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Today I found a nice London Fog trench coat in size 38 for $10 that I was pretty excited about. It has a removable lining and looks like it was only worn a few times.
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Nothing spectacular tihs go-around, I got two work shirts, A diesel supershirt and a light blue christian dior monsieur shirt.(5 and 3) (Off of flea-bay I also picked up a Dolce and Gabanna V-neck sweater and a Just Cavalli casual button front I had my eye on since the run-way 2 years ago for 20 and 40 a piece)
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Today went well.

Pendleton car coat NWOT
Allen Edmonds belt
recent BB Tie & BB tan poplin suit
Heschung norwegian bluchers
Cavanagh pocket fedora

and for the kitchen

Maxim WT-46 warming tray.
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Originally Posted by SimonC View Post
Two pairs of shoes today - a pair of Alden double-sole cordovan derbies.....

Congrats on the Aldens. I've only ever found one pair of Alden shells here in Chicago, but they are not as versatile as these. I've always been surprised how few Aldens I see here. Lots of other stuff, and good stuff at that, but very few Aldens. Maybe when I finally catch the white whale of cordovan Alden derbies, I'll give up my thrifting ways.
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I would be willing to work out a trade for any off the shirts listed on this thread. My sizes are listed on the spreadsheet.
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Doing some out of town thrifting today and picked up about half a dozen narrow Tradly/Mad Men ties then came across a small Hartmann tweed bag similar to this one. Mine is definitely older, not sure how old. I'm looking forward to cleaning it up. $5 for the lot. I've got a couple of more stores in my sites for tomorrow. Out of town thrifting is always an adventure.
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I'm on a roll this week...

Today I found a Filson small field satchel, two hand rolled silk pocket squares, a pair of plain toe Aldens, a NWT pair of Minnetonka 808 deerskin mocs, and a Silit pressure cooker.
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Im in a slump....
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Originally Posted by YoungAmerican View Post

It was kind of a nice coat, too. If anybody's 6'11", I left it at the Hollywood Goodwill...

haha since you did that piece on thrift shopping, jesse, that goodwill on hollywood is packed. i can't find a single good thing in there... moving on to eagle rock.
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Originally Posted by antirabbit View Post
Im in a slump....
Same here.... seems like my local Goodwill went back to sending the good stuff to their boutique, so the racks are back to being packed with Arrow shirts and moldy polyester suits. :sigh: Has anyone else noticed that this year's tax-season donations suck in comparison to those of past years?
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A couple weeks ago, I picked up a navy blue Giorgio Armani DB suit jacket in perfect condition for $25. It fits great as well
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BTW any Chicago thrifters in here? Where do you go? I've only tried my luck when I visit NY..
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The only decent thing i've found in awhile is a signed Philippe Venet pocketsquare/scarf thingy thats creme colored with roses on it. No idea what its value could possibly be, but for 2.00 it was nice.
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An almost brand new pair of black AE Park Avenues (worn a couple of times) for $9.99, complete with shoe bags, shoe trees and box at Goodwill. I smiled myself out of the store..

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the trees cost that, good grab
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