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A few neat finds today and yesterday, though not a whole lot.

Some ties:


Wool tie is from Pringle, made from a Lochcarron tartan. Burgundy stripe is a Talbott, the bow tie doesn't have a label. And no, the bow and the talbott aren't related- they're from different ends of a 5 hour drive. In fact, until I posted the photo here I didn't even process how similar they were.

Not pictured is a bright green recent Brooks Brothers with watermelon slices and halves embroidered on it. Already given to someone, and I didn't have a chance to snap a picture.

Inclined to keep them all, though I could probably be talked out of any of them.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Sorry for the crappy quality on this one, the flash was making the gold unreadable:


Also, an interesting pair of AE suede loafers, with a crepe sole:


Parkers in 11 M (Yes, M, not D, per the label. Does AE do widths differently in loafers or something?), not worn much at all. Some dirt on the sole, but very little wear is noticeable elsewhere. Fully lined, unstructured. These are available.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Originally Posted by Jpmorris View Post

Mormon, I have probably 15 or more Tpink shirts sitting around waiting to be listed in the coming months if you want some.

the FW in DFW part 2 pics that fucked up somehow the first time around +Suits and SC

Hermes authentification needed (Click to show)


von laak was discussed awhile ago right? Seems nice, if not flippable ill keep since its L.





FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME THIS IS REAL! My first Hermes, its my size... but im slangin that thang like a dirty dirty whore


AE randolph 7D, you guys know who you are. These are in GREAT shape.



First JM i've snagged cause they are in such great shape, and theyre really cool. 11 narrow. What would you call these? Jodhpur esque ankle strap boots?


chuuuurch. 10.5 G so 11.5 E, right?


great looking ties


whaaaat? Has this label been posted before? NWOT, for real, one of the vents is still closed. 42R i believe, and super lightweight.



Ok, if one of you pendleton guys doesn't want this, im never picking that shit up again. I don't like it, at all, but from what I gather someone just busted a nut.


moar oxxford. 41R again unvented unfortunately, but the tag is one of the newer ones.



both HF collection, both suits44L and 42R respectively



BP, age on this? never seen the brown. This thing is nice, 42R 100% camel hair


Have you said to yourself, I want a usa polo, with ticket pocket, side vents, huge lapels and a really low gorge? Navy/brass

same as above, except no ticket and single vent. Color is bad, its a really really light sherbert/mint green.





^ Hm, tempting... wish I'd be allowed to eBay while on my mission ;P.


Love the Jodhpur-looking boots - if I hadn't already picked up a pair "real" Jodhpur boots a few days ago, I'd be all over those hahaha. That Pendleton... interesting. Few lulz were had at the "bust a nut" comment.

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Originally Posted by Jpmorris View Post

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL ME THIS IS REAL! My first Hermes, its my size... but im slangin that thang like a dirty dirty whore

whaaaat? Has this label been posted before? NWOT, for real, one of the vents is still closed. 42R i believe, and super lightweight.

Nice finds! Hermes is real. Those metal cuff buttons wear like nothing else! All the Hermes shirts I've found with them have been scuffed to hell. That Hickey Freeman is their current label IIRC. Nice score!
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Originally Posted by workthatwedo View Post

Brown, unstructured, linen & cotton Brooks Brothers 346 sport coat.  Nothing too special but it fits and it was $1.89

Do NOT say "brown, unstructured" this soon after Klobber's epic tale.
Originally Posted by troika View Post

Kitten Mittens

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess its ~17.5 35
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Anyone know how to take off those stupid Dry Cleaner tags that they glue on to the inner-bottom of the placket? I mean, theyre an improvement to writing with a permenant marker directly on the fabric (which should be illegal) Most of them I have luck with just using the tweezers but I have a couple of stubborn ones, any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by pnutpug View Post

This. EB once sold the best down garments on the planet, and I'll peel my eyes for every one that gets posted--I'd way rather see that than yet another RG shirt, although those are good for laughs. My favorite thing ever on this thread wasn't clothing, it was a vintage custom bicycle posted by He Who Cannot Be Named (you-all know who I'm talking about) as final contribution to this thread. I like seeing KitchenAid stand mixers and Purple Hearts and a bunch of other stuff that isn't clothes. Let's face it: Brioni et al is great and cause for celebration, but look how much of it gets posted. Not to say it shouldn't be posted--when I find Brioni, you bet I'll post it. But man cannot live by Brioni and Tom Ford alone.

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Klobber - much needed laugh after a long day. You animal.

Troika - GV jeans are real
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Originally Posted by Klobber View Post

My worst is when I am in that inbetween phase, I should do a dump but could hold out for an hour or two. In the past, when I ignored it, I would be stuck in a thrift store needing an uber urgent dump. Fart smells clear racks but it aint no fun flipping through clothes clenching your butt cheeks.


Holy shit.
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I got this because of the pattern. Size medium, if one of you wants it.

Allen Edmonds shoes, size 10

this is fake, right? it was on a pair of pants.
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^^^ Jacket Couture?!?! Bahahahaha! crackup[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Jpmorris View Post


Top one is current label (lower line), the burgundy label that looks like that is the better one.


I've seen the brown one. Pretty sure it is the newest of the "old old" labels. before they switched to the black "collection" label. dont know the age though, only know what order they go in.

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You are the man.


Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Troika - GV jeans are real



Originally Posted by mikeH View Post

Originally Posted by Jpmorris View Post

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess its ~17.5 35


Yep, close enough to where I'm keeping.

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Originally Posted by ATLnoob View Post

Work was slow; sneaked out at lunchtime and took the rest of the day off -  here are the results...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






+1 on the 7 jeans, I always find it interesting that someone finds the same item a thousand miles away in another thrift probably with in minutes of another member finding a similar one. For extra credit explain the probability of this happening. Please show you work. 




