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So I just got home,

And this is crazy,

The streak continues,

Five of the same t...


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I'm starting to think you don't like me, Abed. frown.gif
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Back from Japan. First day thrifting in two weeks. Seriously an addiction, I was having withdrawals. Today definitely fed the craving even though I found nothing. Oh well.

I only saw two thrift stores while in Japan and the two I saw were in the Chiba prefixture, so not near the big city area like Shinjuku where we were staying. Unfortunately I saw them from the train going 60+ MPH. No chance to stop. I did manage to find a consignment/resale shop to swing into, Nothing like the consignment shops here at all. Chock full of amazing stuff, many labels I've seen for the first time in person. No junk at all. Pictured is just a tiny sampling of what they had. Didn't have time to look too long as I was on the way to meet a old school friend and didn't want to be late so there was likely some insane stuff I didn't even see. Prices were up there but definitely cheaper than retail. A decent amount of NWT stuff too. Prices were about 70-80% of retail. Tiny sizes though, nothing came close to fitting me. frown.gif Women's section was about 1/2 of the men's section! So different than the US!

Not really a find, but I thought some of you may like to see what a consignment shop on the other side of the world has to offer. Thrift/discount related, but I will spoiler the photos. Click if you want to check them out. smile.gif

Up to the 6th Floor...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Men's section

Some familiar names:

This was cool:

First time seeing these in person:

This was a suit. Super cool. Would rock it if it were my size,,,

and some more...

A few stores down was this:

and kiddy-corner from it was this:

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Welcome home, Nat! ^
Originally Posted by eazye View Post

Gloverall made in England duffel coat, navy with a blackwatch lining, and the best part, my size!!!! This is in MINT condition and possibly even never worn. I will add this to the other two duffel coats I own. I

This is incredible, congratulations.

Originally Posted by acosbysweater View Post

Just a couple old, interesting things I picked up today.  Pretty sure the Versaysee is authentic, just old.

Correct! About '98 or so.
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Originally Posted by staxringold View Post

Then what (I think) is the real gem of the trip. Paul Stuart SC! Great pattern, IMO. 70/30 silk/wool blend. Can someone help me with advice on how to measure a jacket for sizing? The tag has just 4_ on it for size.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Samuelsohn makes the Made in Canada stuff for Paul Stuart, and that is a Samuelsohn tag. I've never seen a Samuelsohn with that type gorge before, and considering the shape, size, and model name, that must be a women's jacket. It should be very well made, but virtually impossible to move.
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Originally Posted by SimonC View Post

I can't decide if I love these or hate these. I guess you need to send them to me so I can decide. biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by mexicutioner View Post

the first time you (finally) drive to goodwill to re-donate the giant, soul-crushing, closet-eating pile of orphaned suit jackets, old canali proposta, triple-pleated zanellas and moth-eaten oxxford that nobody wants to buy or trade you for, your opinion might change.
it happens to everybody once they've been on the thread for a while.


No Orphans - No exceptions!  Would you purchase one shoe?

Originally Posted by JackFlash View Post


In the beginning it helps to be conservative. Only take home slam dunks. When you learn more you can take home more. 

+1 - Condition, condition, condition. 

Originally Posted by catside View Post

Now that Hickey Freeman owner HartMax is bankrupt, and the suitors are groups that previously bought brands and moved production abroad, should we start stocking up made in USA hickey freemans in case they go up in value?
GMMcl didn't you work for HartMax at one point?

Sad to see this. Tells you how difficult this market / industry is and how difficult it is to run a company. Hope that they come out of it and keep the operations in the US, my guess is that someone will buy the name and discount the quality.,0,3547812.story



Originally Posted by Evil Abed View Post

So I just got home,

And this is crazy,

The streak continues,

Five of the same t...



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The Canali I found on Wed seems to have poked a few holes in the dam, as the thrifting is flowing again. I had a good day today. At least I think I did. You guys let me know.

This is the Canal Milano SC. Are jetted-only pockets really that looked down upon?
42.5L in US, so I have to check with my brother to see if he wants it before making it available.

Just the tag... (Click to show)

Hickey-Freeman with Loro Piana Tazmanian S130. 44R Madison and available.

A Southwick blazer. Hey, something that fits me! Well, close anyway. It was labeled a 38 by the store, but could be considered a 40, depending on how tight you like it. No sizing label in the pocket, just one that looks like MTM. I think I can make it work. NA for now.

Tag again... *yawn* (Click to show)

From Rochester to Seattle and back to Rochester, a Hickey-Freeman blazer with St. George buttons. It's MTM, but is about a 42L. Again, bro has dibs for now. Looks like hand-sewn buttonholes and overall very nice.

Gee, I wonder what this is... (Click to show)

I picked this up a little while ago, but haven't bothered to take a photo until now. I haven't really considered this style to be my thing, but I figure I should own at least one Madras since they are so iconic. NA for now.

And speaking of Orvis, I had to grab these. That has led to some items I probably shouldn't have purchased because what I think is interesting isn't necessarily what sells, but I think I did good this time. Yes? No? And yeah, they are quite substantial. Fully lined to the hems. 32/34 and available. As awesome as I think they are, I would suffer heat stroke in them, so available.

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Originally Posted by Mox C View Post

Is this a good HF label? I can't recall. Passed on it recently because I thought it was an HF diffusion line for some reason.
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Originally Posted by IrateCustomer View Post

Originally Posted by Apollotrader View Post

I am a strictly non-denominational trader.

Trades? Anybody?

Can't you just have the initials pulled? It's just thread right?

I suppose it could be done, they are fantastic shirts, worn 5-10 times each max. No visible wear. I just thought it would make an awesome gift if anyone had a pal with RCC initials.

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Kinda slow today...


Found this one burried in a laundry basket with a bunch of shitty ties. Almost picked up a self-tipped XMI (pattern and fell was modern).

Anyway, this needs the keeper sewn back on and theres a couple of snags, so its gonna stay in my collection or I might get it doctored up and give it to someone as a gift haha.


Billy Reid shirts dont appear to do well on eBay. Most I saw was 40-something. Anyway, this one is Safari styled so it might do better.


Setwell Suit Hangers in one $.99



Versace Classic V2 Wool/Cashmere 1-Button Sport Coat in a Wine color.


Robert Graham bullshit for eBay...hopefully ill make enough to continue feeding my addiction.



Florsheim Imperial Longwings in Dark Brown...V-cleats. So glad this fit me.

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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Is this a good HF label? I can't recall. Passed on it recently because I thought it was an HF diffusion line for some reason.
Main label for a while. The fill-in-the-blank label is a custom order, I believe. I've seen a outer label with the word "Bespoke" on it, but everything I've seen says that's just a MTM level. They also have that fill-in-the-blank inner label.

There is a white label that's only half-canvased, but it usually has "Ltd" on it.

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Oh...and the brand porn I promised earlier to all the selvedge sluts...

Sorry guys, it aint available...gotta pay rent...






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^^ Killer find but holy shit is that a small waist!!
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Oh, and this was said to be on a Lindsey model that's also half-canvased.

I really hope they don't shut down the factory. I remember my grandmother working there from the late 40's to the late 70's.
(Ok, I don't remember the late 40's or 50's part...)
Apparently she specialized in buttonholes and worked on a suit for President Johnson. I have some of her chalk and thread.
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