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Originally Posted by codhead View Post

I use one of these babies:

Manufactured circa 1955 and still going strong. I bought mine at a car boot sale for £1, they sometimes appear on eBay for next to nothing but be warned, they are 220-240 volts

I've never heard of such a thing but it looks cool as hell. Mildly dangerous as well!

Ebay sells everything!

Vintage Working Electric Mens Necktie Presser or Iron 14" Iron Plate NEAT Tie

BTW...after listening to the advice in this thread, I'm keeping the RLPL white polo from the other day. Thanks for screwing my head on straight!
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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

The temptation to overpay buy for myself was pretty strong at a couple of points today, but I'm proud of myself that I resisted. If, however, I happen to sleep walk back to the store and get one of those two HF overcoats, I won't be broken up about it.




What size were the HF coats, and how much?

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Originally Posted by Evil Abed View Post

The bag man striketh again (though on a much lower level).


Yesterday I dropped by the GW that I'll be establishing residency at due to proximity in a few weeks. Anyway it was just before closing, and I didn't have much time to do a complete sweep of the place. Walked past the pile, and I mean pile of bags and stuff in the back of the store when this little guy caught my eye.


A peek inside at the tag... (Click to show)

Hello Mr. Leitz!!!

For the non-photogs/camera nerds- E.Leitz = Ernst Leitz = Leica


Not a Billykirk by any means, but way stoked on this. Problem is, this sucker is dirty. As part of a costume shop's inventory, it was probably rented out on a lot of films. As you can see in the first picture, one of the snaps on the left is missing, but that's ok by me. They also seem to have retrofitted velcro tabs to the bag as well, which is pretty awesome since I'll hopefully make this a keeper/user for myself, and you can't see them with the flap closed.


How should I clean this thing? I can't exactly throw it in the washer the leather and all. Soap and brush in the sink?

Also the strap is too damn short, considering various options to lengthen it so that I don't loose the awesomeness of the original.

Exceptional find. IMO it would be worth the investment to have the snap repaired. Would probably be worth taking it to a upscale dry cleaner that could offer some advice in regard to both cleaning and repair.


Let me know when you get tired of it, or where you keep it when you are sleeping. . . 


Late last year I found a very nice Leica III f rangefinder with a 5cm summar that I eBayed to Hong Kong. Great stuff.  


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That tie press looks 100% Cornballer on the danger scale.



Any of you ever listen to Astronautalis???


Right right, back to thrifting. Went out today desperately looking for furniture, ended up with another Corneliani made PRL sport coat that is tits for fall (I think it's 44R or L, I need to check), some black Florsheim V cleats sized 11D, and a first for me Hermes tie that needs Spooification, though I think it's kosher.

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Finally pulled down a great haul. It's been too long... All of this is new, and none of this is from a thrift, and it's all available. I'm willing to work a good deal for people with which I have a good rapport, but I'm not passing any of this on at cost and I'm not interested in trades for this stuff unless you have a pair of C&J boots. It'll all be up on B&S tomorrow or Sunday if no one here wants it. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Fabric on this is amazing. Top button is a little loose, but can be fixed while you're having the sleeve buttons put on. Awesome MOP buttons.
IMG_0405.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Valentino Tailoring overcoat
Content tag looks like it was made by Isaia. Buttons I believe are natural MOP.
IMG_0420.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

PRL by Corneliani 100% silk sport coat
Natural MOP buttons
IMG_0435.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

IMG_0443.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Corneliani cargo khakis
IMG_0457.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by Evil Abed View Post

Cree. Pee.
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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post


Isn't it strange that so many sites use the wrong sequence? I wonder if that sequence (starting with blue) did exist at some stage??

They use it for their banner here for example:


Here (next to the image of the jeans):

No wonder people get confused!


Recently I have noticed some sweaters that are definitely fake though, where the third letter is yellow, there is no R symbol, and not even the 100% next to mercerized cotton. And with very simple patterns. There are more and more on eBay... :(

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Originally Posted by eddievddr10 View Post

sat next to her at a guns n roses concert, with jamie lynn sigler she was hot but not that hot


Please do tell that story! I'm all ears!


Originally Posted by Mox C View Post

I picked up the Go Mini from Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $20. It's the one people say sometimes breaks on them, but for $20, I decided to give it a shot. I've only used it a little bit, but so far I like it. No problems, and I like that it has an actual on/off switch.


How do steamers compare to hanging your woolens in the bathroom while turning hot shower water on for about 20 minutes?


Originally Posted by troika View Post


Mosh story time: this was a few weeks ago at Outside Lands festival in SF. It's like my 4th or 5th time seeing Metallica, except here it's all open instead of stadiums so I got up really close. Even though the crowd at OL was mainly hipsters, people still came out just for Metallica. Of course mosh pit. Having a good time. Towards the end, some giant decided to pick on me a bit. No problem. One unfortunate hit taken to the rib cage and bam fractured rib. Thrifting hasn't been that much fun since.


