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Jacket only:

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Wes, You're killing it man. BTW I want those shoes!
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Did a quick trip today after a so-so round of golf >,< nothing really that noteworthy - but as it is a quiet saturday night i'll quench my desire to poast.


Brooks Brothers Brown POW Jacket - 43R



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Recent Brooks Brothers – Brown POW

22.5” Chest

25” Sleeve

19.75” Shoulder

31” BoC


Hugo Boss Tweed Blazer (Swiss Made)




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Hugo Boss Tweed – Lambswool made in Switzerland

21” Chest

22” Sleeve

20.5” Shoulder

30” BoC

Burberry's DB Peak Lapel Blazer(?) Dual Vented and Excellent Condition so I grabbed it



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Burberry’s DB POW

21” Chest

25” Sleeve

18.5” Shoulder

30” BoC


And then what I think to be a current Hugo Boss Black Blazer (Linen, Cotton, Poly Blend) 42L BNWT

pick stitching, working cuffs, center vent, checked a few boxes.


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Originally Posted by darkmatter7 View Post

g37s coupe, mt (not thrifted)

humm.. liquid platinum "G" ill raise you 1 i have it in convertible smile.gif
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Couldn't pass these up at $1 a pop at the Brooks Brother guy's house. Also snagged 2 pairs of Diesel jeans. Should make for enough ebay money to pay for the rest of the day thumbs-up.gif (minus the vtg BB coat). In total, bought 54 things today but not enough light left to take pictures....they shall come tomorrow. mwink[1].gif



Hugo Boss TEXAS Straight Leg Jeans

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Tagged Size                          32 x 32
Waist (laid flat)                      15.75"
Inseam (crotch to cuff)            31.00"
Cuff Width (width at cuff)         8.75"
Front Rize (waist to crotch)     10.00"
100% Cotton



Hugo Boss TEXAS Straight Leg Jeans

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Tagged Size                          33 x 32
Waist (laid flat)                      16.00"
Inseam (crotch to cuff)            30.75"
Cuff Width (width at cuff)         9.00"
Front Rize (waist to crotch)     10.00"
100% Cotton



7 For All Mankind Bootcut Jeans

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Tagged Size                          33
Waist (laid flat)                      16.75"
Inseam (crotch to cuff)            33.25"
Cuff Width (width at cuff)         9.00"
Front Rize (waist to crotch)     9.25"
100% Cotton


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Originally Posted by FaceOfBoh View Post

1978 Ford F-150 Ranger

Dude! I used to have one of these laugh.gif not a ranger, but same color and year
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So, the finds from the past week (not including the most recent Brunello Cucinelli for Bergdorf Goodman sweater (red, cable-knit cotton crewneck labeled 52 and available) which I forgot to photograph).


All Available


Patagonia Super-Thick Military type sweater, OD Green and shoulder Patches



BB Hong Kong Gray Lambswool, Large



Giorgio Armani Made in Italy Wool (98%)/Silk (2%) Roll-neck in Medium with little blue and brown flor-de-lis ?? design?  Is this good Armani?



I have a feeling this was a mistake.  Linen/Silk Zenga sweater, XL



Lambswool V-Neck RL



Italian Yarn, Knit in Scotland BB Cashmere in OD Green.  Large



Housewares of the day.  Sort of.  40 lbs of antique cast iron oscillating fan with brass blades and fittings.  Brass Blades and cloth wiring are a good sign - rule of thumb is 1930's or before - though value is dependent on a slew of factors including the name which is missing from the front brass badge.  Motor is seized (but hums) so this will take a bit of work, rewiring and all, hopefully just some lube.  Have to break it apart and see if anything is dated and branded.  Not available and will be going on my desk



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



In general are Bally's a mistake?  Never had good luck on eBay.  Super Soft Bally Brunello's in Size 10.



And last little bit of advice I would like to fish for... Gucci horse-bit loafers, 9.5 in a beautiful brown suede.  Uppers are great - no stains - and rubber vibram soles are very solid but the heel counter lining has a hole worn in both shoes.  Also, the insole cover is salt-soaked trashed and peeling up.  Are these worth getting repaired?  Could I send them to Gucci to so the soles and insole covers can be replaced?


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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Well, I did my bit in the trenches today... hit one store, albeit with kids. Glad I did. All these pics are YELLOW btw, they're indoors after dark and the flash on my "quick snaps" camera is broken... ah, well.

All available except perhaps the ties - what do you gents think of those patterns? Deciding if I want to keep them or not.

Ties: these were in a whole MESS of Paul Fredericks - never seen any like this before. These were the only two that were six folds. One has a "Sartoriale" tag, both labeled Hand Made in Italy. Anyone know anything about these? Multi-fold ties are vanishingly rare here, so I couldn't leave them.



