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Had a few finds today: Vintage red wool Filson jacket ($9.99) Jeff Rose L/S stripe polo shirt ($4.99) Lorenzini spread collar dress shirt ($4.99) Neiman Marcus Exclusive cashmere sweater ($4.99) Vintage green cordura camera case from Eastern Mountain Sports ($1.16). The discount store section of a local thrift (a section of the store that sells designer samples, Target samples, etc) got a lot of NWT and NWOT Brooks Brothers shirts. I counted about 10 Brooks Brothers Makers custom shirts made only last month. 7 or 8 Brooks Brothers Makers "Slim Fit" shirts in 15x33-35. No Black Fleece though. I did find a BBBF shirt here once, so there still is hope. Any interest in the Brooks stuff? Is it worth grabbing these for $10/piece. Some had tags for $89, still. I'm not into BB, so I'm not sure how popular it is here and all.
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I'd be interested in the BB shirts if you find any in 15.5x35 slim-fit
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id be intderessted in anything you can find in 15/34
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I love tax time: things have been looking up. Today:

Boggi silk/linen sportcoat - $9.99
Armani gray cavalry twill dress slacks - $5.99
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I found something which I have been looking for, an old school plaid long raincoat in my size.

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Originally Posted by AlanC View Post
Yes, it does sound like shell. If they actually said 'handmade' on the insole you may have a goldmine on your hands.

Well, I went back and looked at them again. They did say handmade on the sole, and the insole. I did some research on the internet, then called J&M. They said it would be awhile as they would have to research it. Later they returned my call, and told me based on the numbers from the shoe, that they were not shell, rather corrected grain. I thought it odd to use CG for a handmade shoe, but I suppose it happens now and then. There was also a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenues in polished cobbler(CG as well?), but they must have bought them mismatched, because one was model 5665, and one 5675. The color was close but one was brown and one had a slight hint of burgundy.
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Well, I figured I might as well post some of my findings over the last couple weeks of occasional thrifting, since this thread in particular was my inspiration to do so.

A Yves Saint Laurent suit in my size with a few needed alterations. (P.S. does anybody know the true quality of such a suit? It does have hand sewn buttons and was made in France for what it's worth.)

A pair of brown Hugo Boss made in Italy shoes size 42 1/2 (not my size).

A pair of dark brown Ceasar Paciotti made in Italy shoes that look like alligator skin (my size).

Two NWT Armani ties.

A French cuff light violet Barney's New York shirt (my size).

I really could have snagged quite a few more items, but was hesitant to since they were not my size and/or I would not wear such items. I have been viewing this site for some time, and have been soaking up as much information as possible. I've really only been going to Goodwill/Salvation Army for thrift shopping, is it feasible to broaden my search to smaller and less known thrift stores? I was always under the impression that the smaller stores generally know brands better and price them accordingly.
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everytime i visit a thrift i go the outerwear section in hopes of finding a Burberry Trench amongst the hordes of London Fog's. it happened this wekk, just like i imagined. not my size but imaculate.
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A vintage silk scarf and silk PS both with hand rolled edges...a buck each.
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Allen Edmonds McAllister Walnut NWOT in my size! $6.95

3 Vintage 1970's Florsheim shoes - monk strap in black, loafer in a reddish walnut and oxford in a rich brown. Total: $21
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I found these yesterday.
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Originally Posted by Trapp View Post
I found these yesterday.

wow! nice. how is the interior? what size?
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Originally Posted by mystillwater View Post
wow! nice. how is the interior? what size?

They're marked size 10D but imo fit slightly larger (by 1/4 to 1/2 size). Full leather interiors are used, obviously, but in very good shape. The shell has a beautiful, deep patina.

The creases up front could use some brushing to remove oil buildup that often occurs in shell (I'll brush them this weekend). The piping along the top (where the foot goes in) is pretty cracked in places, but that's about it. They're sweet shoes.
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Today was a pretty good day i found 3 Aquascutum sports coats, a Canali sports coat, an Astor and Black navy suit that fits perfect, and something incredibly special for which i'll let the pictures do the talking Aquascutum 1 - Tan wool/silk tweed with a yellow and orange overcheck $7.00 Aquascutum 2 - Kinda grayish herringbone with a yellow blue and green windpane wool/silk/cashmere $7.00 Aquascutum 3 - blue/white birdseye with a red and white overcheck $7.00 Canali - cream/brown houndstooth $22.00 Astor and Black suit - Navy blue 3 button dual vents pleated and cuffed with working button holes $28.00 Kiton navy blue DB blazer $15.00 My very 1st Kiton and i found it in this filthy stinky hell hole of a thrift store.
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^^ The second person in a week scored a Kiton. That's it. I am going to all of the thrift stores in my area tomorrow.
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