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I have always found that a very odd ad scheme.
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That campaign was running up until just a few years ago. I remember Bob Costas was one of the models.
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You gonna wear that Hathaway with an eye patch?
Aaaar, matey.
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Page 5. Argh... I've been slacking off lately too. Picked up a Chester Barrie for Austin Reed glen plaid 2-button suit today, looks to be in perfect shape. The pants are pretty short. I will measure it up later. Flat front pants, semi narrow lapels, full canvas of course. Don't even know what size it is but it's somewhere around 38-40ish. $12.sth
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Nothing too exciting. Picked up a Bobby Jones royal blue polo shirt for $4, almost new condition. Oh, and a paperback reading copy of Forester's Flying Colours. All the Austin Reed suits I see are made in USA for Parisian department store. *sigh* Thrift store gripe: Some great condition Gucci ties were on sale for $15. What's up with that highway robbery? This is a privately owned thrift chain. I need to stick to Salvation Army, I guess.
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speaking of ties, i picked up 2 robert talbotts, 1 jhane barnes, and a (drum roll) pierre cardin. oh also a wool knit tie by pendleton. something like $2-3/ea. don't ask me why i got them. i never wear ties. also found a kinda cool zippered mock turtleneck by 'bachrach'. it has a pocket on the sleeve and those kindof nylon-ish patches on the top of the shoulders, i guess it's military inspired. couple sportcoats that fit perfectly, no fancy brand (dominic d'bruzza), but pretty nice material. going to pick up my shoes saturday (see previous post), can't wait. ...i forgot to mention, the black AE 'Austin', that's a wholecut shoe. no broguing, just two smooth leather size 13's.
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Picked up a Ermenegildo Zegna Soft suit today... I like it, but I am trying to decide whether to have it altered to fit me, or sell it to some lucky soul who it might fit better. Pants would need to be let out about 1.5 inches (there is plenty of room) . Sleeves are probably 1/4" long. Anything else you can see? (yeah I know - the shirt sucks. I'm working on that. Sorry) And a detail of the fabric.
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(braces himself for the inevitable ridicule)
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(braces himself for the inevitable ridicule)
Nope, none from me. Jon.
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Shirt sucks.   The suit works.   Yesterday I picked up a Nicky tie, green with woven narrow yellow and blue stripes. Very nice.
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(braces himself for the inevitable ridicule)
i am transfixed by your power-tented fingers. like a deer in the headlights. i know i must run, but i just stand and watch. anyway, like the jacket. /andrew ***edit: hard to tell, but does it seem a little loose around the waist? and the shoulders seem to be pooching out just a bit, but that may be a product of your slightly raised arms.
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oh, before i forget, yesterday i found a norman hilton jacket, grey with stripes. pick stitching all over the place. massive roll on the lapel. there's a dormeuil jacket at the store that i wish fit me - a great blue patterned fabric, SB 2b PEAK lapel (hard to find those at the thrift), skirt kindof flared a bit. just too darn small, ZUT ALORS. maybe i could flip it on ebay - how much would a dormeuil sportcoat sell for? the label has 'TISSU' in small block letters above the 'Dormeuil' script. /andrew
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i am transfixed by your power-tented fingers. like a deer in the headlights. i know i must run, but i just stand and watch.
power tent. heh.
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This thread was so hard to find I had to call in the big guns to locate it. A shameful thing for thrifters everywhere. Today at a usually poor producing thrift store was a Dunhill tie and an Atkinsons repp stripe (all silk rather than their silk/wool "Irish Poplin"). Also included in the picture below is a recent acquisition, a striped Nicky tie from a consignment store. Total for all three was about $8, retail would be in the $300-$400 range. (pardon the shadow in the hastily snapped picture, Nicky, Dunhill, Atkinsons, l to r)
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Look, I can't keep the thread going myself. Y'all are finding stuff, I know you are. J, we need a list of your latest Chester Barrie findings. Today I discovered a new (to me) thrift shop off the beaten path. Ties were awful, but I picked up a couple of shirts (Brooks, Land's End, nothing to write home about). But the big strike was the pristine Norman Hilton charcoal and white herringbone tweed sport coat for $3.88, thankfully marked down from it's original price of $4.88. It's got the classic three-button roll to two. If I'm really motivated I might replace the somewhat worn leather sleeve buttons, but otherwise the thing looks like it just came new from the shop. I don't know what it would have sold for as Hilton was defunct for several years, but I see that Ben Silver currently sells their NH blazer for $995. Surely equal if not superior to the J Press tweeds that sold this past season for $495. Not bad, if I do say so myself.
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