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Anyone like vintage Nike stuff? Picked up a couple (probably 80s) jackets, both made in U.S.A.

One is this cool tri-color windbreaker in size M.

Another is this black, fully lined crinkle-finish nylon number in XL (fits more like a modern L). Very old school hip hop.

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Originally Posted by Ian Erickson View Post

black cafe racer leather jacket

what brand of cafe racer are you looking for? devil.gif
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Originally Posted by los_face View Post

The BR I'm looking for...

On a pretty awesome vest

Found a Safari Style Jacket Earlier in the year with the same label.  I think I Paid 3$ and sold it for 40+$. 

Twas the first time I saw that label, but I wouldn't mind running into it again...

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Can someone tell me how old these are and whether they are real? Many thanks!








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Originally Posted by joshmick View Post

Haha! Hey mouth herpes are worth it if they are real MOP

That picture was disgusting. But as Boh said, you run far more risk of so many other things than herpes on shirt buttons. You'd have to assume an infected person rubbed the button all over themself VERY recently before you touched it. Seems like a pretty remote possibility.
Originally Posted by DeadBoy View Post

Also very nice, especially digging the tie! You know what I'm going to say about the square. Is there a different fold you could try maybe?

Exhibit A, Spoo

I thought this one came out pretty well, actually.

I'm not a fan of the lay-flat folds, except in VERY limited circumstances.

I carefully measured, folded and staged all of yesterday's finds. Before realizing that I'd left the memory card at my office (which, incidentally, means no fit pics tomorrow either). So crappy blackberry will have to do.

GM-H was a serious good luck charm yesterday. Found ton of great stuff together (mostly by him), and the luck held until after we went in opposite directions. Overall, a good day.

Paul Stuart suede plain front oxfords. Uppers in good shape, lowers have been resoled but in good shape, but inners need a LOT of work. Fit like a 10.5-11D
photo IMG-20130411-00125jpg_zps41885c7c.jpg

ties, top to bottom, l to r
BBGF small pen dot; Brioni, Battistoni (stain), Hilditch & Key, Ted Baker, PRL, Gieves & Hawkes made in Italy
photo IMG-20130411-00123jpg_zpsb4f2d740.jpg

Shirts and trou, top to bottom, l to r
Ted baker, Loro Piana cotton, RLPL 100% cashmere, Turnbull golf shirt
Zegna 32 x 31, Zegna 32 x 31, Loro Piana seems NWOT linen/cotton chinos, 38 x 31
Viyella x 3 incl 2x wool/cotton blend
photo IMG-20130411-00122jpg_zps5f7f2dac.jpgphoto IMG-20130411-00130jpg_zpsf2fb04bb.jpg

PRL dual vent double breast, measures 44R
photo IMG-20130411-00126jpg_zps09f8155e.jpg

And the gold nugget of the day:
HSM gun club check, summer weight, dual vent, surgeon cuff. Fits just fine, thanx.
photo IMG-20130411-00127jpg_zps6a284828.jpgphoto IMG-20130411-00128jpg_zps720dd1d2.jpgphoto IMG-20130411-00129jpg_zpsa7039008.jpg
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GMMcL..I think that HSM is then new label....nice. Great finds icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I'm not sure who posted it here but this gut works for HSM:

He talks a little bit about their lines.
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Originally Posted by los_face View Post

Found a label that I've never seen before


Killer find. I recently found my first Wings + Horns piece as well, though at a discount store.  It seems like Toronto is like a mini LA.


Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Can someone tell me how old these are and whether they are real? Many thanks!



From the 3 number button stamp, I would call these a repro.  OG Big E have buttons stamped with only one number.

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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

what brand of cafe racer are you looking for? devil.gif

h&m or merona, I think stafford makes some good ones as well

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YES! I have finally popped my thrift thread controversy cherry! lol

Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

why would you want to look like that? you're playing golf, not cosplaying.


Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

Why take yourself or clothing so seriously that you can't have fun?


