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Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post those pictures I rolled one sleeve up and one is down as it still has the tag and wouldnt fold... My arms are different but only by 1/4" or so. biggrin.gif

I agree, last one felt much bigger....figured I'd post it to get opinions though.

Ahh, makes more sense now.

My feet have always been about 1,5cm different, but lately they feel like they're two entirely different sizes. I hope this isn't what happens with age shog[1].gif
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my finds are amazing at my local shop in hamilton, its a good will even here is my list. i think my finds are so good because colgate university is in the same town as this goodwill.

pictures upon request, for sale as well


suits with trousers -

ermenegildo zegna- grey with light grey cross hatch (about 8 years old but in perfect condition)8$

prada- very light grey (about 6 years old,mint)8$

boss- dark grey (very good condition seems to be very new)8$

ungaro- tuxedo (i know its nothing special but its in mint condition and for 10 dollars you cant go wrong)

tallia sartoria- black pinstripe ( very well condition age unkown) 4$

learbury- grey pinstripe. has to be old because they shut down awhile back, company from syracuse new york( quality is amazing and condition is to) 6$

banana republic- creamy white casual looking suit( very new, condition is very well) 10$

(all are fully lined inside)


suit jackets-

brooks brothers blazer- blue 3 gold button ( 12 years old i would say but very nice, fully lined inside) 3$ 

stafford blazer- dark dark blue almost black( brand new with tags, i know they are not good quality but hey a 165 doller jacket for 10$ cant go wrong and its fully lined)

halston- crushed maroon/red in color (idk how old but i know they stopped making mens stuff awhile back, perfect condition and fully lined with silver material)


ties- ( ties are only 25 cents at this goodwill)

brooks brothers-4 of them

robert talbot

paul fredrick

halston- 2 of them

dior- 2 are vintage and 1 is newer style

lanvin- one my favorites of them all

ernst nizam

joseph abboud

croft and borrow 

christain pelini-brand new with tags

crazy horse (claiborne)

geoffery beene

j.z. richards

jefferey scott

lord and taylor

cerruti cx111- crazy glammed up tie of horses racing (though it was unique and it looks like its from the 70s so i got it

plory bowtie

paul smith bowtie- 3 of them, all black

man about town- one of my other favorites, i dont know much about the company but it appears to be from the 50s and it is amazing looking and the quality of the silk seems flawless, beautiful design aswell.



*walk-over- these are my favorite(they look and feel of amazing quality, they have to be over 25 years old because all walk-over makes now is suede shoes) they are light brown and just simply awing, and only 5 dollers could not believe it

*bostonian- slip ons with tassels 5$ and were in good condition

*giorgio brutini- butter soft lamb skin outter, all black shoe with with shiny glittery style shoe top. they looked weird and unique so i had to get them and they are in mint shape. 8$

*kenneth cole- vero cuoio symbol on the bottom, obviously making it all leather bottoms, slip ons almost new only worn once it looked like, shiny black 8 $

*? unkown brand- the inside label is faded from being worn, they are used but in nice shape, the leather looks amazing and the quality seems of that like edmunds. i will upload a picture soon and maybe you guys can help me figure out what brand they are. they are cardovan and look very nice they seem to be over 15 years old, the man that owned them took very good care of them. 3$

*timberland- brand new with tags, had some special comfort system crap about it, the leather looks very nice and they were cap toed, rubber bottoms(ew), and seemed like they would be nice for just casual( express the word casual fifteen times) wear with just flat front slacks, like a unformal dinner with your grandma type of shoe basically. i took the tags off, wore them for 8 hours maybe and i go to sit down and try pulling them off and the heel bottom came loose. oh well 10$


shirts-( all their dress shirts are only 3 dollers a piece)

etro- new (amazing quality) pinstripe. i love this shirt

*hazard- if anyone is still reading this and knows anything about this brand let me know i cant find anything online, please help

french cuff paul smith (new)

french cuff ben sherman (fairly new)

french cuff henry jacobson (new)

henry jacobson

ike behar( new still in plastic)

paul fredrick

brooks brothers- 3, 2 dress shirts, 1 casual long sleeve

jos. a. bank- 2 of them, straight blue

joseph and feiss

robert talbot

calvin klien

michael kors

bill blass tux shirt- still in plastic

perry ellis- brand new


sweaters- 4$ each

cullen- cashmere, amazing sweater, im afraid to wear it almost because its so nice tis easily a 175+ $ new

lacoste-2 one white, one cream

brooks brothers 1800- maroon, very very nice


pants- 5$ each 

pronto uomo

marks and spencer

kenneth cole reaction

louis raphael soft- they feel so soft and silky its amazing

eddie bauer- new, and actually a nice casual pair of pants

then lastly just some plain ol' dockers


overall i have got some amazing finds from this place but lately its dry, they have a bunch of 44r jos a bank suits but i wear a 40 so its agravating. i also got a nice trafalger belt for 75 cents i thought it was neat. thanks for listening and if you can figure out anything about Hazard dress shirts please tell me!!

