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I feel this is a pretty good bargain.
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Originally Posted by 330CK View Post

In my excitement, I forgot these:
Very nice condition BB USA-made dirty/sandy bucks 11D
IMG_2008.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
If no one else has asked, I'll put some dibs on these. PM to follow.

Originally Posted by Patrologia View Post

hi all. I've been on hiatus for several weeks now (only way I can get my current project finished is to pretend the thrift thread doesn't even exist shog[1].gif ). When confronted with a need, however, I come slinking back.
I took a bit of a spill on my bike Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
(bicycle, not motorcycle) last weekend, and it looks like I'm going to be on crutches for quite a while, and probably use a cane for a while after that. Very deeply bruised hip - can't put any weight on it to speak of. For crutches I'm content to go with functional ugly (every choice I've made for the last week or so has been totally functional, screw style), but once I move to a cane, I'd like to try to move away from tubular metal. I can probably get something half way decent locally if it comes to that, but if any of you see a really sharp cane at thrifting prices, please think of me. Probably not the kind of thing we'd normally pick up, but maybe someone will see a nice one. I'm definitely off the thrifting circuit for a little while.
As for measurement, it would need to be at least 35" and a 36 might be better. Afterall, if it is a little long, I can cut off the end. Can't do anything for a piece of wood that's too short. Since it isn't just an affectation, it would need to be sturdy. If you put your weight on it and are a little scared, it probably isn't a good candidate - leave it for next years Halloween rush!
Keep up the good work guys (and please PM me if you find anything, I probably will need to go back off reading cause this chapter isn't going to revise itself)!
EDIT: Oh, yeah, I know the rule is pics or it didn't happen, but I'm not posting pics of my tri-color bare butt, hip, and way too far around to the front on the internet. biggrin.gif

Bummer. I'll keep an eye out but mostly I see the basic black/bronze corner pharmacy variety.

Originally Posted by concealed View Post

Yeah, if you have an even more quiet tie, like a navy pin dot, that would be better.


Meanwhile, odd that I've never noticed Cooper flight wear here before and the day I find one, there's a leather A-2 posted a couple of hours back!

Here's what I found. I bought it for my son in law but he wears his denim below his belly and it felt too short to him. I told him to pull his pants up to his waist but ...youth! Whatcha gonna do? It fit him in the shoulders and looked good around his considerable belly but it is definitely waist length.

Available but plan on wearing a cool belt because it will be visible from time to time.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Also, Cooper has apparently been replaced as the supplier to the USAF for these by a company called Cockpit.

Here's a link to them.

All Cotton 100 Mission A2 Flight Jacket

Oh yeah. When I got home and went through the pockets, I found these black silk(?)/poly(?) glove liners. I will not be returning to the store to inform them that they sold them to me in the jacket.

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This week

Allen Edmonds made in Italy

Vintage pink Brooks Brothers oxford, fits like a circus tent

Off-white Brioni french cuff shirt

Emerald-ish Lorenzini

Awesome Paul Stuart flannel (made in Italy, who made it?)
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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

Awesome Paul Smith flannel (made in Italy, who made it?)

*stuart but nice find

also posted this in the wrong thread earlier
Sort of thrift fit I am off to cut down our Christmas tree everything is thrifted except Casio and Apc which were from barrel who recently accurately described my style as "euro young republican"

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Originally Posted by Ian Erickson View Post

*stuart but nice find

whoops thanks
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Originally Posted by los_face View Post

First every Barbour find and doubt I will ever top this (unless the next one fits). 75th Anniversary Limited Edition Barbour International size 44, no belt. Had no idea what it was when I first picked it up but having done a bit of googling found that it was only in US J Crew stores for a limited time (winter 2010) and only 75 of each size were made in this particular style. Bay

Hard to believe that this was found in the burbs of Toronto as we didn't have JCrew until earlier this year.

