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With all due respect mexecutioner, if you file a chargeback it doesn't matter how confirmed the address is, your still screwed PayPal will not accept responsibility to fight the cc company it's their dirty little secret. As for my brother he was naive and didn't ask before shipment but get this, there was no address attached to his PayPal! That's right PayPal allowed someone to open an account send and receive goods without a fucking address! Also I have pms from that bastard telling me where to send it and I offered the proof to PayPal, hell the bastard even posted in the thread acknowledging it was his po box but it was miraculously stolen for a week with his forum name and password, and guess what this thief also happened to have his affinity for Tom ford and gosh! They wear the same size!! Oh the humanity! All those fucks in PayPal had to do was investigate like they say they do , here's the kicker the package was insured and I have signed copy from the scammer fuckface that he picked it up an get this! He also had to show id.... So in summation it's an open and shut case but for PayPal it was an open and shut case but for the scammer. So please save me the corporate bullshit a scammer is a scammer and they hold their hands along with PayPal, I've been the subject of chargebacks before and there's no happy ending
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I don't know how you guys keep up with posting all your thrift pick ups... I sure can't, although many not as worthy. 


Is this a legit Salvatore Ferragamo?




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)










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Yes it is nice find! I bought on deep discount this new kiton 97% vicuña suit
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aze9y9y6.jpgtyja8ygy.jpgeqaqehep.jpgyqe6yzuj.jpg. :drops the mike:
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Couple of finds:

I would rock this if it was my size, sadly 42R. Madras.


Allen Edmonds McClains

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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

aze9y9y6.jpgtyja8ygy.jpgeqaqehep.jpgyqe6yzuj.jpg. :drops the mike:

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Listen, I hate long posts responding to lots of people's posts as much as the next guy... but there are a few answers to questions that have gone unanswered so far here, so bear with me.


Oh yeah, and nice jacket eddie! That's a real swell find.






As in... I think I just swelled.


Originally Posted by MartiniGirl View Post


If anyone actually tried to read up on you, You'd just fake your way thru everything. Didn't you "quit" SF a while back too?? Cause the guys were "being mean to you"...? Sounds kinda gay, brah. Embrace the gay! Drive up to Washington and marry your lover! It's ok to do that there! You're calling me a bigot??! Lol. Do you even know what that word is?! I have been nothing but nice to everyone on here. You sir... are the bigot or maybe even a gasbag. All talk, but no pictures to show proof. You know how this thread goes... "Pics or it didn't happen" 


I apologize in advance to anyone who might feel insulted by this. I mean no harm! fight%5B1%5D.gifHe took my joke as a little too serious. So shit just got real.


I realize I'm late to the party on this, but shut the fuck up. If you want to spew homophobic shit, please somewhere other than here. Ideally the middle of a busy freeway.


Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post

I never show pants in my main shot and never had a single person ask if it was a suit. The description says "suit", its listed under "suit" section in ebay, give pants measurements, show multiple pictures of pants in the photos, etc. The PTO article was just making a point that sometimes suit jackets are sold as "sport coats" and happened to use your picture. Why they couldn't find an actual stripped suit jacket being sold as a sport coat I'm not sure as there are a ton of them!


+1, and to be honest Wes, I think it's really unethical what PTO did, akin to a journalist printing only half of a source's quote in order to skew the meaning of what they said. I would have complained, especially considering how many pics of orphans there are on eBay. 


Originally Posted by SeaJen View Post

Glad to see the thread right itself after a mad April 1st.

Here's my thrift fit.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Zegna (might be an orphan, but I think it works)

No name silk knit
Loro Piana










Orphan or not, it looks great on its own, and it looks great in this fit.


Originally Posted by GM-H View Post

Okay two quick questions:


One, Is this a thing? I have never seen any Armani MTM shit before. I left it because it was a blue textured SC (unvented)




I have come across this before. It is a thing, although the jacket I found was the exact same as regular Collezioni in terms of quality, except for surgeon cuffs.


Originally Posted by ATLjon View Post

Arnold Brant, made in Italy, 46 L. I almost picked this up and will probably go back for it, but I balked at the name (even though the quality is pretty great).


Any interest?


Any idea on the maker?


Arnold Brant is a Canadian 'designer' with clothes made in Canada and Italy, and I think Mexico although I might be mixing that up. Either way, the maker is nobody special.


More generally, the quality of Arnold Brant is pretty good for the quite low retail price, about on par with BB I'd say. I have one of his jackets from my pre-StyleForum days (a black SC, gasp!) that I still quite like. Not sure it's worth picking up though unless it fits you perfectly and it's something you need.




Also... Kiton Vicuna!

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Lots of odds and ends today. Everything is unavailable except the jersey.

Anichini Bamboo pattern Egyptian Cotton Coverlet & Sham set. Can you imagine this set retailed at over $1000 and it looks like it was never used?!


With all this talk about jerseys, I decided to try my hand at it. Vintage Starter Cardinals jersey. Hoping it;s worth at least double what I paid.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Recent J Crew purple gingham check shirt

Prada T-shirt

Mint Tumi duffle bag

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I left these behind today due to not being my size and not as minty as I would prefer. 34x33. If anyone wants them at price let me know.
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^ I'm down if they're slim.
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Who wants to thrift me a pair of final four tickets?

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Originally Posted by rayxlui View Post

^ I'm down if they're slim.

Didn't seem like it
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Originally Posted by LeSacre View Post

Didn't seem like it

Yeah those look like old (90s) RRL. Good quality but pretty horrendous fit by modern RRL standards. I learned that the hard way cloud.gif

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