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I just thrifted two double ended dildos!

Originally Posted by AndroFan View Post

Pure bragging, no pics, eh?
Big news fellas, I just thrifted 2 MOTHERFUCKING BOEING 777 AIRPLANES.  Little bit worried since I think shipping on these things is going to be a bitch, but I got them for like $2k each, so I think I scored a good deal. 

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Originally Posted by Ace_Face View Post

I love this kid. Catches some shit for no pics, comes back swinging. Somewhere in Toronto, Frenchy's/Valium's head just exploded.
DM, were the shirts all the same size/same initials?

Yep, all 16-41 (maybe a few 16.5-42 mixed in), and same initials.


For everyone wondering, they're all available, but because of my living situation I can't get pics soon.  I'd prefer to sell 5+ of them to each person buying at decent prices.

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I'm seriously considering moving to LA stirpot.gif


(not really, but OMFG I wish I had one haul like that)

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^^ Same here. I got excited when I found a pair of Armani boots....
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FML. Oh to find just one T&A shirt..... ever!?!?

nice work DM. you probably could have a mid-five figure job with your thrift finds. Serious question - is your inventory getting out of control or are you moving some of this stuff?

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I heard some of my thrifting thread friends were in need of some shoes, well I found some awesome Royal Tweed Premium Grade Bench Crafted In England dress shoes today. They were made on a last labeled: Last 175/G Size 12's (Available)


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)






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DM7 is the Margaret Thatcher of the thrifting thread; a polarizing figure, for sure.

Keep on trucking, you Iron Lady you.
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only found middling stuff today, but since i have literally no room for anymore clothing without the doors to my house exploding off, everything is available. send me a monetary offer and i'll probably say yes if you want it since I would like to deposit all of these things at the post office tomorrow. LET'S MAKE A DEAL! and hope i find better stuff tomorrow

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Lacoste ocbd shirt size 40, near mint

new without tags (legit new without tags, like it was still folded and pinned like you'd find at the store) ralph lauren black label polo, bright orange, Medium <--- spoken for

paul & shark yachting. cotton, long sleeve, one cracked button, size large, chest pocket

cross creek nwt polo shirt. obviously rather old and made in USA, cotton is great quality. Size L. I paid $3 for this so just saying I think you can lowball me on it if you find it appealing.

theory 4 button polo shirt XL excellent condition also got this for a very very low price hint hint

hugo boss white shirt. chest pocket, barrel cuffs, eu40/15.75. excellent condition. would be a good white beater shirt!! Yeah you totally thought I wrote wife beater shirt, don't lie

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I'm going to LA.  That's not a threat... it's a promise.  devil.gif

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My thrift funds are currently depleted. I spent two hours at the thrifts today and passed everything I found since none of them excited me enough to go overboard. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
To satisfy mainy's hysteria crisis, name dropping: three pairs of Bally shoes at 14.99 each, a Church's split toe at 12.99, Ferre orphan coats 14.99 and 24.99, couple of very old BB, and Mani suits similarly unreasonably priced. Lots of BB shirts, couple of Armani etc shirts, pants but nothing worth buying if you are not buying to sell. As I said meaningless! and not brag worthy, and not mentioned since no pics- until I invest in an iphone
This vintage beauty is from few weeks ago running in the shell not shell game in the other forum, bought expressly for that purpose.
First what it is :




Jury is out on the shell, but my research so far says not.
Ad from 1956. Brand belongs to Hamilton Brown Shoe Company of St Louis, bankrupted and bought by Craddock Terry Shoe company of Lynchburg, Virgina . HB factory burned 76. Craddock and Terry bankrupted 80ies.
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I found a NWT T&A shirt once and thought I was king shit of eff mountain, but two trashbags full of freshly dry cleaned dead man's clothes is jaw dropping. That said, Nataku's Armani boots are a way sweeter find as far as I'm concerned. Money can only buy the clothes, style requires knowledge.
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those armani boots were freaking sexy indeed, if they were my size, if only
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Here's the stuff I found today...


HF Collection 42L



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)









AE Park Avenue size 12D




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)









Does have the one cut in the toe, but a cobbler should be able to stick that down


HF shirt, size small with POW fabric and hidden button down collar



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



Rochester Shoetree shoe trees




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



$19.99 sale price... $4 Goodwill price icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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90+ Turnbull & Asser Shirts
10 unknown shirts

My wallet thanks those shirts for being a half size too large.
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Originally Posted by mainy View Post

those armani boots were freaking sexy indeed, if they were my size, if only

They are my size. If I buy another pair of shoes, I might not have a home to wear them in.
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