Dixie & Dundas? If so I hate you wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Towers View Post

Dixie & Dundas? If so I hate you wink.gif

That VV is MINE. So everyone better back off. fight[1].gif

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Went back for the nettletons. The worst 2 were gone picked up the wingtips. Aswell as some bb gf polos.
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Thanks for the input Spoo!


Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

$75 or so. Well done.


Went out today for a bit and got the following:

Polo RL Hiking pants? Mint condition must have never been worn.



Chaps RL - Polyester but I liked the design and colour


Some pocket squares:


Samuelson trousers - mint hardly worn if ever.



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Originally Posted by Randomore View Post

Went back for the nettletons. The worst 2 were gone picked up the wingtips.

Size? Dibs if 9.5
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Originally Posted by Towers View Post

Dixie & Dundas? If so I hate you wink.gif

The Barbour is from a spot in Oakville but everything else in my post except for the Orvis are from that intersection...

Originally Posted by Fueco View Post

I remember that Patagonia pattern. Late 90s... I worked at REI from 95 to '97. It'll see if condition is good.

I'm a big fan of Patagonia gear and a big fan of vintage, domestically made items but I hate their snap t pullover (which this one is) and find it hilarious that this one (because of it's funky pattern) will sell for more than a brand new model!
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Anybody familiar with vintage Nunn Bush, Made in Italy? Found some really nice and soft black balmorals in 9D that fit me very well, so unavailable.  On a tangent, it's very strange to look at my shoe collection and see the range of sizes: 9C, 9D, 9.5C, 10A, 10B.  Is that excessive?  They all fit pretty similarly with a fluctuation of a centimeter or so in the toe length.  Over the past couple of years from changing my running style my arches have strengthened, and I'm thinking my feet have *shrunk* rather than stretched, as the shoes that are fitting me best now are smaller than they were before.  It would be nice to know that I'm not a freak -- has this happened to anyone else?


Also picked up a few shirts, all 15.5-16x33  -- Pink, CT, GB, but all going to my father for his bday.  Oh, and a nice J Press tie I'm up for trading.  I have to get some photos up, as usual...




Originally Posted by DeadBoy View Post

Since this is like the only thread I post to, I thought I'd solicit some advice here. Got a job interview tomorrow and am trying to decide on a shirt/tie combo. Anyone care to give thoughts on either of the ones below?

To confirm, the first one with a more conservative tie.  Navy pindot comes to mind.  I might focus on cooler rather than warmer colors, though.


Originally Posted by Randomore View Post

First time finding a shoe haul. Left shell nettletons in 3 diff styles. But did get bb made in England bucs bb I think shell loafers New prl bucs and nib hm leather chukkas for myself. Will post pics soon. All but the chukkas are avail and size 8 1/2 I think
Originally Posted by hooker4186 View Post

Size? Dibs if 9.5


A minute too late! censored.gif(though probably useless for me unless narrower anyway...).  I  <3  my Nettleton saddles, they would like company.



P.S.  Patrologia, best wishes, man.  I hope you have a better than imaginable recovery.

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Here is the Pendleton finds from the w/e...

Sir Pendleton Black-watch size Medium recent but has one small issue..

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I didn't notice it has a hole in the collar...

It's not as noticeable as in the picture, and since the collar is button down it can be flipped.

Recent Topman Limited Edition Coat Size Large

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Vintage Workshirt. Tagged Large but it looks like it runs on the small side...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

And my last Pendleton find..this baller vintage winter coat tagged 40R

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I also picked this up a few weeks ago and never posted pix...

Vintage Banana Republic Coat...Made in Italy, Tagged Large

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Everything is looking for a new home...and I'm always open to trades.
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Catside said that this should be a brag - well IF they are shell. Paging capnwes! Hoping these are shell! For $23, if they're shell, I'll send them on to AE for recrafting to have a gem of a shoe! If they're calf, i'll have them resoled by a local guy and have some cool looking knockarounds with some character!


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Not sure if those are shell or not. They kinda don't look like it, but you'll need to post better pictures of the toe box in order to tell definitively.
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