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Does anyone know of any stores in or near Atlanta where I could find deals like these? The Goodwill's around here seem to limit their selection to dockers and nike.
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An ok day today. Came to a really disappointing conclusion today. The store that sells Target samples and overstock which used to also sell Target's inspiration for their clothing (higher end clothing they design their's after) has pretty much stopped selling the good stuff. It's all Converse One Star, Mossimo and Cherokee garbage now. The few nice things that are comming in are women's (some stuff from Varvatos, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, etc) and are all priced accordingly. I think they got some new workers who were clued into this, as last summer I got NWT stuff from Isaia, Brioni, Ever, Cucinelli, Corpus, Helmut Lang, Whyred, Zenga, etc. Everything from streetwear to high-end menswear. Best part - all at or under $25. Suits were $25, blazers were $15, shirts were $5 and pants were $10. Nothing good ever lasts, right? Finds at the Sally and Savers were: 1 Zegna and two Canali ties at .95 a piece 1 RLPL purple check shirt 1 Scott Barber pink/green check shirt. This label doesn't get a lot of love around here but I really liked the pattern and I couldn't really beat the price.
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You got me... I'm in Manhattan, which is the capital of the world for cast-off high-end clothing. Men's clothing in particular seems to be available in great abundance -- you always see racks and racks of Hugo Boss and the like, with just one or two top-notch labels thrown in... all at the same price. (Or, every now and then, someone very wealthy and exactly your size will donate a whole closet full of prime loot...)

The stores either don't know what the higher brands are, or don't care if one or two items per rack are at a 99.9% discount. It seems like the trick is to live somewhere where people a) wear that kind of clothing and b) can afford to regularly donate it.
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^^ Fuck Minneapolis. I'm moving to Manhatten!
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Not strictly thrift/discount store -- eBay actually -- but scored an Oxxford windowpane sport coat for all of $39.99 today.
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I think I did pretty well at the local Salvation Army -- two recent-vintage suits -- a BB Golden Fleece suit in dark blue herringbone weave, and a J. Press Presidential lightweight summer suit -- both in excellent condition and both my size! Well the Golden Fleece is marked 42L, and I'm more of a 42R, but at $30, I'll live with it! I know it's a hackneyed expression, but pictures do not do these two suits justice. They're really beautiful in person. with flash:
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two solid silver dunhill pens for 20 EUR, I tried to make the lady lower her price to 15 but my father scolded me for being a cheap idiot. The best part was when I showed them to my girl she shrugged and said, you paid 20 EUR for dirty steel pens? Poor soul....I also thrifted huge silver horse blanket pins made of silver for 2 dollars. I dont have the slightest use for them but I like 'em, perhaps I'll get a blanket and pin them on my Wolfhound zhen he grows big.
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Today picked up a wonderful Barbera linen shirt at $4.15 and a Smedley Sea Island Cotton sweater (NWT) for $4.15.
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THrifting has been slow recently. However I did find two nice wool hand block printed in England ties. One is for Brooks brothers and the other is for some long forgotten men's store in DC. Anyone know how old the brooks ties are that have the black tag?
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I picked up this feathery friend yesterday. I'm a sucker for H & H.

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I finally found something today in Atlanta , this tweed leather collar ovis shirt, I paid about four bucks for it at Park avenue thrift store. I HOPE MY THRIFT LUCK IS ABOUT TO CHANGE

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Originally Posted by Nashville View Post
I finally found something today in Atlanta , this tweed leather collar ovis shirt, I paid about four bucks for it at Park avenue thrift store. I HOPE MY THRIFT LUCK IS ABOUT TO CHANGE
That is unusual... I guess it's dry clean only because of the leather trim?
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^^^^^^^^^ Yes I checked, its dry clean only because of the leather collar, they have an Orvis store in the atlanta Buck head area. I already know how this will get rocked this fall and winter, I have some Killer cole haan boots to pull it off.
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My fiancee had to do a million hours of law review editing yesterday, so I was banished from the house and resorted to thrifting. A few months ago I made a map of thrifts in LA and printed it out, and armed with that and my trusty GPS, I hit the road.

They had some nice stuff at the National Council of Jewish Women thrift in West Los Angeles. They were having a buy two get one free sale, so I grabbed three sportcoats and three shirts and took them to the counter. Not only would they not give me a sportcoat and a shirt free (they refused to ring them up seperately), the mean fat Russian lady at the counter marked up one of the sportcoats from $10 to $35... so I left that one behind (she was claiming it was "designer," but it wasn't), bought two coats and got a shirt for free and washed my hands of the whole affair. She was borderling yelling, "THis is business! We cannot give $35 free!" To which I wanted to reply, "then don't have a buy two get one free sale, bitch." But instead I just huffed my way out. The two cultural differences I have a really hard time navigating are personal space and negotiating price. Intellectually I can understand that different people just have different standards than me, but it always gets me going. Ended up with two late-model Brooks Bros coats, one a Golden Fleece neither of which'll fit me (look for em in B&S), and a purple checked shirt that will.

Visited the UCLA thrift, which is kind of nice. Didn't notice everything was 50% off until I was headed out the door, might have purchased the Brooks white tie I saw hanging from the tie rack.

At another Council thrift on the west side, I bought a Brooks seersucker in gray. Again, a little short in the arms for me, look for it in B&S. I'm all about finding homes for these guys.

I might get booted again today... maybe I'll go out to the flea market or something. Or maybe I'll just hit a few more Easterly shops.
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