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Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

Birthday Thrift update...from the road.

2 or 3 popped cherries for me today.
Best haul ever. Deets on Sunday or Monday.

Happy Birthday, Wes!

Oh, and lurker[1].gif

Originally Posted by eazye View Post

Another pair of vintage hiking boots. This time in brown suede and made in the USA by Sears, Nat? It makes me sad to think Sears actually made nice shit back in the day.

Very nice! I'd say late 70's to early 80's. They were pretty popular to wear on the street too during this time, so a lot of companies made them. Sears made damn nice stuff up until the mid-80's when a lot of places really took a nose-dive in quality. It really made me sad when we were in California this past December for Christmas. We went to this monstrosity called Sears Grand to find a couple last-minute Christmas gifts. I'll tell you one thing, Grand it was not. Never been so disappointed in a store in my whole life. The store was literally set up like a K-Mart or Target. I hadn't been in a Sears in over a decade so I was really disappointed to see the quality of clothing had tanked even more than the last time I was in there. Check-out lines like a grocery store. What?! To top it off, they didn't even have gift boxes! They said that store had never done gift boxes. Absolutely ridiculous. I told the cashier that I sincerely hoped the company would soon rediscover their founding principles and values for the sake of their business. It seemed he really didn't care too much. frown.gif

Originally Posted by matty long legs View Post

Only one stop today. First Battistoni anything. Not available. Also hit up a local men's store that was having a sale. Picked up Marcoliani gray cashmere socks and a house label dreidel tie. Both 50% off.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Lovin' the tie! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Ahhh, cigars...another Lee Allison Four in Hands

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Can I brag about this? Luxeswap/Spoo auction, $10.49. I was/am ecstatic about the purchase.


Great sight.


Gitman Gold.

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Originally Posted by tben View Post

Can I brag about this?

Yes, you may. Sweet
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Butter soft, unlined black leather shacket by Bally. One tiny nick and a missing button, but otherwise beautiful. Eu 54 and available.

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And what do you think are in these?

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Well, nothing. But I figured there is probably even a market for Hermes boxes.
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Originally Posted by tonylumpkin View Post

And what do you think are in these?


its always good to have some extra hermes boxes. A nice touch if you're selling a hermes item
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Anyone tell me about Trussini? Only real grab today was a cashmere sport coat made from Loro Piana cashmere:

Made in Italy, European 56

The current Marshalls/TJ Maxx clearance sales seems to be dragging random items I never see to some locations. Grabbed some RLPL and RLBL pocket squares but left behind a PL 7 fold tie which was the single decent item at one of the worst Marshalls in the area and a few other PL, Moschino and Costume National ties and a Prada cashmere/silk sweater at another location.
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Sneak preview.

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Just shipped off/donated/consigned my remaining inventory it feels so damn good to have absolutely no items!!! And at the place I donated they just straight up gave me a perfectly fitting cord blazer with patch pockets! I never find anything that fits me I was so excited! I will post a fit pick later after I swap out the buttons for some genuine horn but right now I am off to the tailor to alter a few awesome trades I have made shout out to barrel for the prl made in Italy linen navy blazer it will be perfect for a conference I have coming up in Sacramento ! Also shout out to the awesome Harvard guy who's username I can't remember for the Andover blazer and the shirt both fit really well I am going to lengthen the sleeves on the jacket a little though! This forum and specifically this thread is made up of an awesome network of guys so shout out to all of you
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Thrifted today Costume Nationale Homme Size 9 for $9!

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Hi guys, I have a question to ask here. 

Today I found 2 items in the charity shop, they left me with the "a-ha" but not quite.

1st - navy blazer 100% Wool 3 pockets applied but with normal chest pocket, double vent - branded BOSS by Turo Finland, 2 golden buttons, 2 buttons on sleeve, quite good quality and of a thicker fabric but not sure...maybe someone knows about it more.

2nd- Brooks Brothers shirt  like here http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Supima%C2%AE-Cotton-Non-Iron-Slim-Fit-BrooksCool%C2%AE-Dress-Shirt/288Q,default,pd.html?dwvar_288Q_Color=YELL&contentpos=85

perfect condition, I don't know why, maybe because of the quality, but there was one problem, neck size was ok 15 1/2 but the sleeves were huge for my size S arms (I have a strange body, small shoulders and torso, thin arms, neck 15.5, and tall..), this for a slim fit seemed huge for me, I have a RL classic fit shirt and even that is not as wide at sleeves like this one. 

Should I go for it? Is it normal for BB style to be like that? Or should I work out my arms, eventually I will...

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Originally Posted by yossi View Post

Sorry, dreidel tie? I think I'd enjoy seeing that, how about a pic?

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My favorite of the dreidel neckties. There was a bowtie with a lighter blue background I really liked, but they sold out of the necktie version of that print. Jews! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif It's a shame stitches doesn't post in this thread, he'd comment for sure.

Originally Posted by Nataku View Post

Lovin' the tie! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

75% off at a local consignment. I've been eyeing this sucker for a month. My favorite thrifted/consignmented? tie ever. Barely edges out the Bullock & Jones red knit with handsewn navy spots. Both from the same store.
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Two firsts for me today.

Super dope BB black fleece shirt with weird sleeves

First purple label find! Size 32, Available

Sometimes I hate thrifting in CT, but then I find gems like this... BB fun shirt

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Originally Posted by GM-H View Post

Two firsts for me today.

Super dope BB black fleece shirt with weird sleeves

With it being Black Fleece, it's hard to tell whether it was made like that or whether someone lopped off the cuffs. laugh.gif
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Wonderful thread! Just today I picked up (all at the same goodwill) 3 NWT Charvat Ties, 2 kiton ties, 5 Zegna ties (2 NWT), 2 Paul smith ties, 2 brooks brothers NWT ties and a wonderful brooks brothers camel hair sport coat that seems to be brand new. And all for 32$! This happens on a regular basis. I have grown to really enjoy a good thrift store.
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