Light blue & black sweaters from JAB. Both size L.

A first for me: these are SUPER recent. Navy with white stripes Brooks Brothers / St. Andrews golf course supima cotton sweater, M.

This is pretty cool - an OLD J. Press super-trad shirt. You know it's old because it has the San Francisco store in the logo. No tagged size but it's about a 15.5-31 or so. I love the details... flap pocket, subtle point on the back of the collar with a button, locker loop... yeah, this is the real deal vintage trad, a rarity to see around here from a name like Press.


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Originally Posted by pfhtrad View Post

Housewares of the day.  Sort of.  40 lbs of antique cast iron oscillating fan with brass blades and fittings.  Brass Blades and cloth wiring are a good sign - rule of thumb is 1930's or before - though value is dependent on a slew of factors including the name which is missing from the front brass badge.  Motor is seized (but hums) so this will take a bit of work, rewiring and all, hopefully just some lube.  Have to break it apart and see if anything is dated and branded.  Not available and will be going on my desk

Is there a way to tell which of these fans are worthwhile? I see them occasionally but they tend to be in batches and have high price tags on them, so I've never really tried to pick out which were really worth it. My parents have one that's got cloth wiring and all, they use it in the garage because that sucker is POWERFUL. Really puts modern fans to shame.
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Shining woven yellow silk tie from BARNEY'S -- reinforced neck -- and what's that?


...more 2 come
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Originally Posted by Shiny View Post

Found this:
P1010579.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
$20. Coat feels like a 42R, and it is a 3roll2. Pants are 32 waist or so. inseam is like 32 or 33. Be willing to make it available for a suit in my size (and I will be picky- regular posters only). If not, I’ll fleabay it and use the proceeds for a pair of new Aldens.P1010580.jpgP1010583.jpgP1010582.jpgP1010581.jpgP1010584.jpg


INSANE! Wish it were one size bigger!! TB is one of my grail finds that I've still yet to come across. I've been wanting sone since the days SoCal still rocked TB.

Originally Posted by jamiebryant View Post

I was scanning through the jackets and skipped this, but then did a double take because it looked interesting...pull out the label and nearly had a stroke...

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Dont want to steal Shiny's thunder with his Thom Browne score...but im sure you guys would appreciate seeing some Dior Homme and not the usual Christian Dior licensed garbage that sometimes plagues this forum.


GW PRICE TAG....For the Non-Believers....

This thing has...

On-Seam Waist Pockets in addition to the normal ones, not sure if they are flap pocket ones though, the rest of the pockets are still sewn shut

Open Front

Floating Canvas Construction

Single Vented

Fully Lined

Satin Under Collar/Lapels

Button Holes on both lapels so you could move that militant key loop/button thing to the other side if you want

Made in Italy


Just needs a good pressing!

Best part of all?...Fits me almost perfectly!


That's crazy! So recent too! WTF!
Originally Posted by acosbysweater View Post

ATTN: Nataku.

Sicknasty Feathered Friends down fill parka with button-on hood. SMALL, can't believe I found one that fits....

Edit, for those who haven't heard of this brand, it's the Volant midweight jacket shown here:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

WOW! Why must it be a size S, though!? ffffuuuu.gif

That's a great find. Feathered Friends is top notch stuff!
Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

Seriously dudes? Not a single freaking popcorn after my teaser?
Well, I'm going to f**cking earn your respect. Because today was my day in the life of DM7.
Unfortunately.... That respect is going to be diminished somewhat because of the shitty ass pictures, which I'll have to settle for because I can't find the goddam cord to connect my slightly less crappy camera to my computer. So Blackberry it is.
So here's the story. I went back for an RRL shirt for a thread brother. Intended to hit just one shop. But BAM! I was hitting good shit left and right. So I decided to see if my luck would hold, and went to a local GW that I'd hit once before to very mediocre results. BAM BAM! I was freaking Reaganing! Every effing label I turned was better than the last! I mated over a half dozen orphans. I was sweating bullets and must have looked possessed. It was un-effing-believable. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Unless noted, everything is available.

Ferragamo (left) 9D
AE, model unknown (split toe norwegian w vibram sole) 10D. Need some love.

Pink, Pink (saw "14" and thought Brianpore! but I should have thought again: WOMEN's 14), Filson (taken), RRL (taken)
BB tie (not avail), CT tie, Coach square (not avail)

Is this Barbour? XL, Made in England. Cuffs are a bit scuffed, but otherwise in great shape Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

x 2, 32 x 30ish, beige and gray wool.
What's that you say? You'd prefer something higher end? OK

RLPL, 32 x 30ish
Suits & SC's:
What's that you say? You want something trad/sack? OK.

