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While at my brother's graduation in Charlottesville this weekend I picked up 11 or so Robert Talbott ties and a Christian Dior (I don't remember what line, not Monsieur) tailcoat. Now I just have to find pants that match it closely...
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Picked up a very nice mint condition old school Southwick sportcoat. It's a heavy weight wool in olive with rust over check. Size 41R
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5 BNWOT Golden Fleece shirts, $5.00 each. There were about 10 in total. I bought the ones I would wear.

Other Notables that I didnt pick up:
Zegna mainline newer orphaned coat
Corneliani suit (solid black)
2 Oxxford suits, older, from 1991 in awesome condition, perhaps a 40R.
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Alden LHS Shell Cordovan loafers in color#8 for $33.00. Already flipped.
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Found a few things today: Tweed-y Hugo Boss 3 btn blazer Bespoke 2 btn Oxxford Suit approx. 46R Very recent blk/silver pinstripe 3 btn Burberry suit 44L Like new Varvatos Brownish-green wool trousers 32x34 All are up for grabs until Sunday.
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I've had great luck this week. Corneliani tux and Zegna blazer, both at ridiculously good prices.
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Alden #2160 Cap Toe blucher #8 Shell Cordovan size 9D, free!
Not stolen, a gift, now being flipped on ebay.SOLD
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- Brooks Brothers Limited Edition 185th Anniversary pima cotton shirt -Brooks Brothers Sailboat shirt?
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Found a pair of very nice black brogue captoe monks made by Vito Pagolo in Italy. Here is a photo of a pair of shoes from Vito Pagolo on eBay:

The quality is very nice and I like the style. However, the above pair on ebay is the only thing I could find by search "Vita Pagolo" on google. Has anyone here heard of this brand before? Any experience?
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Nice Vestimenta suit 42R. Too big for me ... maybe trading post?
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More goodies today: 1) NWT BB green seersucker pants - $5 2) Light weight grey wool Canali pants - $5 3) Luciano Barbera dress shirt - $5 4) Bergdorf Goodman house label pants - $5 (anyone know the maker?) 5) Prada casual pants - $5 6) New stainless steel thermos - $5 7) New Golf ball pick up tube (like a shagbag) - $5
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I saw a grey pinstripe BB Golden Fleece suit. the jacket fit but the pants were too tight, so I left it.
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It's been pretty slow on the thrifting front - haven't found a single thing for myself in well over a month. I found (and passed on) two Stephens Bros shirts yesterday, but the quality just wasn't there, though they looked to be about $100-$150 shirts.
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I saw about a dozen 15.5 x 33 Gitman Brothers shirts in a GW in north Raleigh, along with a new Southwick (40R IIRC) suit and some other misc neat finds. I'm not in a flipping mode so I left them all. If any of you are in the Raleigh area, PM and I will look up the store address.
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