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Originally Posted by darkmatter7 View Post

I quit thrifting. peepwall%5B1%5D.gif

Sure you did. And even if you did, you'll be back. You can't quit it...it's like crack baby. You'll go a day or two and say you've quit. Then you'll drive by one and say "one stop won't hurt me". Next think you know you're down on Skid Row at this hole in the wall joint with a arm load of fine Italian stuff. Who you trying to kid baby...you know your an addict. nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by DeadBoy View Post

It is awesome, but all you Americans who are jealous just remember: they have to pay a tax for their TVs and radios. So who really has it good?


True words, though. Every other month, I pay €50 to GIS for simply owning a TV/radio. If you have a TV and don't register/pay, you'll eventually get a letter and visit from them. It's ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by darkmatter7 View Post

You don't say...

I have somewhere around 50 of those in inventory... didn't figure they were worth mentioning rotflmao.gif

What, the Trafalgars? Get on your list tip son... they are gooooold
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

What, the Trafalgars? Get on your list tip son... they are gooooold

Glad I sold the last of mine when I did, then...averaged over $120, which I'm very pleased with, considering I'm not a bit timer.
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Originally Posted by HansderHund View Post


True words, though. Every other month, I pay €50 to GIS for simply owning a TV/radio. If you have a TV and don't register/pay, you'll eventually get a letter and visit from them. It's ridiculous.

Whoa. It that for each tv/radio? Aren't there radios in your cars?
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In the UK you pay the license fee (for the BBC, which then has no commercials) per household, not per device.
When I was in college it was irritating, but in retrospect, I received 3 degrees for free. In fact, the government actually gave me a modest stipend for those 7 years on top of a free education. So paying a little for TV wasn't so bad (and was far cheaper than my current cable bill).
Of course, free higher ed has disappeared in the UK now frown.gif
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^^^^^ CesarC, that fit pic is great! Perfect for a night at a speakeasy. nod[1].gif
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Found this in the pocket of a cashmere Canali.

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Originally Posted by toscano_adottato View Post

Found this in the pocket of a cashmere Canali.

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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post

GUYS look what else I found at the consignment store! The RLPLs are my size, not available. Both have some condition issues, but they're fixable or live-with-able. I talked the store down to $28 per on account of the issues. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Chester Barrie for RLPL, black or dark gray w/stripes. The top of the waistband looks like it got eaten by a vacuum cleaner or something. It's really odd and definitely not moth damage, but it'll be mostly invisible when I have a belt on.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


St. Andrews for RLPL, single-breasted peak lapel, side adjusters on the pants. If this thing had a vest it'd be my grail suit. There's a single moth hole in the chest, but my reweaver can take care of that easy.


Corneliani for PRL made in Italy. Slightly too big for me, sadly.





Originally Posted by eazye View Post

Originally Posted by 330CK View Post

HUGE SHOUT-OUT to GM-H for a SICK Holland & Holland baby alpaca blend jacket.

Well, here's my best thrift brag to date, and will explain my absence: met a girl in a thrift and she is amazing--pointed out and correctly identified an orphaned suit jacket out of the blue. inlove.gif

Yea, that's the best find I think anybody's ever posted. But you know the rules, pics or it didn't happen.



Originally Posted by Snoogz View Post

Wanted to give a shout out to brianpore for such a generous deal on a shirt.

It made my day when I finally mustered up the energy to pry open the package at a turtle pace. I've been feeling under the weather as of late with no energy to hardly move from the bed, damn flu got me good this year.

Snapped a quick pic to justify my rant, thanks again Brian!
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Glad you like. Feel better


Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

Who has two thumbs, picked up 8 or 9 Gitman Brothers shirts today, and most likely became Brianpore's new best friend?

Just caught up on 2 days worth of posts. No thrifting for me this weekend as I've been skiing. COLD but FUN!

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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

I get the concern, Ray, but was this really the most mature way to handle the situation? Perhaps a PM asking him nicely?

Anyway, some belated brags and/or better pics of past brags. Mostly the highlights, but even that's a pretty substantial number of pics. So be warned! Click on the spoiler ONLY if you have a robust internet connection! Still figuring out my new camera, so the whitebalance sucks in a few of these. But it's still better than the old point and shoot.

Suits/ SCs/Fox Hunting Jackets (Click to show)
photo IMG_0125_zps7fe5f4ff.jpgphoto IMG_0131_zps8c7220c9.jpgphoto IMG_0132_zpsf582d554.jpgphoto IMG_0129_zpsb3ebe544.jpgphoto IMG_0130_zpsdce66565.jpgphoto IMG_0133_zps66f09634.jpgphoto IMG_0134_zps8ad005c1.jpgphoto IMG_0135_zpsfa6854a9.jpgphoto IMG_0137_zpsdd804172.jpgphoto IMG_0138_zps6943d49e.jpgphoto IMG_0139_zps69f17031.jpg

