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Originally Posted by FaceOfBoh View Post

John Lobb split toe shoes. They have a loafer-like construction but not so casual.
Originally Posted by DeadBoy View Post

E-thrift brag time.

Picked up this awesome NWT charcoal SC by Alexandre Plokhov on the bay last week for about 90% off retail.

Originally Posted by ATLnoob View Post

...which I will probably keep because I bought this little guy last weekend (1973 Honda CB350G with 9,800 original miles): 

Originally Posted by tubs View Post

Shuttle Notes shirt!

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Awesome finds, guys!
Originally Posted by Fueco View Post

My wife and I spent almost $1000 at the REI sale this morning... Pictures of the haul to come later, after we go ride for a while. Let's just say it was epic... Three down jackets and two pairs of GoreTex lined mountaineering boots are the highlights (retail on those five is well north of $1500.

Wow! Can't wait to see the haul!
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Originally Posted by rms340 View Post

Hey guys, I picked up this tie on ebay and was wondering if it was a grenadine or not. I have never owned a grenadine so not sure what one is exactly like. Thanks for the help!

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, R1.1.1.M2a

Absolutely stunning. DO WANT. Totes jelly.

215 views. 6 watchers. 0 bids.


RANDO: wow.gif
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I know right? And these were no where near LA.
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I've only been hitting the thrift stores for a short time now.  Here's what I found this weekend.



I'm not sure who made it but it's a nice blue cord jacket with elbow patches.  The inside pockets are trimmed with the cord material and it's fully lined.  All it says on the inside is "Made in Romania" at the top and the typical "Dry Clean Only" label.




This is a Brooks Brothers unstructured blue blazer.  It'll go nice with a pair of jeans for just kicking around in. I need to replace a sleeve button.





A Christian Dior trench with liner and button on collar piece. The reddish look on the front is from the lighting.  It looks almost new in person.

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ChetBakerSings & GMMcL - thank you much! Picked it up for a steal!
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Originally Posted by Randomore View Post

Just a couple things over the weekend.

Minty fresh Satoria Attolini Napoli Shirt. Tagged 16. Available. Only thing I can find wrong with it is a button looks like it was sliced somehow.

Finamore cucita a mano. Doesn't look like its been used. I'm guessing same donor. Tagged 15 3/4. Available

Not pictured 2 sector 9 longboards. Raiders Jersey, couple base layers ans fleeced and some other stuff that's in the trunk that ill try to take pics of soon.

Not sure how I missed this. Nice finds! Still waiting to pop my Attolini cherry.
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Here are the shoe pickups today...

2x Scarpa Mont Blanc Mountaineering boots (used once).

3x Lowa Renegade GTX boots
Salomon Goretex boots
Zamberlan GTX boots
Montrail Goretex boots
Vasque GTX boots
Saucony Ride 4 running shoes (my shoe of choice for ultras)
Salomon XA 3D Pro 2
Chaco Rex Sandals (not pictured)

Total retail =$2700

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Originally Posted by tubs View Post
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Several months ago I linked up with fellow Seattleite and SF member, 1ofthecoolkids. He's taught me quite a bit about clothes and has picked up some really good shit for me when we're not thrifting together. He's got a large amount of great stuff that he's thrifted and I've exhausted myself trying to get him to post everything on here. He just doesn't have enough time.


Here's some of the stuff he's found me:


Filson, Nordstrom Cashmere (for wife), Silk Cashmere. Not pictured Kate Spade Cashmere for wife, and a Pendleton



Sweet leather timberland vest


APC, vintage BR


My favorite: RLBL



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



NWT Blackwatch from Merona, but they look good on!


Shuttle Notes shirt!



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Bonobos crazy plaid pants.. haven't tried wearing these yet. They might just be pajama pants.


A suit that fits nearly perfectly, which is hard for a 36R who's 6'1 and 145. 


J Crew


Donna Karan, Shades of Greige



J Crew surcingle, J&M, Trafalgar


Mountain Hardwear softshell



.. and some other stuff I haven't photographed yet.




Holy crap, dude! There are so many awesome SW$D wear in that haul, if I had those and in my size, I would rock the shit out of those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fing02[1].gif

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A couple of things from the weekend. Available where indicated.


Corneliani Pink Dress Shirt.


Patagonia Gray Polo. Available. Large.


Rooster knit ties.


Aran Sweater. Probably XL. Tag says hand knit, 100% wool, made in Ireland.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Couldn't find anything about company.






AE Holton. 10.5 E. Available.


Aquascutum. 44S. Available. Patch pockets, pick-stitching.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


PRL Gray Flannel.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Samuelsohn Suit. 42R. Available.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






Burberry London Black Blazer. 50L. Available. (spots are from camera lens)


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Southwick (40R; Navy) and H. Freeman (41Rish; Charcoal) that I probably should have left behind because they are orphans.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Could have had some other finds, but one of the local thrift stores decided it would be a good idea to tag all the dress shirts right through the shoulder, leaving a small hole where the plastic attacher went through.

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Found a Wing + Horns coat found at a thrift store for $90. Still has the spare button on the inside. My only concern is that the logo is entirely different from the current wings + horns logo, so I don't know if it's real or not. It says it's made in Canada and still has the CYC Design Corporation tag, though so I'm not too sure. Can anyone shed some light on this?




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hey bike people I am currently in the market for something to cruise around in, no long rides or billion gears or anything, just to take short rides in town in, any suggestions or places to begin looking? brands ect would be helpful. I enjoy the clean lines of fixies but would not want one, I still need some gears

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I finally had a moment this evening to dip into the blogosphere and saw that one of my items was featured on the PTO round-up. Someone close to home did the BIN what must have been almost immediately after posting because I never had the pleasure of watching the watch count climb. I wondered why the guy did the nuclear option but I just packed it up was grateful. Now it all makes sense. smile.gif
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@JL3212 my PMs dont look like they are going through? Let me know if they are. I was interesed in the Samuelsohn Suit 42R.
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Originally Posted by aglose View Post

@JL3212 my PMs dont look like they are going through? Let me know if they are. I was interesed in the Samuelsohn Suit 42R.


PM sent

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Weather problems has caused me to look in my fair city instead of going to another. So I made it to a few stores and only found 2 ties.... But I'm ok with what I found!







Surprise Surprise!!!! (Click to show)









That's right, fellas! A Vacca 9 fold tie! Both ties are spoken for!

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