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Originally Posted by dustinmyself View Post

we should put together an east coast charity black tie event!

(Styleforum meet up style)
+. 1.

I need an excuse to wear either my James Bond Villain cream tux or the Dracula jacket I got from Wes. Or both, if I play my cards right.
Originally Posted by barrelntrigger View Post

and don't forget it's also about being a cold ass honkey, my friend, being a cold ass honkey. mwink%5B1%5D.gif
In before the endless string of quotes from the song and the debate over whether this means the end of our hobby as we know it.

Edit: More finds, still no time. RLPL tie, PRL trou (that hopefully do as well as Wes's), Brioni pocket square (I think), I feel like there was something else cool in there that I'm now forgetting.
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LOL, I had thought it was a fringe song by some talented, albeit relatively unknown, Seattle rapper. Irrespective of the folks who posted it here for the past few months as if we'd not yet seen it, I was just frankly shocked to hear that the damned song now sits atop the Billboard USA charts at #1. Now that is fucking awesome.

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Big shout outs to capnwes for hooking me up with a pair of unhemed BB slim fit trousers! You rock, Wes! Always! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Originally Posted by ChetBakerSings View Post

Thrift fit:

Andover Shop by Norman Hilton tweed
Brooks Brothers OCBD (40% off after Christmas)
Brooks Brothers flannels
Lands' End silk knit
Pantherella OTCs (discount store)
Allen Edmonds Sanford

Brianpore: I had a custom bow tie made from a destroyed Hermes tie at the Cordial Churchman. It cost less than $30. Give them a try.

Holy shit! That jacket is amazing! Great fit pic. nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by CesarC View Post

Hrm, when I "almost" found you a tux I found another one, shawl-collar midnight blue in a larger size (I'm guessing like a 44? didn't bother looking at the size or measuring since I was on a mission.)  Was like $38, though.  Wondering if I should go back for it? Someone here in the low-mid '40s sizing want one or should have one at a little higher than thrift prices?  Not really into flipping, but maybe if someone (Brian?) wants me to proxy and split profits... Don't know.  There was a dated Zegna peak-lapel dinner jacket too, but it was paired with random pants.  Sigh.  I think I'm finally reaching that point after the initial noob-craze of picking up everything you think is good and tradeable, to now being extremely wary of picking up a CT shirt in a tradeable size that is pink plaid (happened yesterday).

I average about one event per year that requires a tux. I ended up buying a no name rental tux from a formal wear place that was going out of business a few years ago. I don't have pumps, but will wear my shiny park avenues with it. A while ago, I passed on a banana republic tux in my size because they wanted like $40 for it. They probably wanted $40 for it because it WAS a banana republic, lol. In retrospect I should have picked it up because it fit me better than the one I currently have. Come to think of it, that BR tux is the only one that I've ever come across in my size. Yeah Brian, youse right.
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Some stuff from today...

Bills Khakis 8-Wale cords (32x28)
Patagonia shirt (n/a)
Brooks Brothers shirt
Reyn Spooner shirt (n/a)
Barbour Heritage Flannel (XXL -available)

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Hello from LA. I haven't gotten a chance to thrift yet, but I did do some casual browsing in expensive retail establishments. My brother lives 2 minutes from this place:


I'm very close to spending $300 on a pair of jeans.

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Let me know if you plan on heading east of Venice to hit the shops, especially if you venture over towards west hollywood / hollywood.

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Thrift meet up? Haven't hit up downtown in a while.
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Originally Posted by Randomore View Post

Thrift meet up? Haven't hit up downtown in a while.


Sounds like fun. Do you consider St. Vinny's to be DTLA?

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Originally Posted by Evil Abed View Post


Sounds like fun. Do you consider St. Vinny's to be DTLA?

I do have my brother's car tomorrow .... but I'm technically working on an east coast schedule, 5:30 am to 2.

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Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post

No worries. You probably got 5 times what my cheap a$$ could have afforded! lol8[1].gif
Originally Posted by capnwes View Post Nevermore.

Originally Posted by Klobber View Post

Tom Ford

Are some of my pickups all suits / sport coats. Not sure the Attolini is authentic but I will post pics later.

Changed my thrifting habits - I aint picking up the "fairly" old stuff anymore. If it is older than 10 years or in less than mint condition, nighty night it stays there. I am not against the vintage scene but a 15 year old Brioni suit is not vintage nor is it in any manner modern. Basically unpickable in my book and offensive to look at as well. I left around 4 of these Brioni's behind the other day and it was a heck of a decision given they were only 9bucks a pop.

If it were not for name, I would have felt no pain. ...
I left a Brioni shirt (that I would have taken a year ago) because the tips of the collar were frayed. And it's not like I've ever found much Brioni to begin with.
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I would wear those.
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