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You're gonna win.
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(double poast)
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Fantastic!!!! What a complete transformation!
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   Good work, man...


 I began my quest into proper clothing in a similar manner. I lost about 25 pounds during the winter of 2011-12, and had to buy an almost new wardrobe. I've always been a thrifter, but have greatly expanded the upper-end of my wardrobe. I used to be a shorts and t-shirt guy, now at least I'm wearing button-up shirts, pants and shoes most of the time (Aloha Fridays beingthe exception!).





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this might be my fave fit pic of yours, very nice.
Thanks! It's my favorite of all that I've taken.

Originally Posted by Ian Erickson View Post

Dig that is the best fit pic I have seen in forever what is the story that goes along with it?
This could take a while. I hope you brought a lunch! lol8[1].gif

I'll try to keep it short. (Click to show)
Back around 2009, I made a lifestyle change in order to lose over a hundred pounds and thus far, have managed to keep it off.

In an effort to replace my old wide body wardrobe, I ended up here (like so many of us) while google searching men's clothing and got sucked into the need to learn about how clothes should look and fit. I had already dipped my toe into the thrift waters when I purchased this cheap assed, horribly fitting cord coat, complete with upper denture in the inner pocket!

I was still working on the fine art of posing to show my new clothes to best advantage. The hair was still a work in progress as well. shog[1].gif

With the tough love that you can only get from the WAYWRN thread, I gradually learned what fit me and looked right. Spoo was one of my biggest cheerleaders but there were several others who helped as well and they ALL called it like they saw it. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to learn like I did but be advised, one needs to accept the criticism constructively or people will tire of one's defensive explanations of why people shouldn't be so harsh and they will stop helping.

I found a local alterations lady who eventually accepted my instructions for fitting my finds in a way that other men usually don't. She's eastern European so after the first efforts on an H. Freeman & Sons, she realized that I was going for a more tailored, continental fit and actually had a clue. I tipped well on that suit and several other smaller projects.

I found that Brooksgate POW at what would become my 'honeypot' for BB suits. It was my first big find other than the H. Freeman that I happen to like as well. I took it to her and we altered the hell out of it and she barely charged me for the work! I wore it to work one day with the intention of finding a nice location to set up my (thrifted!) camera and tripod.

It was late afternoon and the place was closed. The sun was lower in the sky and I started taking pics. When I saw that one in the display, I turned off the camera, folded the tripod and called it a day.

I posted it up that night in WAYWRN and got a pretty favorable response.

That's about it!
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Haven't posted anything in a while, so following are several weeks' worth of finds:


Probably my rarest jeans find to date:



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Levi's offender jeans, made in USA, barely any wear (not sure if they were ever worn or if fades came from factory)


I'm not sure what to do with them right now--they are my size, but the rise is ridiculous (these are supposedly the lowest-rise men's jeans ever--as you can tell, the zipper comes with only one button).



Summer ties:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




L-to-R: cotton blend, linen blend, linen, patchwork cotton madras, silk but feels like linen blend.  Only brand worth mentioning is the middle tie, 100% linen Bullock & Jones made by Breuer.



More ties (all recent):

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




L-to-R: Etro, Canali, Versace, Battistoni, Pink.  The Battistoni is a first for me.  I've come across Versace and Thomas Pink before, but never any I wanted to pick up, so they're firsts as well.




A few more:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




L-to-R: Hermes, Zegna, Talbott patchwork repp.  I rarely pick up Talbotts, but this patchwork repp tie is probably my favorite from the ties in this post.