JPress solid gray, JPress green cord, Vtg BBGF, Vtg BBGF
Slimmer profile? Done.

Paul Stuart x3, 2 of which are Samuelsohn and the other is made in USA; plus BB1818
More USA made top notch quality?

How's old-school, well-made PRL blue label sound to you? Because I got 2. Left one has ticket pocket and double vent, is my size and is NOT available. Right side is dual vent and double breasted.
Not impressed? OK, how about this?

Zegna su misura, 15 mil mil. JUST a hair too big for me.
Speaking of the Italians:

Fabio Inghirami (anyone recognize this label? Looked familiar); Saks House brand Made in Canada, 100% Loro Piana cashmere; HF black 100% cashmere

What's that you say? How could I end on such a low note? Maybe you'd prefer something higher end? OK

Barbera Sartoriale. NOT available; my size And then there's the bad... (Click to show)
Here are the orphans I picked up. Probably shouldn't have, but couldn't let go of the hope I'd mate them.

Stuart by Samuelsohn navy stripe x2, RLBL USA made x1, Oxxford Super 150s x1, RLBL trou x4 + Paul Stuart trou x1.
Bitch of it is: I ran out of time. I left so many orphans and reverse orphans! BB1818, RLBL, Stuart... The orphans I did take were all half price; the others were full price. Once I learned from the floor staff that they gather up last week's 1/2 price stuff and toss it, I had to grab the orphans. Ima go back tomorrow and see if I can find the remaining mates, and will also hit another local GW to see if they got split on distribution.
What a day.

I LOVE days like this! Awesome haul!

Originally Posted by Evil Abed View Post

So I was having a bad day, wasn't happy at all, and decided hey, lets see if the thrift gods shit on me too. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Strolling through the shoes I see a pair that wasn't there yesterday (yeah having a shop like a quarter mile away, if that, is taking its toll). I find that they have those super shitty white perforated insoles in them and for some reason (maybe it was the welt) I decided it was worth peeling the stuck-down insole back to see who was down there... Peel meee (Click to show)

Well hello there. That's all you get of those till they're cleaned up. I have a feeling they may still go back though.

Then I found these, figured I'd grab them if for no other reason to find out more about them/Der Bomber. What's the deal with this sole? 3 brass rivets in the front, one in the rear.

These were the most expensive of the night -

Nwot Timberland Abington suede and canvas boat shoes(?). Sewn down leather welt and near spotless vibram soles. Maybe tried on on some carpet. Size..... 14 of all things. Looked these up, spring 2010 apparently.

Clothing wise, all I grabbed was this

Seemed pretty nice, is it? One small spot on the shoulder I'm going to try getting rid of.

So, I guess I wasn't completely shat on, but maybe partially. Also officially recognizing / being recognized by regulars at this store. There's "Cellphone Jose" ( I think I heard him being called that, always checking things on his phone) "The Maven" (50 something woman always sitting down waiting for the next cart/rack to roll out, either on her laptop or phone), and a somewhat gorgeous girl that looks like she has no place being there as often as she is. Very well put together and bubbly. Shares her name with my ex, which you'd think would be enough of a deterrent. Wait, what... Are our 60 minutes up already doc? :cheers

Great finds!! Love those Addidas'! Can't wait to see those Sutors. Why might they go back?
Originally Posted by Crat View Post

Haha, yesterday the aldens and today.....Lattanzi
Only these are too large for me, size 10


Geez, it's raining crazy high-end shoes lately! Kinda wish I could be back home to see if it were doing so in my neck of the woods!
Originally Posted by Cotton Dockers View Post

Barba Plaid (16.5, really wish this fit) CIfonelli Gingham (L)

2x Borrelli (Gray - 16.5, Black - 16, both super soft flannel)

PM sent! biggrin.gif

Score on those Simon Millers. SM makes some damn fine denim products.

I apologize in advance for the multiple posts in a row. Catching up on a few days here. On an ancient laptop in my hotel right now. Going to make a few posts responding to people to keep it from freezing up.
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Antirabbit: Good to see ya back, buddy! You really should get back in the game. You found some killer stuff!

Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

which good thing has a lot of torque to get this haul home devil.gif

I'd be all over the place thrifting if I drove one of those. So. Much. Fun. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

The wife had an Audi TT (225/6 spd model) several years back that was a blast to drive around from store to store. Thing that sucked is that there was absolutely no storage space! Fit maybe 3 bags of clothes. Traded it in when we went to buy a computer from Costco and couldn't fit it in the trunk laugh.gif We then realzied practicality was knocking it was time to move on. We stopped at the Audi dealer a few months ago and she sat in the TT RS. She has the bug again. devil.gif

Originally Posted by FaceOfBoh View Post

Complete and utter shite where I am! censored.gif I was jonesing to pick something (anything!) up. It's not clothing but I'll make a few bucks on this... Unless someone here needs it,
And a la Spoo, et al., my ride today:
1978 Ford F-150 Ranger

I'd be all over that service manual if it were for early watercooled VWs (Dasher/Rabbit/Scirocco).