photo IMG_0057_zps3036c08d.jpgphoto IMG_0058_zpsa56be14e.jpgphoto IMG_0059_zpsd7e03a7c.jpgphoto IMG_0060_zps56840529.jpgphoto IMG_0061_zps216f76c1.jpgphoto IMG_0062_zpsbd83dae2.jpgphoto IMG_0063_zpsda702502.jpgphoto IMG_0065_zps4ec00490.jpgphoto IMG_0066_zps5c115a6c.jpgphoto IMG_0067_zps154ea69e.jpg
photo IMG_0115_zps0c89ac08.jpgphoto IMG_0116_zps185de7cc.jpgphoto IMG_0117_zps4f148dfa.jpgphoto IMG_0118_zps5134211e.jpgphoto IMG_0119_zpse472bcf8.jpgphoto IMG_0120_zps741f7a4d.jpgphoto IMG_0122_zps60321b1b.jpgphoto IMG_0124_zpsebf506c4.jpg

photo IMG_0069_zpsabd6b910.jpgphoto IMG_0071_zps87a3a442.jpgphoto IMG_0073_zpsb90352e9.jpgphoto IMG_0074_zps0652670b.jpgphoto IMG_0076_zps6631c3aa.jpgphoto IMG_0079_zps39ac0e2b.jpgphoto IMG_0082_zps75bcf72e.jpgphoto IMG_0083_zps9ddc9813.jpgphoto IMG_0084_zpsf0dd78d8.jpgphoto IMG_0085_zps36161242.jpgphoto IMG_0086_zps73e5152d.jpg
photo IMG_0099_zps2b35d8f9.jpgphoto IMG_0101_zpsb83eacdf.jpgphoto IMG_0102_zpsc5123e5e.jpgphoto IMG_0103_zps7907cc2b.jpgphoto IMG_0104_zps40870b3c.jpgphoto IMG_0105_zps612e42f8.jpgphoto IMG_0106_zps7e950c6f.jpg
photo IMG_0044_zps84e64b93.jpgphoto IMG_0045_zps587557c7.jpgphoto IMG_0040_zpsecbd9850.jpgphoto IMG_0035_zpsfd63f89f.jpgphoto IMG_0038_zpsdf5cde40.jpgphoto IMG_0047_zpsdbb377b0.jpgphoto IMG_0048_zpsc1de629e.jpgphoto IMG_0051_zps113f8cf7.jpgphoto IMG_0052_zps192378fa.jpgphoto IMG_0053_zps6232247c.jpgphoto IMG_0054_zps416890eb.jpgphoto IMG_0055_zps8bcf74ff.jpgphoto IMG_0056_zps089dcfc2.jpg
Trousers/Denim (Click to show)
photo IMG_0144_zps7c9e0a49.jpgphoto IMG_0140_zps5e1116f3.jpgphoto IMG_0141_zps477b292f.jpgphoto IMG_0142_zpsa58e9427.jpg

photo IMG_0025_zps098ac46b.jpgphoto IMG_0027_zps0c1b0893.jpgphoto IMG_0028_zpsc1661c29.jpgphoto IMG_0029_zps4850ad47.jpgphoto IMG_0030_zps95f7aedb.jpgphoto IMG_0031_zps577cd08a.jpg

photo IMG_0002_zps2f01c655.jpgphoto IMG_0016_zps932c60c6.jpgphoto IMG_0017_zpsfc2ace04.jpgphoto IMG_0018_zpsd82da3a5.jpgphoto IMG_0005_zpsecb3205b.jpgphoto IMG_0021_zpsb45fffea.jpgphoto IMG_0020_zpsde7bd89f.jpgphoto IMG_0019_zpsa672c67e.jpgphoto IMG_0005_zpsecb3205b.jpgphoto IMG_0004_zps2346ccf4.jpg

Not pictured: Solid gray flannelPRL by Corneliani with side adjusters
Shirts (Click to show)
photo IMG_0298_zps40f3551b.jpgphoto IMG_0299_zpse3054e98.jpgphoto IMG_0301_zpsb8acdae0.jpgphoto IMG_0309_zps53c2e328.jpgphoto IMG_0299_zpse3054e98.jpgphoto IMG_0301_zpsb8acdae0.jpg
photo IMG_0287_zps71c068b9.jpgphoto IMG_0288_zps34218717.jpgphoto IMG_0289_zps76f8c4fe.jpgphoto IMG_0290_zps9e42a6a3.jpgphoto IMG_0291_zps96ce6b63.jpgphoto IMG_0292_zps84f55b6c.jpgphoto IMG_0311_zps8aef1a2f.jpgphoto IMG_0291_zps96ce6b63.jpgphoto IMG_0292_zps84f55b6c.jpgphoto IMG_0278_zps0450f6df.jpgphoto IMG_0279_zps6f34b888.jpgphoto IMG_0280_zps475a5e23.jpgphoto IMG_0281_zpsd2c648a7.jpgphoto IMG_0282_zps3215a71b.jpgphoto IMG_0283_zps38e8460b.jpgphoto IMG_0284_zps84aec33e.jpgphoto IMG_0285_zpsf1a298f1.jpgphoto IMG_0286_zps1b0267ad.jpg

