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Well I don't know if Ebay counts as a thrift, but it has been a heck of a week.

I had 13 items up for sale and only 6 sold and the canali, Oxxford, and Pat Zileri suits all sold at less than bargain basement prices. Steals for sure.

The good news is that I bought what looked like a virtually new Brioni silk summer sportcoat in a bl/wh herringbone for only $150. It arrived today and definitely looks like it just came off the Nieman's retail shelf at a cost of $3250. And doesn't even need the sleeves shortened. Close to my best buy ever on Ebay. I just missed (cause I got caught up in reading that black pants or not thread either here or AskAndy) a Grieves and Hawk silk/wool summer sportcoat for $53. I was planning on sniping it and simply got all engrossed in whether or not I should be wearing black slacks and missed it. <g>

Good hunting.

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Why can't one find such pieces in Sydney
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Originally Posted by Homme
Why can't one find such pieces in Sydney

probably has something to do with the coriolus effect.
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Picked up this T&A for Neiman Marcus paisley tie for a couple of bucks today, 3 3/8" wide:

Also got some Polo beater khakis for $3 or so.
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Originally Posted by AlanC
Picked up this T&A for Neiman Marcus paisley tie for a couple of bucks today, 3 3/8" wide:

Also got some Polo beater khakis for $3 or so.
That is hideous and awesome. Do you know the species of the bacterium depicted?
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Originally Posted by j
That is hideous and awesome. Do you know the species of the bacterium depicted?
We may need to call in T4Phage for accurate identification.
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Brooks Brothers Wool/Silk blend sportcoat. Very nice, seems to fit in my shoulders but a little roomy otherwise, and sleeves need to be let out. Either going to the tailor or eBay. $10. EDIT: It is almost identical to this jacket, except made in the US: For any of you thrifters in NYC, there are a few promising things at the Salvation Army on 4th ave & 12th street, including: 2 Paul Stuart suits Burberry sportcoat Brooks Brothers seersucker sportcoat with a small stain (that looks like it would come out easily) "Savile Row by Raphael" full canvas suit, not sure if this is the Raphael working here now, but pretty nice Brooks Brothers double breasted blazer "The Turnbull & Asser" custom suit None of the above fit me, and some of them were up to $25, but may be worth checking out.
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ermenegildo zegna sportcoat - a brown glen plaid-like pattern, pick-stitched lapels, high gorge, double vent. $7.

also a trendy shabby-chic creme cotton pullover from BR, and a brown and blue striped Penguin (munsingwear) polo.

and a puzzle for my daughters.
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Found a DB gray flannel coat by Douglas Hayward, 95 Mount St, London. Made 1987. Perfect condition. I read in Mahon's English Cut blog that Hayward did Michael Caine's suits in "Get Carter," one of the more sartorially on-pointe movies. Fit is quite good, perhaps even better if taken in an inch or so. The only slightly unusual touch is that the buttons are 2/4, rather than 4/6 or 2/6. Even the arms are the exact right length, which is fortunate as the buttonholes work. About $8. I love Brooklyn!
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Another tie, same place the T&A above came from. This time a Nicky neat, $2.50. Sort of Marinella/Holliday & Brown-esque:

Also picked up a couple of khakis, although on one pair I think I was a little optimistic waist wise.

My wife also picked up half a dozen pairs of very lightly worn shoes for the girls for $15 total.

I've been in a bit of a thrift rut.
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Don't know if this will work, but here's a C. Barrie jacket I picked on eBay this weekend:
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I saw that. Not sure about the button stance and waist (which looks rather large), but a lot of the old Chester Barrie jackets are phenomenal. They are also seriously undervalued on eBay. If that fits you, that could be an amazing score.
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Originally Posted by romafan
Don't know if this will work, but here's a C. Barrie jacket I picked on eBay this weekend:

Great sportcoat.

(and my size! )
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Great to see this thread still chugging along. I really like the old Chester Barrie stuff. I used to see the cashmere jackets at the local Salvation Army (for some reason) all the time--often made for places like Beal & Inman or Savoy Tailors Guild, etc. I see this one originally came from Berk in the Burlington Arcade; should probably be great for hikes in the woods.
And, Alan, I really like that paisley tie! Really!
I've found a couple of things from Douglas Hayward here in San Francisco. My favorite (prosaic though it may be) is the perfect navy blue tie with small green dots (which I usually wear with a grey cashmere herringbone jacket from Henry Poole and grey RLPL tropical weight wool pants).
It's been slow for me lately. A couple of weeks ago I found a couple of shirts by Fray for the shop Russo Capri: a bold yellow stripe button-down and a pale blue and white windowpane in linen. The shirts were new and $3.50 each. Russo Capri is a great shop whose trademark shirt detail is to sew the last buttonhole on the shirt placket in bright red thread. I've also found a bunch of ties, some old art deco pajamas from the 40s in butter yellow with piping in robins egg blue, a really beautifully thrashed Beaufort jacket, and a wonderful brown flannel suit from the Wilkes Bashford custom/mtm operation back in the 1980s. But no Knize suits, Sulka dressing gowns, or museum quality bespoke shoes. I'll still keep loooking, of course.
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Originally Posted by bosthist
Before the list of finds, a story.

I'm a fairly regular donor to my local thrift store. I had donated some clothes, including a Banana Republic wool/rayon long sleeve plaid shirt cut in a 1950s style--one of my favorite shirts because of the styling, but that had seen better days. About a month later I'm walking through the thrift store and I see my shirt on the end of a rack. I walk over to look at it, because I'm interested to see the condition of the shirt which would give me some idea of the cleaning process it went through before being sold. I then started looking through the suit/jacket rack, which runs perpendicular to the rack where my old shirt was. Directly, and I mean directly, across from my old shirt was a Gianluca Isaia jacket from Louis, Boston in my size, in brand new condition, with working buttonholes on the sleeves. At this particular store all jackets are $4.99. I pick it up, try it on, and fits perfectly in the body. The sleeves were a little short which was easy enough to fix. I walked up to the register and the cashier rang up the jacket for $1. I asked why, and she said "All blue tag items are $1 today." I suppose there is something about casting one's bread upon the waters to be learned here.

Here is the Isaia jacket:

I've also found a Turnbull and Asser (Chester Barrie) pinstripe suit ($10), a bespoke Chipp jacket from 1968 ($1) single breasted two button, peak lapels, ticket pocket, working buttonholes, and a crazy yellow paisley silk lining.

a few Huntsman jackets for $5 including,

note: sleeves now altered back to proper length/balance

a $5 bespoke jacket by an NYC tailor with a ticket pocket, Holland and Sherry buttons, and working buttonholes in a plaid cashmere that would make Les Nessman jump for joy. My favorite is the c. 1968 bespoke overcoat by Bernard Weatherill with a ticket pocket and working sleeve buttons in a gray nailhead. It was fifteen bucks.

The key to good luck at a thrift store is to look at everything. I've found some interesting items that I wouldn't have noticed at first glance--a polo shirt by Bowring Arundel, some great 1960s sweater vests made in Scotland, 1950s viyella fabric shirts. I've also been known to buy $1 shirts just for the buttons.



I wanted to resurect this somewhat old post.

The man had donated a respectable item - not costing a prince's ransom - just costlyto him.
Goes down to the store, and what does he find?
Racks of treasure.
Actualy wonderful garments, with much life, that may lead him to many happy occasions. And make the clothes happy also. When you decided to bet on the #8 instead of the #3, where did your hunch come from? maybe a high quality jacket, that had been there before.
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