One more:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




vintage untipped lightly lined shetland wool tie




A few shirts:


super slim Miu Miu (size 16, available) and Loro Piana (size 17.5, available):



Fray (size 16.5, less than 32" sleeves, available) and Hilditch & Key for Saks (size 17L, available):



Ted Baker (sizes 4 and 5, available):



recent Zegna (size 17.5, available) and BoO (size M, not available, mostly because it has some flaws):



J. Press (size 16.5/36, available)



Oxxford (15.5/35, available):



A few sportcoats/blazers:


Bobby Jones Collection made in Italy (size XL, but seems like a 42-43/R-L, available)--I don't usually pick up Bobby Jones, but this seemed really nice, 3-roll-2, double-vented, unlined in the back, nice pattern, last picture best shows the pattern/color:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








Brooks Brothers Country Club Loro Piana navy blazer (size 45R, available), single vented:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








Helmut Lang cotton flannel jacket with elbow pockets (size EU 48, available), a press sample, fully canvassed, cuffs can be converted to functional, single-vented, pockets in the front are still all basted shut:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)










Some outerwear and layers:


vintage J. Crew made in England blackwatch toggle coat (untagged size, fits like an oversized small/medium, probably available), horn buttons:



North Face vintage made in USA down vest (size small, maybe available):



Arc'teryx Apache Zip Fleece pullover (size L, available):



Hats, all in size 7-1/4-7-3/8, all but one are wool, all available:





Lock & Co



Lock & Co (just dust in the picture, the hat is in excellent condition)






Stetson (poly-cotton blend)


















A few pairs of shoes:


D&G brown suede loafers (size 42.5, available)--blake-stitched, good quality but really loud shoes:



English benchmade black wingtips (UK7 I(?), fit like a US 7.5D/E, available), the shoes say Church's on the insole, but the heel markings and writing indicate Loake, so I presume Loake for Church's.



Pollini burgundy captoes (10, on hold for someone else, but might be available if they don't fit him), blake-stitched with channeled soles:


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Amazing story, digmenow. Congratulations.
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Damn, kilt it ^^^^
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Just a couple things today. This awesome pair of vintage, made in Italy Scarpa by Fabino mountaineering boots. These were in pretty rough shape when I found them.
Halfway there:
These fuckers were thirsty and I ran out of mink oil, so they still aren't quite there.

Some ties, never heard of this brand, but the tag reminded me of the Marinella tags so I took a gamble. It was only $1 so no big deal if it's shit.
Paul Stuart with just New York on the tag so I'm guessing pretty old, and an interesting PRL. Tag says Bleecker Tie.

Also, some books.
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Originally Posted by thriftydood View Post

Haven't posted anything in a while, so following are several weeks' worth of finds:

Lock & Co

Dammit, do all of those hats have to be in my size? PM sent.

Nice haul overall!
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Dig, I'm shocked every time you post one of your "before" photos....well done on the whole transformation!

Picked up a few things...

Pringle long sleeved sweater/shirt...what are these things called?

Gore-tex Country Frey (Lodenfrey)

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Cool, logoless PRL shirt. Heavy and well-made, but made in [some country, not Italy]

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Carrera Limited 5033s

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Vintage Gucci frames (Rx lenses). The flash made them look filthy.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Daks pre-tied bow

Wool blackwatch tie

van Laack tie. Cool? Hideous?

Daks tie, made in Switzerland

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

My personal favorite, an Atkinsons tie.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

Sweet site. I have just entered my Golf thrift fit form this past fall.

In case you forgot it.... (Click to show)

Oh, damn! I didn't see this post. I'd have waited another month rather than lose to plus fours and argyle!

Welcome to the Runway Show!
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Originally Posted by Digmenow View Post

Oh, damn! I didn't see this post. I'd have waited another month rather than lose to plus fours!

No way Dig. You got this in the bag for sure.
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Originally Posted by HansderHund View Post

van Laack tie. Cool? Hideous?

Cool, of course. Who doesn't love a good paisley? Useful color, too.
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Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

No way Dig. You got this in the bag for sure.
Wanna bet? Have you seen some of the others?

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A couple of recent finds: 


Nice Charcoal Canali staple suit - 2 button (keeping) 




Super thick Ricci Luxury Tie 



RRL Western Shirt - XL


Pendleton Riding Jacket - 40



PRL Fair Isle Handknit - N/A

Sweet, heavy ass Pendleton Shacket - L 

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