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Originally Posted by sparrow View Post

nice job on the dior!
Originally Posted by silverwarebandit View Post

Nice! Those look just like the ones I found, which were also pretty worn, but they still sold for $$$.
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

silverwarebandit - your Versace is a $50 bill.

klay49 - your Charvet is real and hella old.

Hans your Dior jeans look legit

Wes, Zegna is legit

Ill be working all weekend, no treats for me in the field, go get em guys. Be safe out there.

Thanks everyone! Getting excited as I've found something Dior every month for the past three months. Prior to that, nothing.

Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

Alright fellas....I have been quiet long enough....well almost long enough. We are not travelling anywhere this weekend, for the first time in about two months. Prepare to see some catch up photos.....I may need a few more hours just to scratch the surface.


Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Question : Anyone know how old these Beaners are? Couldnt leave em, thought they were cool. Didnt check completed, but did anyone have success selling old ones? Made in USA.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I'm not sure, a quick completed search yields quite a few results. I also found this fairly recent classified ad that says they're 1940's-1960's. However, I have no experience with LL Bean.
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Originally Posted by sn0wman View Post

That's what I figured based on the feel.. was hoping Black Fleece would be better. smile.gif

It's still a made in the USA Brooks Brothers.....not a bad find IMO if it fits you or for trade bait with a BB brand whore. I know I prefer their made in the US stuff.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Question : Anyone know how old these Beaners are? Couldnt leave em, thought they were cool. Didnt check completed, but did anyone have success selling old ones? Made in USA.

I found that exact pair a couple weeks ago, I think the consensus was they are from the 60's. I also recently sold a NWT pair from the 80's for around $90 I think, though you might have better luck holding onto them until the fall.

Edit: Mine have the cursive script tag but don't say insulated on the heel, so yours are maybe older?
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Originally Posted by Ian Erickson View Post

*Insert styleforum noob progression chart thing*

Don't make me show you a picture of myself from 10 years ago, think dreadlocks down to my ass. nod[1].giffing02[1].gif
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In store now....what brand is this??

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Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post

In store now....what brand is this??

Sorry, no answer for you. I just wanted to say that it appears as though you're subtly giving us the finger. biggrin.gif
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Multi not working for some reason.

Easy: Graham or not, a blue velvet blazer kicks ass. I have one and LOVE it; only wish it were dual not single vented.

Vass are awesome.

ATLJon: There are times in life to take risk. And times not. Wife on the way to the hospital in the ambulance and left 10 minutes before you? Yes, that's the time to do 140 on the highway. The largest investment you'll ever make and that's been responsible for bankrupting many in the last few years? Not so much. Play it safe. 30 year fixed. You don't want any surprises here. You will always know your payment, can repay early, and probably even have some hardship options (e.g., you lose your job). You can play with the down payment if they let you, but as others have observed, you will pay that back one way or another.

Snuck out for a bit yesterday to blow off some steam. First spot hit good: PRL USA made double breast (6 over 2), dual vent beige glenplaid with lime green overcheck suit. Just gorgeous and my size. Will need a bit of shoulder pad removal and trouser slimming, but for what I paid, it's well worth it. Summer weight, too!
Then my day turned try and my mood turned sour.
Until: Recent TRICKERS (royal warrant and all), beige suede, perf wingtips, commando sole. Uppers and inners in good shape; worn sole but PLENTY of life left. 30% OFF! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif Who's a 12.5 wide UK size and wants an awesome trade or hookup?

Last stop:
Is it fused? Yes
Was it made in China? Yes
Is it from an utterly non-brag worthy brand? YES.

So WTF, GMMcL? Click to reveal (Click to show)
Dual vent, ticket pocket, 3 piece (with lapel wasitcoat), flat front

44R facepalm.gif

Potentially available, though I may try to slim this a bit and make it work.

And a couple of middling ties (PRL, Paul Stuart, Rooster madras)

Total paid just over 2 Jacksons. Solid day's work

I know this means it didn't happen, but pics just aren't in the cards for a long time. Sorry, dudes.
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Good advice from GMMcL on the mortgage thing. One thing to add: Before you go this route, get a lawyer (I know, I say that a lot), one whom you can trust (and if you don't know one, get a recommendation from someone you know and trust). Have that lawyer read over all of the paperwork to ensure that there will be no surprises. It might cost you $500 or so, but it would be money well spent. The thing is, a lawyer has a duty to the client that is enforceable, and he/she is on the hook if something goes sideways due to something in the contract that was missed, so make sure that the lawyer has malpractice insurance, and any lawyer worth salt in private practice will. Do not go by advice given by folks on a thrifting thread, although there are lots of smart folks here. This is a very big business decision, so treat it as such. The other side will have plenty of lawyers, and so you will need one also if you are doing anything other than a conventional loan.

As for Spoo's Bean boots, they're cool, if a bit worn. Someone will snap them up.
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Can anyone ID these?

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Originally Posted by suited View Post

Can anyone ID these?

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Some of the haul.  More pics later when I get my luggage from FEDEX.  Delta lost my luggage!



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I'll be sending a PM to you in the near future to get some details of this place! Awesome!
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The Voice is kinda like a Nordstram Rack, but with high end Italian shit.  We even "talked them down" on a Corneliani blazer for my dad.  Went from 340 euro to 290 euro.  Retail was over 600. Also, this pace was dead.  Not sure why as it was awesome.  It was a random weekday at mid-morning, but we were there two hours and were probably the only customers. 


Also hit up the Castelo Romano outlets south of Rome about 25k.


Nice stores, outdoor style place similar to US outlet malls, but with awesome brands (Loro Piana, Zenga, Ferragmo, Valentino, Etro, etc, also Boss, Boggi, etc. )


Mostly "normal" outlet prices, i.e. 30-70% off (still mostly too damn rich for my blood).


 Didn't know this until after I left, but you can show your Rome boarding pass from the flight and get 20% more off at Romano.


Also, FYI, 155 euro is the minimum purchase to get the VAT refund.


I did luck out and found my wife an insanely awesome Loro Piana blazer (1,500 euro retail) for 120 euros!


LP wool stuff is just over the top, unless you are a millionaire.  400 euro scarves, oulet price!

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One of the shirts from my buy yesterday - problem discovered this morning:





What problem?  wink.gif




...just make sure it's not the ink-filled kind, and 10 seconds with 2 pairs of pliers will do the trick. 

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Damn. I go away for a lousy 11 months and fall 33,928 posts behind ffffuuuu.gif. A couple of good days yielded.....
Prada Glen Plaid by Belvest, Zegna Blue Windowpane, Caruso Gray Windowpane, Versace by Zegna Dinner Jacket, and a Zegna Couture XXX blue plaid.
BTW has anyone posted pics of their thrift "stockroom"? Or am I the only one who has one shog[1].gif? Until I recently started organizing my loot I had no idea how much I had accumulated. Well, at least I horde nice things.

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