There was a minty two tone green 1976 F150 Ranger for sale near me a few years ago for super cheap. Really clean. Still kicking myself for not hopping on it. I love this generation of F-series trucks (1974 (I think) to 1978).

Anyway, weather has been warm here in Tokyo. Haven't been able to wear anything nice until today. It's been shorts and t-shirts. Hot and humid. Today is cooler and rainy. No thrfting done yet, but we're done a considerable amount of window shopping. Trying to hold back and only pick up some stuff I can't get back home in the states. Going to Beams, United Arrows tonight. Want to hit Opening Ceramony too for the hell of it. Going to get to some denim shops next week. Found two killer pairs of shoes at a place called The Suit Company for a really good price. Made in Japan to boot.
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Originally Posted by TheWGP View Post

This is pretty cool - an OLD J. Press super-trad shirt. You know it's old because it has the San Francisco store in the logo. No tagged size but it's about a 15.5-31 or so. I love the details... flap pocket, subtle point on the back of the collar with a button, locker loop... yeah, this is the real deal vintage trad, a rarity to see around here from a name like Press.

Im diggen that back of that collar! Never seen anything like it before.

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Flipping or personal use?


Rarity (and hence market value) for fans depends alot on many different factors - there is no easy rule of thumb.  Some, like bank teller fans which blow at face height for use in banks and places with paper, command a pretty penny because not many were produced.  Others, like fans from Victor (of record fame) are also worth a couple bucks because of the odd name association - during the 1920's and 1930's being a fan manufacturer was a bit like the dot-com boom: everyone had to have a piece of the action including firms which had no reason to make fans.


You can get a up to a grand or more for a solid example of one of those.


What I look for when I buy for personal use are:

Brass, paint and weight.


- More brass the better.  Brass blades are a very very very good sign.  Brass manufactures plates are also good.  But brass has always been more expensive than iron, so the more brass the more expensive.  And every part of a fan has once been made in brass - from the base to the grills - so its not just the blades you need to look for.  These are easier to deal with if you don't mind a toothbrush and bar-keepers friend for 20 hours of your life after you find it because you need not worry about...

- Paint.  Your not going to flip anything with a bad paint job.  Just like furniture.  If its MCM and Teak but trashed its not worth as much.  Paint on metal is much harder to do right and evenly than refinishing.

- Weight.  Old fans (and also blenders up until the 70's) have big motors.  I have an old 1960's Oster Blender has a copper windings the size of a newborn and must weigh around 10-15lbs.  Compare that to a current production Oster at Walmart.  Fans have bigger motors.  Then there are all the cast-iron parts.  More cast iron the heavier.  Really heavy usually in my book means older because of those two factors and usually alot of brass.  That fan I showed takes two hands to move for only being about 18" tall.


There are some features which help determine age, like the type of oscillating design (if it has one), etc.  But I don't know enough to really get into that. 


Unless the fan is really unique, I buy whatever I can find at $30 and below as long as its an AC unit.  There are DC fans floating around (very early fans) so read the plates if you want to use it.  For example, that fan I posted was only $10 and assuming I don't need the blades balanced, the magnets re-magnetized (happens in high enough heat), re-wind the motor or decide to bead-blast it for that perfect (abet devaluing) finish I'm expecting to drop about $40 in small parts (period reproduction wiring, etc) and 8 hours active time to clean it to my standards.  Bead blasting and I could easily go over $150 and 20 hours.  Rewinding, 30 hours and alot of money in proper gauge magnet wire (usually the thick gauge, expensive stuff).  Ergo, I would pay $50-70 for a great condition fan that just needed the oil trays or wicks cleaned.  I've sold a few but only when its a larger project (one 24" cast iron, 50lb monster I again got for $10 with a trashed finish comes to mind) than what I intended to chew to people who restore them and I push the upper limit (~ $50) of what a restorer grudgingly accepts.


I know this may not help much, not nearly as easy to determine value as with clothing for flipping, but if you have an smart phone use that.


I've got a Sonim which gets dumber and gains character every time it gets chucked it out a third story window.  It's no help.


That said, I find it fun walking into a Restoration Hardware looking at some over-priced made-in-china nickle-plated paperweight knowing I have the real deal at home with a motor so large and devoid of safety features it could double as a meat slicer in a pinch.

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Hit one store today, picked up a little Savile Row bespoke tweed suit. Must be from someone of incredible wealth/notoriety because this is the first time I've ever seen the interior name tag removed.

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