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The Waffle House closet to my house is a total dive...still good though. Now when my wife was working in Columbus, there was a new one near the town house we rented there. Much more pleasant dining experience.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

^ the tie is real, made in 90 or 91 when they were made in Spain - not a bad thing.

Thanks for the quick verification! I still have to send you the pictures of the items I want to send your way...I'll get on that nod[1].gif

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Wow have you guys pulled in some hauls lately. I only get about one day a week to hit up the shops and haven't been doing anywhere near you guys.


Will I be disowned if I state that I am not the biggest WH fan?


Giant shoutout to los_face. He honestly packs more gifts for my GF than I do throughout the year. Awesome guy to deal and trade with. Hooked me up with a nice RLX athletic jacket and threw in some bonus stuff that will definitely get put to use.


Also, Fueco, are you a giant Sharks fan? For some odd reason, a Marshalls by me had like 5 SJ Sharks scarves for sale. Hockey + Team across the country is an odd item to find its way here. I didn't look at the price but if you want me to proxy, let me know.

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Originally Posted by Xenos View Post

Battistoni x2 (17)
Borrelli (17); Brioni linen
Battistoni suit; dual vents; double pleats (42US)
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I recently moved to the ventura/oxnard area in Southern California, and I think this place must be the Mecca of Thrift stores. It seems like there is a large and well stocked store on every corner. I'm happy to see nearly every piece of clothing I'm wearing today was acquired at thrift stores. 
Originally Posted by Dolfan954 View Post

Wow have you guys pulled in some hauls lately.

You just wait. Taking pictures now.
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First Marshall's find.  PRL, made in Italy, tan cords...hanging in the sportswear section.  Retail $350....$39 and my size.  No pics as they are being hemmed.  Boom!

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I'm pretty sure you get herpes just by walking into a Waffle House. uhoh.gif

The lengths New Yorkers will go to for novelty!
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waffle houses are great people watching places. when my friends and i go we always bet on how many teeth the counter person will be missing.
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What's the deal with this tie?

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^ Fake, sorry!

Originally Posted by mainy View Post

waffle houses are great people watching places. when my friends and i go we always bet on how many teeth the counter person will be missing.

You bet a lot for a guy without poker in his user name. SF/TT No limit tourney outside the GW?
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Pops up here every once in a while, Frisky. I've spotted a couple. Definitely not the one you are looking for smile.gif

Not even sure if it's a counterfeit—just a completely different deal. They don't copy the Borrelli branding at all.
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If anyone sees a 38R RL Rugby Tux jacket like this, please snag it for me. I have the pants and they are lonely.

Originally Posted by rayxlui View Post

Caruso made RL Rugby.
AppleMark  AppleMark

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Originally Posted by MZhammer View Post

If anyone here wears Eton Contemporary fit 15-1/2 shirts stay tuned, bunch of minty staples and stripes


Last time I was at a Waffle House, it was in Virgina Beach, and they had armed security guards posted outside.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Oh, speaking of mainy, shout-out to mainy for these super-dope sneakers, y'all. Click spoilers for winrar.


Theory stealth jacket of $400+ ridiculousness (goodwill)
Undercover $9,000 stealth pants (b&s)
Gucci, lol (mainy)

Apologies to sw&d dudes who already endured this
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Here's the score. No time tonight to spruce it up, or obsess about picture quality so I'm just going to post it.

L to R, top to bottom:
Paul Stuart/Samuelsohn (charcoal gray DB single vent), PRL Corneliani (navy flannel, dual vent, ticket pocket), Paul Stuart/Samuelsohn (navy, single breast, single vent)
Oxxford (navy stripe, single breast, single vent), HF (silver tag, solid navy, single breast single vent)

L to R
Valentino (don't normally brag, but it's Super 120s and is important to gauge volume), Harris Tweed, Paul Stuart blue sport coat (non-orphan.... I think), J Press (absolutely pristine beige cotton suit)

L to R, top to bottom
4 x Zegna shirts (varying age, incl su misura)
5 x Zegna shirts (varying age)
2x Alain Figaret, Ben Silver, J Press, BBGF
CT Sea Island, CT non-iron slim fit

NWOT FU-red HT tie for me

Trafalgar braces

Condition on most of this stuff is OK, though a few have minor issues. Most shirts need a solid soak, the PRL has a manageable hole in the trou, and the Stuart double breasted has a pinhole in the arm.

Passed on so, so, SO much good stuff, either because the damage was even worse or because they were orphaned/reverse orphaned.

But the most demoralizing feeling HAS to be going to one of your semi-regular spots (1x per 2-3 weeks) and seeing the reverse orphan to the orphan you passed last time around, with the orphan nowhere to be found. As I've already observed, I rarely remember something after I leave a store, but this time, it stuck with me: Stuart/Samuelsohn double breasted, ticket pocket, dual vent brown flannel chalk stripe. It was really, really cool. Trou were nowhere to be found. Until today, when the jacket was missing. I know for a fact that this store pulls things out the week after the color goes on sale, and tosses them out. So this is a permanent orphan situation. I'm nauseous again just thinking about it.

Edit: Spoo (or anyone else) - Name the time and place for poker, and I'll be there.
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The other thing you can bet on at the WH is the over/under on how many times you'll be called Hun or Darlin
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