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Some recent finds:


First, items available for trade:


A Southwick for Homer Reed (menswear store in Denver) partially lined gray herringbone tweed coat, AVAILABLE (roughly a 38-40 R/L, will send measurements upon request):


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




A close-up of the (horn) buttons and tweed pattern:





A John Varvatos (not USA) wool/cashmere/silk blend vest, the color is chocolate, it's washed out in the picture, AVAILABLE (size M):



An Ascot Chang white dress shirt, AVAILABLE (not sized, but it's a larger/longer size 15, will send measurements upon request):



A Canali light blue striped dress shirt, AVAILABLE (size 16/41):



Then some items I picked up for myself (not available):


A pair of Shipley & Halmos black chinos (not available):



A pair of unis (not available):



A pair of G-Star jeans (not available):



A pair of Levi's 501 (not available):



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


made in USA, selvedge





A William & George shirt (not available);



A Goldpfeil briefcase (not available)--was missing the strap, but otherwise in good condition:



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


clearly rather old, but in very good shape considering its age:




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Originally Posted by grendel View Post

That's pretty sick. I can't think of another Raf Simons find in here... 
you kidding me?? la vera is a better find than kiton!! wow!
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I'm looking to buy some pants for the winter, if anyone has any to sell. Moleskins or chinos that are thick enough for winter, don't want cords. Looking for something that doesn't have a low rise and has buttons on back pockets, in brown, stone and khaki (I'll buy multiples if you have more than one of those colors). Looking for size 32" waist.

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Okay, so some of you mar-farkers have rubbed off some of that tasty thrift karma on Mr. Customer. I've been looking for something like this for six months, especially for winter. I pulled an impromptu stop at a small SA near work and came across this awesomeness:

Ohhhhhh yeah... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Even though I wear a 10, these fit really good. They have hardly any wear on the soles, and just some very minor nicks on one of the heals. Look, I understand you big city ballers see this stuff all the time, but here in the sweaty taint of California, Allen Edmonds is like you guys finding Lobb's. So, with that, I hope this spreads a little bit more thrifting karma someone else out there.

Happy All Hallow's Eve.
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Originally Posted by Greg613 View Post

What am I wearing? I am glad you asked. They are only a pair of sweet sealskin boots courtesy of Face of Boh. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Now I just have to figure out what to wear them with. I am thinking dark jeans and a PETA shirt.

Thank you Face of Boh, you are the man.

Are they steel-toed? Would be great for kicking carts or PETA activists.
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Originally Posted by pnutpug View Post

Are they steel-toed? Would be great for kicking carts or PETA activists.

Or kicking carts at PETA activists. Could be an event at the Thrift Games.

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Had a serious heartbreaker today - a very recent pair of Loro Piana (mainline) khakis in a size 50 with about 6 stains and a tear in the crotch ffffuuuu.gif


Any size 10s interested in a pair of Church's custom grade opera pumps (at non thrift prices)? They couldn't have been worn more than once but weren't stored properly - there are two or 3 creases in the patent leather of the right shoe, again ffffuuuu.gif

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Picked this tie up and was wondering, is it a Grenadine?

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Hard on the seal skins, here's another entry in exotic skin, from the Great White North:
NOS Florsheim Imperials from their exotic leathers Caravan Collection in shark skin, size 7.5 D. Still has the tag on the sole: $88!
I posted a photo from the floor of a VV with these awhile ago but never picked them up. This past weekend's shark skin action on luxe swap - and some prompting from a fellow SF thrifter - made me go out and buy them.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Also picked up an SF approved tie, probably destined for the Secret Santa, so will not share it.
This whole Secret Santa thing is fantastic except buying for someone else makes me nervous and I'm second guessing all my ideas.
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Originally Posted by IrateCustomer View Post

So, basically this?

That would work. I had something like this in mind:

Originally Posted by concealed View Post

first Kiton (7fold) and some nice charcoal flannels for me

Awesome find!!
Originally Posted by tben View Post

Interested to see this.

I am also curious what you pay for THESE. Disregard this statement or pm if you'd like. I find that everything Drakes at the Last Call by me is incredibly over-priced, even with the additional discounts. However, I passed on several T&A ties last time I went, I believe in the $33-40 range, because they did not seem to move. I am sure that was a mistake, but I am not sweating it. I have never really found items that I could move there. Sure, great discounts for self purchase, but not for selling purposes.

I had a bunch of luck at NM Last Call. When there was an extra sale, I found Drakes for $20-30. I picked them up for myself. I grabbed one Drakes and one Charvet for resale. The Charvet was $10 with tax. A few pulls, but certainly wearable.
Originally Posted by barrelntrigger View Post

I'm surprised they don't have test stations there.

They test all of the electronics they sell. They give you a certificate that it works along with a short warranty period (30 or 60 days). Anything tested that doesn't work is recycled unless it is something of value or could be used for parts (i.e. a recent iMac).

I only grabbed a pair of shoe trees today, so nothing too special. I do, however, have a 4 day weekend as tomorrow is a holiday (and most have or take Friday off). I'll probably try to get caught up on both work and eBay stuff, but not tonight. What's that mean?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Has anyone heard from Brianpore?? Spoo?? I hope everyone over there is getting things cleaned up and safe.
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I got a message from Spoo earlier this morning (PDT), he seems to be doing fine.
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Originally Posted by rms340 View Post

Picked this tie up and was wondering, is it a Grenadine?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Dont think so,,,

since this comes up a lot, see below for reference- can see the openness of the weave if you zoom in (if the zoom works on this one):






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I found this vintage Brooks Brothers suit last Saturday. At least I think it's a vintage BB; can anyone help?


It's a 2B charcoal herringbone, half lined, in great condition except for loose threads in an arm hole that should be easy to repair.











Now here's the only clue that it might be a vintage BB. The left inside pocket has a tag that's completely faded but the right inside pocket has this:





Aside from this tag, the "professional dry cleaning only" tag next to it (which seems unusually clean and bright), and the faded tag in the other pocket, there's no other labels or markings whatsoever.


Is this typical of vintage BB suits? Or is it some kind of fake that everyone knows about except me? Like I said, the suit shows almost no signs of wear whatsoever so I'm a bit suspicious. But hell -- it looks great.

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Nice pick ups. I have been trying to put a routine together. Also keeping things hidden from my wife as she did not like the junk that I initially purchased during my initiation period. baldy[1].gif

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I passed on a very very old Dunn & Co Harris Tweed blazer. I believe it was 10-15. I don't think I've ever seen a HT label like this one. I believe the blazer was made in scotland .




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