 1960s.







One Ring to Rule Them All (Click to show)


Nerdy LOTR checkers. New Lands End Belt. PRL tie.


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Been keeping up with the thread while working the last week or so. Definitely helped the 12 hour days go by! Anxious to get back to at least my local shop... Saw both a Dunhill and Barbour shirt yesterday, passed on both. Dunhill was in good shape but just didn't seem worth it. Barbour was brown corduroy and was awesome, till I found discoloration in the cuff region. Blarg. Also saw a pair of well worn shoes with what looked like the CP sole from COS. First time finding anything remotely CP like. 


It's weird, I feel like there are more record flippers out, and more records coming out. I was at a shop that doesn't announce when new carts are rolling out (some do) and I found a guy sitting in a chair with probably 30 records in his lap. FML, most looked pretty minty, didm't get to see what he took with, but did check his reject stack. He asked a few employees if there was more vinyl coming out they said maybe. He ended up not being able to wait, so the next stack was all mine. 


Anyway- Recent grabs

Discos non compactos

Out of the blue still has the original poster and die-cut spaceship/space station cut out thing inside in great condition. I couldn't believe they'd survived the back room.


Ties- Spoo, you need a red tie full of aces? haha

Hey why not (Click to show)

Loving the woven with a non-squared tip. Definitely going into my collection, hence not giving a fuck about the brand, though it's made in Italy. Woot. Canali was ridiculously thick, and while the pattern is a bit of a snooze, the feel/condition/colors of the fabric couldn't be left for 1.99. The VV... Any thread card sharks wanna trade a tie for a tie?


Saw this tie and while examining for internal tags...

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I found this Oxxford Crest tie a while back. Not sure if I ever posted it here.
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Originally Posted by Manofstyle85 View Post

46R Brioni silk/Cashmere

Manofstyle85 -

Is this thing available? If so, can you pass along measurements?
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