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Passed on a HIckey Freeman Canterbury 100% wool suit in a 40 or 42 - wanted 30 bucks for it. The pricing was rather high for a GW.
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Originally Posted by ilikethelights View Post

I finally met Nataku today on a lunchtime run. Very nice guy and good to finally meet.
Picked up a nice looking Pendleton flannel for myself and that's about it. Stared at a Boss velour made in Italy shirt for too long but wisely it looks like it didn't really have any flipability and I sure couldn't pull it off.

Thanks, likewise! Glad to finally meet you too and it was great chatting with you for a bit!
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Any of you record hounds ever find any decent Rolling Stones / Bowie? Setting up my new place and my grandmas old hi-fi console thing needs some good vinyl to spin, wanted to start with some classics. I just don't know, are these guys impossible to find? If you come across any and feel like a proxy, get at me.

The thrift vinyl out here is so picked over, unless you want Burl Ives or the Tabernacle choir celebrates Christmas.

Stones/Beatles is hard to find for two reasons. Though everyone and their brother bought these albums, they weren't taken care of and trashed. Few early pressings in nice shape are still around. The second reason is that they are still popular and people know they are collectible, so they snatch them up.

I find them from time to time, but more often than not they are trashed. I still somehow have managed to accumulate a collection of early Mono pressing Stones LPs over the past 15 years or so. I have some dupes I wouldn't mind parting with though. Send me a PM just to remind me, but I won't be able to look into detais until I get back. Need to crash in a couple hours and get some shut eye before we head to the airport.

Last day at the local thrifts for two weeks. It was a decent day. Lots of good stuff, but passed on a lot due to price. A ton of recent Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. All prices around $20-$30 each. No thank you. Some stuff did manage to slip through the cracks though at regular thrift prices. This place is getting bad when it comes to marking nice stuff up.

- Recent Ballantyne knit polo. Black. Eu 46.
- Recent Etro Polo. My size. Keeper
- Red Prada polo. Slid under the radar as the neck label was removed. Keeper.

- One of the nicest T&A ties I've found.

Things pop up in the strangest places. Hit a store in a nicer area but not crazy. Usually hit it once a week. Very hit and miss. These had been here since last week at least, as they were last weeks color tag.

- Costume National Homme Navy Cotton 3/4 Coat. Eu 46. Fits like a 38 L.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

- Costume National Homme Herringbone Blazer. 2 Btn. Single vent. Cool cuffs (bottom two buttonholes are non-functional, so they are undone). Also Eu 46.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Some decent stuff and one or two really good finds today

Dunhill, Ferragamo, Brooks Brothers Makers

Hickey Freeman, really recent HSM Gold Trumpeter

5x Brooks Brothers flat-front chinos
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Originally Posted by Crat View Post

Alden : )
Not my size : (

Well, you didnt have to bury them, though.
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Minty Wool+Cashmere Zegna pinstripe suit in a 44 ? today (size tag is ripped out). available






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what are the pants measurements?

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Romney is wearing an unvented suit jacket?
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Originally Posted by Nataku View Post

- One of the nicest T&A ties I've found.

The Precious..........

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Costume National SC is sweet, Nat nod[1].gif .
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Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post

Should really keep asking for prices out of this thread, it's just in bad taste
and this (picked it up due to Jermyn Street)....Anyone???

Agree. On Harvie, I'll echo what others have said: It will sell, but not for crazy cash. Generally a bit better than CT, not as good as Pink.

Originally Posted by concealed View Post

a little on the large side, will probably pass them along to someone else on here for a good price
I like Hiltl. (Warning! Foreshadowing coming:) Picked up 2 pairs chinos today. But I'm covered for cords.

Originally Posted by jamiebryant View Post

Can anyone here recommend the best product theyve tried to get out Collar/Cuff stains?

Ive been trying Oxy Clean gel stick and it works 25% of the time...last shirt I tried it on, left blue staining on the color. Im scared to try it on anything else now.

I want to start taking some more chances on shirts with the stains (flippable ones of course).

Works like a charm. For shirts with pearly buttons, I skip the vinegar step and instead use that concentrated Oxy spot treater and leave that on for an hour or so. Hot water is key. Keep a close eye on the soak; it can sometimes run colors. If that is a risk or happens, it's better to soak the whole item, rather than just the collar, if you can (since the color will be uneven if you only do part of the item).

3 stores today. More spent than I should/intended -- esp since I'm keeping most of this. (Warning: Picture SUX)
L to R, top to bottom:
Samuelsohn for Stuart, brown glenplaid with blue overcheck. Been on my want list for a LONG time.
Dark green/brown recent Canali wool/cashmere twill weave SC, dual vent. Ditto.
Blue glenplaid Oxxford Super 100s. Ditto. (Low button point and pleats make me sad in pants)
2 pairs Hiltl mid-beige chinos, plus 1 pr Paul Stuart gray winter weight twill weave trous. Incredibly nice. All available, 34.5 x 33
Powder blue BBGF shirt, tagged 16 x 34. Available.
3x Paul Stuart ties. Available.
(Not shown): crimson paisley silk square with handrolled edges. Keeping.

A first in the wild for me: RRL denim shirt. Non-pearly buttons. Seemed dated, so I passed.

Other Passes: Gitman Bros shirt, price too high. Oxxford blue pinstripe, even though label was recent, lapels were large and price was too high. Pal Zileri Grupo Forall SC because it was unvented. Gut-wrenching pass on a pair of HF trous in a dark gray/blue color I've been looking for for a while, but that turned out to be pleated rather than ff, plus they were almost a Jackson. cry.gif
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Originally Posted by Samuel Smith View Post

Romney is wearing an unvented suit jacket?

hahaha I was just thinking the same thing

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Originally Posted by Samuel Smith View Post

Romney is wearing an unvented suit jacket?

Saw that. Fuddy duddy ole robot.

Edit: Single vented. 'Bama is rocking a double vented, natch.
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Which regions are you exactly located found these amazing things at thrift stores? I live in NC and can't find a decent stuff which ever stores I check out. (well there was a Brook Brothers blazer for $6 but it was too big for my size...)

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All I can say is, just keep learning and looking. I live in Albuquerque and I used to think there was nothing here, but as my knowledge has grown and I've started hitting more spots more often, I've been finding stuff I never thought I'd see here.
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Originally Posted by Digmenow View Post

I wondered where that finally ended up.

Is the pink Attolini gone?

Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

You impress me.

Originally Posted by Brianpore View Post

Are you playing avatar roulette?

Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

I was assuming the new avatar was to represent how Spoo holds the site together. Although I would imagine Spoo as more of a glue than a paperclip.

Given what Spoo does and has done (at least publicly), it is quite possibly the finest choice of an avatar he could ever make.
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