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Originally Posted by Vintage Leather View Post

The two George Wright pieces are etchings - the black lines were carved into copper, and then printed on paper. They were then probably hand painted.
"show your etchings" is a very old joke.
Amidox was in reference to the name on the shirt collar. If you want to remove it, or if you see similar in the future it might be worth the effort. It doesn't do as well on old stains, and it depends on how much work you want to put into flipping. In my area, a lot of thrifts have marks from Last Call and Off Fifth on the tags - Amodex is really useful for that.

Very cool, thank you for the info. Now that I look at them closely, it does look like watercolor. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Mid-terms are eating up all of my time and since the thrifts are all on my route to school, and sadly, I'm still picking.


I can't stop, I think I have a problem.


Anyway, couple things of interest, save the best for last.


Looking to move these - they came for free.  5 Charvet Shirts, tagged 40-42.  French cuffs are worn, collars are a bit ratty.  Bodies good, armpits good and they still have all of their MOP Buttons.


Yours for the price of shipping.  Seriously.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






Polo Shorts.  Size 32.  Nothing Special, came with the last lot.  Yours for the price of shipping.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Ok.  Meat and Potatoes.  All Available.  But not free.


Size 52 Brunello Cucinelli for Bergdorf Goodman Red Cable Knit Sweater.  Soft.  Nice.  Cucinelli.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Men's Size 44 Ballantyne Cashmere Cardigan.  Needs some Woolite and a brush or two with a sweater stone but darn is this thing nice.  Fits like a 44 and the waist and cuffs are tight on me. 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






Now, looking for some help.  Linen Shirt.  Really nice, powder blue and khaki check on white, buttons nothing special.  Never heard of the maker/designer and Google has been fruitless (except saying he's a Men's wear designer)  Could this be an Italian locally produced item? Has a spot of marker on the collar and I'm fresh out of Carbona from a pair of wool NWOT RRL's that still processing.


Darn Salvation Army people go crazy with them markers, I need to buy stock in Carbona now.


Shirt by Roberto Biagini, Size L



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Oh.  And these.  Never quite know what your going to find. Found the maker last week, forget who.  But did you know Lederhosen go for like 350 Euros???  These fit like a stiff leather glove, so I'm keeping and don't expect a thrift fit pick until I'm back in Oberstdorf.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





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I forgot some ties.  Keeping.  I think.  At least the wool ones are getting Vacuum Stored right now.


From Left to Right:


Burberry's Wool (Made in Great Britain)

Burberry's Scottish Woven Wool and Linen (made in Britain)

Breuer Wool

Barney's NY (maker unknown, only other marks say Made in Italy)

Gucci (pretty sure its real, and its old)

and a wild Etro


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








Total: $17.94 at Salvation Army.

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Originally Posted by capnwes View Post it more closely. It was in an antique mall. i discovered it last night while searching for some antique buttons to replace the ones on an overcoat I thrifted. I wish it was in a thrift store for $50 or something....but it wasn't. Still got a decent deal on something I was searching for for 5 years or more.

Aaaah - still that is a grail find for finding out in the wild and not in a dedicated camera shop.

Originally Posted by darkmatter7 View Post

here it is:
unorganized diaries

edit: and about it... the notes are triggered randomly more or less. On most tracks in this set, I just give it a certain probability that a given note in D minor would play (did the same with drums) and then engineered some really long effects chains. I tried to set up an algebra of sorts in a few of them by allowing operations such as addition using some weird stuff... I'm working on organized diaries, in which the tracks will still be randomly generated, but will be indiscernible from human written compositions.

also made this earlier today:
too blue

Very cool! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by eazye View Post

So I had the day off today and spent it on some much needed (thrift)retail therapy. First up a pair of mystery shells. The last letter in the makers name is S. Sorry for the crappy pics, lighting in here is shit today. Can somebody make up a Spoo type signal for Wes????

The heels are nothing special. O' Sullivan. They are used by Mason, Executive Imperial and also as replacement heels, so no help there. How about a pic of the foot beds. Even a piece of the text you can see might help.

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This is a total anomaly and outlier, but I totally would expect this to close at $3k.


They may be obvious, but here are the reasons that make this pair so attractive:

- Classic jean: this pair is apparently from the 40s. It is the most desirable 501 cut as it is a true slim/straight fit

- Fantastic condition: for a pair that is close to 70 years old, there is still a lot of color left in the denim, and there are hardly any wear marks

- Great pics & description: the seller makes it easy to visually very the jean's authenticity and date.

- Common size: opens it up to a lot of buyers for personal use and collecting. These may even be a decent size for the Japanese market


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Some dipstick wants to return a cashmere Pringle sweater he bought from me, total BS case of buyer's remorse, but whatever. Anyway, the funny part in his SNAD case, he stated that he has "serious concerns about the sustainability of this cashmere." Fuck me sideways, guy.
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Nataku -- Do you know anything about a vintage outdoor brand called "Trailwise" from Berkley, CA?
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Sorry, I got halfway through this post and remembered I didn't take measurements yet....


Southwick Flannel Suit 3/2 Flat Front, cuffed


Worumbo Heavy Overcoat



Pimptastic Checker Overcoat (Zero King) How could I leave it behind


Harris Tweed Raglan Overcoat



Loden Frey Overcoat


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Pretty good shoe haul today. Church's custom grade, will need a resole, unless you have two different size legs ! I can't read the size, but they might be 11d. available




AE Colton nice walnut color SZ 10 D available


Brand friggin new Ecco Track II Gore-tex SZ 12 available


Oh! A cool Campagnolo cycling jersey M made in USA available

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Originally Posted by Shiny View Post

S Ferragamo PTB pebble grains. Size 9.5 so they fit! N/A

Just picked up these same shoes in same size but black yesterday lol8[1].gif
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Grabbed this at one of those trade-in places that specialize in the mall A's. Metal buttons, chest pockets - available

And now that Wes has been alerted - these have a V-cleat, but no Florsheim Imperial oval with red/green text inside. Thoughts?

Double french cuff (is that a thing?) on a CT shirt I grabbed a while back. Is there a reason for variable fold back length?
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Originally Posted by 46n2 View Post

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Pics of the finds today.

Belvest chocolate cords. Size 34 temp dibbed.



Dunhill polo size Large, also temp dibbed.




Crappy phone pics don't do these justice.
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^^I have seen this on a few shirts and I believe it is the French cuff equivalent of having a 34/35" sleeve for example.
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