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I always thought the yellow label was for the washable stuff.

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I am curious if any of you are following the ocbd series on put this on.

the collar roll discussion is what interests me most, but I think they left out a good option for those phat rolls, nordstroms house brand (at least it used to a couple years ago) makes really large unlined collar on their ocbd's. I know this because I am always jealous of my dads collar rolls cause I am out here stunting in some flimsy ass tiny collars, I have put a saved search for 15.5 36/37 bb ocbds but so far have no luck finding that og unlined collar kush, ya feel?

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Just want to send a shout out to elev8rz for the PRL Madras shorts. They fit perfect... I won't post a thrift fit in deference to those of you who are easily offended.
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Thanks for the opinions on the tweed fellas. By the way, no matter how many times I try it on, I can't convince myself it fits.
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any info?

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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

Quick stop today just a partenopea suit

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Looks like a limited edition run of posters made for the gift shop during a gallery exhibit. A similar unframed one recently sold for $135 on eBay, so framed should bring $200, more if it's one of Chagall's more popular pieces (not too familiar with his work, so I can't say).
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Lots of Pictures! (Click to show)





























My scores of the past couple weeks

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Took a quick run today and found a NWOT pair of Brunello Cucinelli Washed 6 Pocket Pants. Sort of a lightweight travel jeans. Size 52, with an unhemmed 35" inseam. Slim leg. I just tossed them up on eBay, but they are available here. Let me know if you are interested, or have a cool trade or something.



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I am in love with these shoes, I just wish they fit my feet better, tentatively available. They are old Florsheims, not imperial, however really great looking. I had them resoled and stretched to a D width, but they still just don't feel quite right to my fat feet. haha. Somewhere between a 12c and a 12d:




Another pair of Florsheims, this time Imperial:


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huge shout out to nat and dexconstruct, timmy, aglose and whoever else I forgot, I am now up to my ears in awesome things, shell aldens, cashmere hackett sweater with elbow patches, bb extra slim shirt, prl khaki blazer with throat latch, some thug nasty incotex in the perfect preppy color, shetland sweater, clarks desert boots, a sweet harris tweed, and a bunch of other things I can't remember off the top of my head... 


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Err... anyone know the most reliable way to ship to France and Japan?
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Originally Posted by silverwarebandit View Post

Err... anyone know the most reliable way to ship to France and Japan?

Never had any problems with USPS.
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OK I doubled back and got the Calvin Klein COllection jacket. Authorities here...ID label Vestimenta or something else (good or suck...seems like a well built piece?) Also a Dunhill shirt that I like...

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That looks like GFT Gruppo to me, not Vestimenta I'm afraid.
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