Also, Dustin Kensrue from Thrice is a complete badass.


PPS, that's the good Lanvin.


Wow! That sucks! You doing ok?


Originally Posted by Nataku View Post

I sure hope so, as I have a pair of charcoal flannel flat front (slim) RLPL trousers headed there Sunday evening, if someone doesn't want them here. Size 36 waist.


From my experience, if it's in good condition, you should have no problems getting north of $100.


Originally Posted by acosbysweater View Post


I've never been great at rote memorization of song titles, but I could probably approximately name 30-40 songs by those specific artists.  How many Company Flow, J Dilla, Busdriver, Pharcyde, Antipop Consortium, Digable Planets etc songs can you name off the top of your head?  Probably none.  


More than anything, I come from an understand of underground music, whether it be punk, metal, hardcore, noise, or hip hop.  It just so happens that hip hop beats hit the mainstream sooner and more pervasively than John Wiese noise experiments.  


However, you have artists like Johnny Jewel contributing to Oscar nominated films (Drive) so the underground does gets through in unexpected ways.  


Hip hop is generally about "look-at-me" lyrics and spitting game about raping women will get people to look at you.  Earl's 18, he's young and dumb.  


Youth makes music exciting and generally introduces the freshest ideas. Period.


Speaking of Rap and Hip Hop culture, I thought I'll bring up some interesting information, it was many years ago I stumbled upon a video explaining the influence of 52 Hand Blocks on Hip Hop culture. According to some people in the video, B-Boyers, or break dancers (whatever you want to call them) got the idea of "battles" from watching 52 Hand Blocks practitioners practicing and demonstrating their fighting system. I tried looking for the video but to no avail. So instead I'll leave those of you who cares with this video.


Originally Posted by capnwes View Post

Lol. I think Macklemore is from Seattle.



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Originally Posted by GMMcL View Post

Thanks, man!
Deal is: I hit a bunch of consignment shops today plus a massively overpriced GW (everyone near Connecticut knows where I'm talking about). ...
I may go back for that Versace -- at least to take pics. It was at the same place as the Graham, which I'm regretting leaving, and the HF overcoats. Versace was peak lapel, single breast and dual vent. Looked shorter, so I suspect recent. I suspect it was just a jacket, because the top row at this place is mostly SCs, and it it was in among them. What say Spoo?

Was this near/in Greenwich? If so, you may have smelled my cologne lingering in the air still devil.gif

Cant say nut without pics...
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Was this near/in Greenwich? If so, you may have smelled my cologne lingering in the air still devil.gif
Cant say nut without pics...

Closer to Greenwich than, say, Cleveland, but not as close as, say, I am right now.

Will try to get some pics. Knew I should have taken them in the sto' but the owner was right there and was getting suspicious as to what I was up to.
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A little OT, but if any of you are like me, you need storage for all these GD clothes, at least judging by some of the pictures I've seen of you guys showing off your closets (which really, I don't understand, but go ahead, fly your freak flags, that's what this place is all about smile.gif ) .

Some FB friend pinterested this blog this AM and I thought of you guys.

She thrifts old, crappy looking but structurally sound and well jointed furniture, and uses chalk paint to make it not look like crap. I was thinking of doing this myself once I saw the results.

like this is one of her finished projects, one coat of paint and farting around with hardware, she turned a piece of ugly 1962 dresser into this

From a clothing storage point of view, you could do all right with that kind of space
Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Was this near/in Greenwich? If so, you may have smelled my cologne lingering in the air still devil.gif
Cant say nut without pics...

Actually , you don't have to be that close. I can smell that reek up here in New Hampshire rotflmao.gif
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Originally Posted by Tweets View Post

Long day, went thrifting all day, gone from the house for 12 hours, hit 16 stores.


BB,BB,BB,Zegna,Hickey Freeman, Brioni

How did I do for my first big thrifting trip?


If you are interested in anything, let me know and I can provide better pics.

Epic first score, welcome to the addiction. . .  

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Damn right it is an addiction!!

I am at the point now where I need an intervention.

If I don't hit Goodwill or Sally Ann at least 4 times a week to troll the racks, I get withdrawal and anxiety symptoms.

Now I equate every other purchase of disposable income to what I could have bought at a thrift. For example - If I buy a Big Mac trio for 5 bucks,I tell myself, "Why am I eating this shit?" For the same money, I could have a Zegna SC or a Brioni shirt.

Gas up the car for 40 bucks, WTF, instead of this fucking gas, I could have had 3 Canali suits, and a couple of Zegna cashmere jackets.

Am I a sick fuck just like y'all??? LOL !!! Fucking right it is an addiction. I can't stop myself !!! HELP !!!!!!! 


Get me into Thrifting Anonymous ASAFP !!!!!!

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I need my Goodwill fix today !!!



Help me guys !!!!

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