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That 62 year old Huntsman suit would not look out of place on anyone today, amazing. I would wear that with no reservation, in fact, with a sense of vintagey pride.
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Thanks! Unfortunately none of them fit me. They'd work for a 46-48 R. Approx 38" waist, but with a very high rise (they wore their pants higher up back then). Thus, they're all for sale. spam[1].gif
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Originally Posted by toscano_adottato View Post

You're probably right. It just occurred to me after I picked them up so I proposed it. No big deal and no feelings hurt. I ship the shoes to him on Monday and we're all good.
The only reason I thought of it is because my closet is already completely overflowing and I have decent stuff to trade. In addition, I always see quality stuff here in the DC area that is either not my size or not my style. Instead of financially proxying it, I'd be interested in a trade proxy. I see something you like, I'll buy it and hook you up and vice-versa. I guess this would probably only work with people who know each other or live close enough to meet up in person.

Trade proxy-ing is great, I only think the (potentially eternal) waiting in the wings is high drama. For trades, you've probably seen it but there is a stalled, almost defunct thread devoted to it:

Unfortunately, I assume people found that the stars just didn't often enough align to account for very many trades. There is a reason that we all (on SF, and in the world) live on a money economy rather than a barter economy.

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Today's Finds:

Shirts: Vineyard Vines & Gittman Bros. Both are size large and are for sale/trade. Passed on two really nice Jeff Rose Made in Italy button downs (also larges). I'd be willing to go back and pick them up if anyone is interested.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Ties: BB, BB (still with store tags), older Brioni (4" wide but I love the pattern), Nordstrom Knit
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Pants: NWT Armani Exchange Cords Sz 38L & Bertling w/ Leather lining in the front pocket (these I think I'm keeping for myself). The AX are slimmer and would work best for a skinny 38 or a 36...which is not yours truly.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Southwick Trad Sport Coat ...probably a 40 to 42 R w/o measuring.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Also as a sign I spend too much time on Style Forum, saw gentleman walking across the street wearing a sport coat, jeans, and some type of loafers and wearing sunglasses and thought to myself "that dude looks like Digmenow"
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Quite a haul on Friday here in NYC - met up with my mom, who let me tag along on her normal thrifting circuit. she streamlined the route in order to hit up the shops that feature more mens clothing for my benefit. Because I needed to be home by early afternoon, we got down and dirty: in and out, hit 'em hard and go home happy.gif all in all, hit up 9 shops from 23rd street to 93rd street in about 4 hours.

The takeaway:

Arnys of Paris green/brown tweed 42R 3B jacket: $20
Turnbull & Asser Navy Blue Nailhead 41L 3B, doublevented, working buttonholes (I think it was part of a suit, but definitely works as a sportsjacket): $7.50
Turnbull & Asser blue/brown prince of wales check DB 41L, working buttonholes (again, I think part of a suit, but this would probably look awesome with tan slacks): $7.50

Harvie & Hudson light blue longsleeve barrel cuff shirt, 16/41: $3.00
Borrelli blue gingham long sleeve shirt, FC, 16.5, $20
Borrelli red/blue/white prince of wales check pattern, button cuff, 16/41, $20
Hilditch & Key blue and white gingham pattern, FC, 15/38, $12.00

The Borrellis both fit well - I am normally a 16, so I was surprised that the 16.5 fit, but it has a great pattern and is in great condition - as does the H&H shirt. I'm going to give the Hilditch shirt to a friend. The T&A jackets would cost too much to fit me properly, so I'll probably put those on eBay in the next week or two. Still debating what to do with the Arnys jacket - its a really nice pattern and color and would really only need the sleeves to be taken in. I'm not sure, but I think the tag looks like St. Andrews.

Its all at the cleaners now, but I'll try to take a group pick when I get it back mid-week.
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^ Interested to see picks of that 42R tweed...

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will do - should be back tues. or wed.
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Thanks to some travel by car I have been able to thrift all over the darn place lately. I have picked up another 40-50 suits - some SF-worthy and some just Ebay worthy - but I will show a few of the ones I like from the recent haul. I really like the Brooks Bros. Makers trench in XL I picked up but photos may take a while....I am WAY backed up. Everything is eventually headed to Ebay and/or B&S.....feel free to contact me if compelled. I have about 200 items to list but I'm getting there.

In various poses here are some of mine from recent runs:

Hickey Freeman Collection sz. 38 (1 of 2 nearly new found together); this is to pay homage to the roughly 2 dozen HF's I now have....


Zegna 15milmil15 sport coat - sz. 56...whatever that is in US sizing..


Samuelsohn / JP Tilford for Harry Rosen - my favorite of the day for the pattern and pockets. Wish this fit me (tagged 46 long)


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Are there a lot of fake Zegna ties out there? Somewhat concerned regarding one (nice looking at that) I just picked up.
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I like trading.Selling is more profitable but you end up braking even in the end. Trading gives me a sense of community. Many of my trades worked just fine, and my trademates have been generous.
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Originally Posted by ArsenalDan View Post

Are there a lot of fake Zegna ties out there? Somewhat concerned regarding one (nice looking at that) I just picked up.

Well, there are a lot of ugly ones! biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by ChetBakerSings View Post

I see quite a few. They often say "Style Italy" or have Asian characters on the care tag.
I've always been puzzled by the fake Zegnas. I get fake Rolexes, Hermes ties , LV bags, and the like. But it seems like Zegna is less well known to the general public and less luxurious. No one I know would care about a Zegna label except friends who are into men's clothing, and none of them would wear a knock off. I guess there's an audience for it somewhere.

It has a pretty nice hand, and even though it's definitely 3-fold, is relatively substantial. Color isn't done justice in these photos (it's a bit more bright and electric, and therefore interesting), but just to show it for now:



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