Originally Posted by Greg613 View Post

Some friends have convinced me to start playing golf with them and my first thought was how can I look like the Capn? Golfing is very popular in Atlanta and there are always shoes, clubs, etc. that I never gave a second look. Now I need to do some research to find out what is quality and what is garbage.


Originally Posted by Ian Erickson View Post

Casey laying down the law. Honestly unless you are super good at golf or obviously someone who has never played and is not taking anything seriously(although people will probably have a bone to pick about that) I have no idea why you would wear that or how it would be considered acceptable.(maybe like dudes who wear flamboyant skeet blankets you have a need for attention or something to prove?) I just wear a polo and some uniqlo chinos and I am a single digit handicap golf if about the game the people you are playing it with now about what you are wearing especially when it is as gimmicky as that. (None of this is directed towards cap I remember his story behind wearing that and how next year a contest will be held in the spirit of his original kit) if you think you can pull it off and are comfortable in it more power to you I am just trying to let you know what other golfers will think.


Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

It won't be that fun spending 4 or 5 hours outside in that ridiculous, multi-layered outfit.


The story for those who missed it.


First things first, I have always been a tongue-in-cheek kinda guy. The class clown so to speak. The sort of guy who would wear a tuxedo t-shirt to fancy restaurant at New Year's Eve (which I did this year).


Second, if you find a pair of vintage plus fours, that fit perfectly, in a thrift could you possibly resist finding a chance to wear them. I sure couldn't.


Third, while I am an consistently average player, the game has always been nothing more than that to me. A game. A chance to be outdoors, enjoy the weather, get a little drunk, and have fun, lol.



This was our mother company's first annual golf outing. We, at my work, pretty much despise out mother company. This outfit was the perfect FU for the day. As for the layers, I would not have been able to pull it off at all if it hadn't been like 40 degrees (Oct 20). Any hotter than that and it would have been a no go. You wouldn't believe the amount of support I had from everyone around, constantly complimenting me on the Payne Stewart'ness of the look.


I've already begun collecting items for this years event.biggrin.gif 

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This site could be the beginning of the end for thrifting ffffuuuu.gif (funny they actually do something similar to my company they raised 1.8 million!
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DanM came down from the 'Nati and this morning we hit the best thrift/consignment store event in Louisville that happens twice a year.

I'm back at work now, so pictures later, but I had a pretty epic haul (for Louisville). In other words, an average Thursday morning in LA. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Oxxford suit
Attolini sportcoat (!)
Kiton trousers
Luciano Barbera trousers
Brioni shirt
Ties by Karl Lagerfeld, Luciano Barbera, and Emilio Pucci
Also, a couple nice madras jackets that should flip well.

Dan is still out in the field; I wish him luck and look forward to his recap later.
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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

This site could be the beginning of the end for thrifting ffffuuuu.gif (funny they actually do something similar to my company they raised 1.8 million!

Looks like they only do women's, at least for now. And while they might siphon off some of the high-end stuff, I don't see them putting thrifts (or us) out of business.
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I know everyone has fun with the LA comments, but the reason a couple of these LA guys are finding great stuff is that they're literally doing this full-time. I live in LA. The scene is pretty good, but not as good, in my experience, as SF or NY to name two. But it's a big region, and a couple of guys are spending eight hours a day a couple days a week driving from store to store.
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I grabbed these from a local consignment shop. Not terribly cheap, but they're new. It's also a bit rare to find something like that in my size. I also got an identical pair in a smooth tan leather.


I'm posting this for fun. I bought this jacket a couple of years ago (non-thrift) because I fell in love with it. It's a horse hide motorcycle jacket handmade by Riccardo Bestetti. It was one of two made. The problem is that since I've owned it, I've worn it exactly 1 time for about 20 minutes. I saw it hanging in my closet today, so I decided to go with it. This is not something I'd ordinarily wear, but I decided to step outside my comfort zone. It's inspired me to get my dream bike icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif. Anyway, it's something I thought I'd share.

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