photo IMG_0255_zpsf7cb46ae.jpgphoto IMG_0256_zps6b9f9609.jpgphoto IMG_0257_zps8cf29d77.jpgphoto IMG_0258_zps6e0ff19b.jpgphoto IMG_0312_zpsef4e3dc9.jpg
Ties and accessories (Click to show)
photo IMG_0176_zpsd767e62f.jpgphoto IMG_0178_zpse82e8d15.jpgphoto IMG_0179_zps8a37dc0c.jpgphoto IMG_0180_zps169b1cbc.jpgphoto IMG_0186_zps3ec25e2c.jpgphoto IMG_0187_zps04f3d4f2.jpgphoto IMG_0187_zps04f3d4f2.jpgphoto IMG_0189_zpsb00eaf80.jpgphoto IMG_0190_zps99b2d609.jpg
photo IMG_0191_zpsff841974.jpgphoto IMG_0192_zps753bbb2f.jpgphoto IMG_0193_zps016f4177.jpgphoto IMG_0194_zps9f6b9f95.jpgphoto IMG_0195_zpse9a3e93f.jpg
photo IMG_0212_zps4727c2d9.jpgphoto IMG_0213_zps7b4a1c8c.jpgphoto IMG_0214_zps669644bc.jpgphoto IMG_0215_zps6e2d480b.jpg

photo IMG_0318_zpsb72c14c1.jpgphoto IMG_0320_zpsc477d948.jpgphoto IMG_0321_zps5049437f.jpgphoto IMG_0319_zpsbe2eb1b5.jpgphoto IMG_0322_zpsef6c536f.jpgphoto IMG_0328_zps5ab23303.jpgphoto IMG_0323_zps0c6e4b03.jpgphoto IMG_0325_zps7df7dab2.jpgphoto IMG_0326_zps3e246b68.jpgphoto IMG_0324_zps0c40034a.jpg
Shoes (Click to show)
photo IMG_0145_zps5abd426d.jpgphoto IMG_0146_zps811c2a44.jpgphoto IMG_0147_zps051b9540.jpgphoto IMG_0148_zps9f71372e.jpgphoto IMG_0149_zps7259cf32.jpgphoto IMG_0150_zpsde95d56f.jpgphoto IMG_0151_zpsffbe142b.jpg
photo IMG_0152_zps1f33a2bb.jpgphoto IMG_0153_zps09440f74.jpgphoto IMG_0154_zpsd0580950.jpgphoto IMG_0155_zps4499385a.jpgphoto IMG_0156_zps8aa6e01c.jpgphoto IMG_0157_zps175d12f6.jpgphoto IMG_0158_zps25392736.jpgphoto IMG_0159_zps747d4e9c.jpgphoto IMG_0160_zpsc59ca8d2.jpgphoto IMG_0161_zps1f1167a8.jpgphoto IMG_0162_zps3f034410.jpg
photo IMG_0163_zpsfc13ce14.jpgphoto IMG_0164_zps96abe33f.jpgphoto IMG_0165_zpsadb8fb02.jpgphoto IMG_0166_zps23040365.jpgphoto IMG_0167_zpsa5d44985.jpgphoto IMG_0168_zps2c2c250c.jpgphoto IMG_0169_zps0098f291.jpg

Dude! that is some sick stuff icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Ivar View Post



Wait, this guy had 1.3 million in his checking account? I wonder if he diversified or just stuck all of his money in the bank...Even at 0.8% he's making 10,400 in interest. With all that money, you think he would of rock a Kiton or an Antolini. Canali, Pfftt, too cheap!

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Originally Posted by toscano_adottato View Post

Found this in the pocket of a cashmere Canali.

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I was once doing some work downtown, gathering old bricks in a vacant lot (long story), and found a receipt from a bank for someone's quarterly income tax payment. It was for something like $300K. It wasn't a corporate account, it was a personal payment. I couldn't even begin to calculate what he was making to pay that.
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Some awesome hauls as usual this weekend.....been a little slow but here are my pickups from Fri/Sat:



Jil Sander Cotton Blend Suit, tagged 56 L EU.....my 1st Jil Sander pickup, wasn't super cheap thrift price so I may have overpaid since Im not sure how these do vs. wool ones...couldnt leave it though..







Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








NWT Schaefer Outfitter Made in USA  heavy canvas duster, this thing is pretty sweet




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







Crazy outdoor/hunting print woolrich shirt XL




Pretty sweet wool ties, shetland, donegal shetland by Liberty of London, BB, keeping




NWT LSU Stadium Pants (Geaux Tigers!!!), keeping


2 x Steven Alan, Medium but  fit slim



BB Made in Italy Dual Vent Silk/Wool/Linen, tagged 48 but measures more like 46 (24 pit to pit)




BB Madison, pleated and cuffed, 32 x 30




Gitman Bros. Vintage short sleeve, size L


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




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