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found this the other day, .99 cents so though it was worth the risk of fakery

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Went out yesterday for a quick run before heading home, nothing brag-worthy.  A Ralph by RL microcheck suit, dibbed, and a nice no-name 4 roll 3 beige + olive + brown houndstooth SC that fits me very well, but unfortunately the colors wash me out a little.  I might put it up for trade / at-cost if I can't make it work.  Mega-recent Canali double-vented pinstripe orphan; may go back again to see if I find matching pants. 


On a tangent, this is the second time when out thrifting I've tried to give helpful fit advice to reasonably well-dressed people buying for themselves.  A kid 2 sizes smaller than me thinking of having tailored a nice 3-piece I passed on for being too big for me, and then someone else shorter than me with a jacket whose top button came to my belt line... I tried to be polite and useful, but it was cringe-worthy, since they both ignored my advice and purchased at higher-than-(standard)-thrift prices.  Sigh.



Thrift (+ Discount) Fit (Click to show)

Probably going to get the left sleeve taken up a tad.





SC: Corneliani - from Brianpore

Shirt: Corneliani ID - from GMMcL (arrived yesterday!)

Shoes: Hanover shell saddles - from Tonylumpkin

PS: no-name, from C21

Sweater: Express, semi-annual sale  90% off

Pants: Perry Ellis shog[1].gif, from local discount store

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GMMcL, wtf.  Seriously.  icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

OK, boys. Here we go. (40R dudes: You're going to want to get at me. And then be patient as I crumble under the flood of PMs)
7+ stores today (lost count). Several hundred dollars spent. Then again, several firsts/lifers. So...
Up first, a handful of squares. All hand-rolled, no name brands. Likely keeping.
Next: Ties
Ricci, Ricci, Zegna textured (I'd say grenadine, but I know I'd be wrong), NWT Vineyard Vines -- All available
Charvet, Gucci, Hermes and in the front: UNLINED, SKINNY, VINTAGE BRIONI in midnight blue tonic with silver dots -- All available
Woven silk (I think?), Zegna (KEEPING THESE)
I don't always buy Cole Hahns...

But when I do, they're mint condition suede, USA made with welted and sewn sole. (8D, though, so available -- preferably to trade for suede in my size)
Jcrew Haberdash, Paul Smith, Brioni
Harvie & Hudson tux, Charvet NWOT, BBGF, BB purple label
The flat front trousers:
NWT PRL (thought they were Italy, they're not; they're Malaysia. frown.gif So keeping). Zegna super recent, RLPL black cords, Canali, Tom James (keeping), Hiltl (likely keeping)
But GMMcL: Does it get better?
Corneliani (from earlier in the week), PRL by Corneliani (exploring trade now, so temporarily unavailable) and ....

Better... (Click to show)
But freaked if it isn't 40R (50R EU). So wish it were my size.
Look at the lining on the Corneliani:
Again, this is 40R
But GMMcL: Does it get BETTER?
Eff you. But yes.
Sport coats:
Boglioli, Brooks Bros Made in Italy, mystery guest
But GMMcL: Does it GET BETTER? Read 'em and Weep (Click to show)
Brooks Bros is dual vented, ticket pocket, throat latch AND LORO PIANA FABRIC
AND Boglioli is cashmere blend.
BUT GMMcL: DOES IT GET BETTER?? Yes. Yes it does. Reveal: Mystery guest (Click to show)
100% hand-made. I've never seen this much handwork. Feels like cashmere, too, though there is no material tag (not surprisingly). Very good condtion, though a few of the seams need attention. Fits like a 42R. But it's not my style, so available.
Oh yeah: And a case of CFL lights for less than $0.50 per bulb. Should have bought 3 cases.
So, on my "found by me in the wild at prices I'd be willing to pay" life list I've done: Zegna higher end (su misura, etc.), Brioni, Loro Piana (hey, it was a women's polo but it freaking counts!), RLPL, Attolini, and now true Savile Row and Isaia.
Hey Kiton: I'm coming for YOU!

Edit: The passes were many and varied -- mostly due to price. But I did see alligator belts for the first time. Three of them. One of which was Trafalgar. But the store knew what it had and priced accordingly.



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And on a serious note (the following facts and images are real), a bit of investigation reveals "Spoo & Son" to be a trad men's clothing store that had at least a couple of locations in Wisconsin. Here are a vintage business card and matchbook cover...



1000     1000

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Cole Haan Nike Air driving loafers. NWOB. My size so unavailable.
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Originally Posted by 46n2 View Post

Got these Fratelli Rossetti's today...I don't know how to tell if they are real alligator or what. Anyone know how to tell? Call in Spoominator ?