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If you gents could keep an eye out for a leather messenger bag at the thrifts ill need one for next school year for my laptop and books. I will be looking as we'll but the whole two eyes are better then one thing. Much appreciated!
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Any skiers/snowboarders out there? Size 33. Really nice quality Bogner ski pants. Available.

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Was down in D.C. for some of this last week, only hit a few stores. Pretty crappy pickings


Did find this


Pretty recent Gant OCBD (Tagged XXL)




eBay Brag


So I know its gray, but it was on the cheaper side so i took a risk hoping to someday find the pants also on eBay





This was an added bonus. Seller didnt say anything about NWT


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All available to forum regulars for trade. 


Canali : chest 24", shoulders 18.75, length 24.5





BB : 42R chest 22", waist 21.75, length 31.25, sleeves 24, shoulders 19

Looks better in real life.





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



36S recent Hugo Boss :  chest 20, waist 18.5, shoulders 17.75, length 29.25

Also looks better in real life. Bummed this is too short.






Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Large Bill's Khakis sweater : Chest 24, Length 23, sleeves 27" (collar to cuff)






Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Medium RLBL linen shirt. Chest: 21.5, sleeves 26", shoulders 18, length 32.75.

It's kinda shiny. Label pic shows color best.



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Only one stop to day and only one lonely find.
I've never seen a down-filled leather vest before.
I'm packing it away for ebay for the fall.

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Got some more processing done today. Still barely a dent made....



Haspel Linen Fun Coat. Tagged 42S but closer to 42R



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Washable Madras SC - 38S



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Blackwatch - 40R



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Rocky's Bespoke - 44S-44R



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Southwick Power Stripe. I suppose this was a suit, but I can't imagine a full outfit with that loud of a stripe. Feels like a linen silk blend. 44L-44XL



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


BB POW - 44R



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Washable Summer Jacket - 40R



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


NWT Skeet Belt (got 6) all size 32


Ben Silver Tie



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Barney's Tie



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Canali Tie



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Versace Medusa Tie. A couple runs, but they hide nicely in the pattern.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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^ Nice GV tie, at least $75 right there.
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Wes did you move recently? puzzled.gif
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:ice cube: u7u2ara2.jpg5e8eza3u.jpgeqaqapym.jpg4ydu3y4e.jpg4a8y7abu.jpgge6uza4u.jpgrere5y7u.jpgajy2abuq.jpgdagymy8e.jpgjagyneqy.jpgesutupus.jpgmydegu7a.jpgena2uden.jpguhuzysuj.jpgne6e6ebe.jpg8ypenane.jpg8ymyjesa.jpg9uteqy3e.jpgurajaby7.jpg5uqatu5y.jpgty5u8ahy.jpg6asy5a6u.jpg7y4a7eme.jpgy6y3e4ev.jpgmyqyte6e.jpgnumatety.jpgumuge6em.jpg
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Common Projects Achilles Low White Leather size 45. The insides are pretty chewed up, but the leather is in excellent condition. They look awesome when worn. Unfortunately not my size. Available.


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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

:ice cube: u7u2ara2.jpg5e8eza3u.jpgeqaqapym.jpg4ydu3y4e.jpg4a8y7abu.jpgge6uza4u.jpgrere5y7u.jpgajy2abuq.jpgdagymy8e.jpgjagyneqy.jpgesutupus.jpgmydegu7a.jpgena2uden.jpguhuzysuj.jpgne6e6ebe.jpg8ypenane.jpg8ymyjesa.jpg9uteqy3e.jpgurajaby7.jpg5uqatu5y.jpgty5u8ahy.jpg6asy5a6u.jpg7y4a7eme.jpgy6y3e4ev.jpgmyqyte6e.jpgnumatety.jpgumuge6em.jpg

Ummm wow nod[1].gif
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I love busting out my spring/summer wardrobe - I get to see all the Orvis madras thats been packed away for months, and my wife found my Brioni gray trou that I thought I had accidentally donated.  icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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That haul. Dang.
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