Strange juju indeed!



Originally Posted by Klobber View Post

Seriously, the toilet problem is a big one IMO. I used to work in London and good luck finding a public toilet. Problem is even worse in New York!
I will relay a couple of funny stories:
1. I am on the district line, subway in London, from Victoria and Cannon Street (my destination). Needed urgent pee, real bad. So bad in fact sweat was pouring off my forehead. Train was crammed with people, I was sandwiched between a hot babe and some dude behind me. Also was shoulder to shoulder with a few other people on my side. Cant fucking move it is so crammed. The hot chick was pressed right on me, her buttocks landing just below my productive region. Dude behind me I can kinda feel his unit pressing against the back of my pants (the train was that crammed). I try to ignore it but could not, their movements coinciding with the train rocking compounded my problem doubly. Train stops in the pitch blackness between Embankment and Temple, I am nearly there I thought. Driver says signalling problem but it should only be 5 mins or so. 20 mins pass, I am clenching my teeth in agony. Did not even think about hot babe in front of me, pressed against me, great ass and all that lovely soft skin thanks to short skirt allowing plenty of bare legs. No chance of getting a boner, but there was a possibility I may have to relieve myself I was that desperate - pee in pants may be my only option. Whats the chance of me seeing these people again I thought? What about the girl? She would surely notice I was peeing given her ass was pressed just below my dick - sheer trauma for her and this could bring major legal problems. Decide I cannot pee in public, I have to bear the agony although I knew I could not hold out, 15 minutes more and my bladder would either burst or my muscles holding back the pee will give way. When train eventually arrives in Cannon street, my gait becomes a forceful sprint. "Where is the fucking toilet" I yelled in desperation to the guy at the turnstiles. I must have looked like a madman but he gave me directions! Go to the toilet and was there for around 15minutes. Took so long because the piss dribbled out rather than gushed out. For half the day, I had that perpetual feeling I needed to pee, I must have damaged my bladder holding on so long.
2. Was on a morning date with a woman that would eventually become my wife (this was like a 3rd date and we were just really getting to know each other). We go to a coffee shop that only had a single toilet. I needed a dump so go and do my thing. It was a very productive dump indeed and a single flush of the toilet resulted in a thick log standing to attention and a bowl full of water with toilet paper swirling on top. Well, that's just fucking great I thought. I look around for a plunger and there was nothing. Inspecting the contents of the bowl I thought screw it, I am outta here. Just before I leave, a bang on the door, it was my date and she asked me how long I would be. Dammit! I thought about letting her in and saying that the toilet was blocked by someone else, but she will know there is no way I spent 10 minutes in the toilet inspecting another person's turd. I said "hang on a moment, nearly finished"! I looked at the bowl full of water and tried to will the turd down with my mind. She knocked again and said it was urgent! Well fuckit, I rolled up my sleeves, when the water drained about halfway, I flushed again and unclogged that shitty toilet with my bare hands!
3. Driving through London, I had a bad stomach pain. I needed a diarrhea dump urgently. Saw a coffee shop, parked in illegal parking zone, and proceeded to enter. I can barely walk straight out of fear the contents of my bowels would empty into my pants. Male toilet was locked, some fucker was in. Look over to the Woman's toilet and thought screw it, I am going in. Just as I started to sit down an explosion erupted out my ass. When I got back up I noticed that not one square inch of toilet was left uncovered by scat. I hear the door open, shit, this is the only cubicle and this person is highly likely to be a woman. I gently depress the flush handle, nothing.... I press forceably, nothing but a faint gurgle and no water. The fucking toilet was broken and would not flush. Of course, luck would have it this woman was standing around waiting for me to finish. I leave as nonchalantly as possible, she enters the cubicle, and while walking away, she yells out to me "you're an animal". Also got a parking ticket!
Yeah happened I lost my thrifted goods halfway through when needing the loo, came back cart was gone. Looked around, found zilcho although two of the shirts I wanted were back on the rack. Still have not figured out what happened.

One of the best posts ever! Absolute classic. Thank you. And speaking of shitting ones pants, I was flipping hangers as usual when I find this little guy checking out a pair of dockers;







So having the philosophy of live and let live, I let the grass spider have the pants and head toward the check out counter. I am checking out a few minutes later and hear this woman let out an amazing scream from the men's pants rack. She went on for several minutes and was still cussing and going ape shit about the spider as I was walking through the door. Not sure if the spider survived.  



Originally Posted by grendel View Post

I would guess: Friend of guy dies. Guy goes to funeral in suit using obit to tell him where to go, leaves obit in pocket. Guy rarely wears suit, gains weight, suit doesn't fit, donates suit with obit still in pocket.

I find stuff in pockets all of the time while thrifting and quite a few obit folders. The best one was when I took my brother in law thrifting with me one day. He was looking at a sports coat and asked me to give my opinion. I picked up the jacket and was looking at the labels as I felt something in the pocket. Reached in and pulled out a five dollar bill! My brother in law still tells the story about making money thrifting. BTW, the jacket was $4.95 so we used the $5 to buy it, seemed like the right thing to do. . . 

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ALSO, I wanted to give a shout out to easye for a good shoe trade - a pair of Alden black tassel loafers that I traded three emblematic belts for over on the AAAC Trad Forum that turned out to be too narrow for me in exchange for a pair of Church's bluchers of his that I've been eyeing since his second or third post on this thread.  fistbump.gif

Yea, I think I mentioned this on the other thread, but shout out to Typhoid for hooking me up with my first pair of Aldens. For real, my first pair. The only other time I've seen them was at a regular store. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Also, I found a obituary in a jacket just yesterday. It was from 1991.
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