Real croc. They look recent and nice!
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GMMcL geez man... Freaking haul
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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

Woven silk (I think?), Zegna (KEEPING THESE)

Those are knit- woven silk is normal tie fabric, like the tie on the right of that shot. And the checkerboard one is seriously cool.
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Originally Posted by IrateCustomer View Post

Okay, since we discussed possible bleeding from using The Method, I wanted to post some findings. I put three dress shirts (blue and pink), and one old tee shirt (red) in the bucket for a soak in Oxyclean over night. The red from the tee shirt bled and ruined two dress shirts that came into contact with the fabric. The tee shirt has been washed many times under normal washing conditions, not delicate, so I thought it would be fine there.
I would use like colors, or avoid tee shirts altogether. I soaked the tee shirt since it had some stains that didn't come out in the wash.


When I do "The Method" I generally add some TSP to the mix.  About one of the "small" oxyclean scoop full.  I have City sewage which filters phosphates out, so I wouldn't recommend it at all if you have a septic system or country bumkin sewage (as it will cause algae bloom) but it helps.


It also is quite base which will make the sodium percarbonate work better.


I have taken to purchasing chemicals bulk, mixing them, and using them as needed.  And I've come to the conclusion that Oxyclean is a "technical" rip off.  From it's MDMS its about 50% Sodium Percarbonate (Oxygen Bleach) and 50% soda ash (cleaning agent and base) or there about.  Since oxygen bleach works better in strongly base environments adding soda ash would make sense.


But when I mix up a vat to my standards (Fill a bucket with 2 Gal hot water adding 1 small oxyclean scoop TSP to 2 scoops soda ash.  Mix to precipitate minerals in water.  Then add 3 scoops percarbonate and mix with a long plastic thingy I have but be careful, if you get this solution on your hands you will flake for about week - it pays to have that bottle of Vinegar {acid} nearby a-la "Fight Club" to counteract) but I get nearly no foaming.  A little hissing when I mix, much like mixing a soda, but no "action" foaming.  Only after I add shirts does it bubble but then it usually lifts the shirts out of the water (and for that I have a second bucket filled with clean tiles and bricks to keep them under) which makes me believe that there is an agent which causes Oxyclean to foam.  That is a waste of good bleaching oxygen.


My stuff comes out just as clean as with half (or even 1/10 considering what the method was introduced as) of the Oxyclean and twice the luster of the old way.  Logic dictates that any agent which causes foaming in a percarbonate solution does so by introducing nucleation sites - I would assume from an additional, unlisted and low concentration additive which causes you to use MORE product to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen which actively bleaches your clothing.  Not a bad thing for Oxyclean Corp.


Granted, with shipping buying from Chemistrystore.com is not always cheaper.  Haven't done a pound per pound analysis yet, but since I buy 5 of the 2lb containers at any given time it is generally fresher than the 20 lb tub my ex bought me from Costco last year and percarbonate does not last long exposed to moisture-laden air. Also, I "cross-train" since a small scoop of soda ash and TSP to your wash will allow you to use less detergent if you have a top loading washer and make your clothes come out much, much cleaner - particularly if you use well-water (but are on sewage system).  And I've had my tubs forever.  Just make sure your clothing goes in AFTER it fills or you risk tie dying some clothing.


But, I'm a bit anal and also add Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate to my 2-hour vinegar soak.  Have to wear gloves because 2-3 tbsp of that in 2 gallons will really strip the oils from your hands.  Add just before the bucket is full.  It foams. A lot.  Soaking something in vinegar and ALS is very aggressive on many organic water-soluble stains which are generally not removed from dry-clean only items during dry cleaning.  Rinse with (lots of) water and hang dry.  Usually no problems.


Just remember to add 3/4 to 1.25 cups vinegar to every rinse cycle of laundry you ever do and it will keep your washing machine clean and neutralize any residual TSP, soda ash or percarbonate and make your dinner taste twice as good.


Just my 2-cents.

Edited by pfhtrad - 11/30/12 at 9:23pm
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^ Forgot to mention, TSP prevents re-adhesion of whatever gets dissolved in solution, like color, on fabric.  Keeps dirt and other stuff in solution to be rinsed away.  That's why with water (a detergent by itself) you always start from the bottom when washing walls.

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^^^ holy crap ^^^

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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post

Those are knit- woven silk is normal tie fabric, like the tie on the right of that shot. And the checkerboard one is seriously cool.

Correct. Sorry. In the crush of the post, I mis-spoke. shog[1].gif
Originally Posted by Randy View Post

^^^ holy crap ^^^

Thanks, dudes. It was a good day.
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Just want to thank everyone that contributes to this thread. I finally got around to listing a couple of my thrift(ish) finds on the bay. Lets see how this goes....
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Originally Posted by pfhtrad View Post

When I do "The Method" I generally add some TSP to the mix.  . . . but then it usually lifts the shirts out of the water (and for that I have a second bucket filled with clean tiles and bricks to keep them under) . . .

Just remember to add 3/4 to 1.25 cups vinegar to every rinse cycle of laundry you ever do

This was a cool, helpful post. Two questions:
1. Why not just fill that second bucket with water? That's what I do.
2. Do you still do the vinegar soak/add vinegar to your laundry even when you have the real MOP buttons? I've always chickened out.
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