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Originally Posted by 330CK View Post


Jacket is the tits and I don't even wear leather. Awesome find.
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Originally Posted by RebelWithACause View Post

I know the odds of these being real are .0000000001%, but one never knows. Any input? Also picked up a gitman shirt in XL, will have pics of it later.


100% fake. You just have to look at the subdial. Those watches are supposed to be Chronograph so the subdials shouldn't display calendar function...
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Overheard in a thrift tonight...two women conversing...think white trash with a french accent...

woman 1: "Oh look, Pierre Cardin, Pierre Cardin, this is great! Do you think he'll wear this?"
woman 2: "of course! it's Pierre Cardin, he's famous!"
woman 1 "your right, and it's only $1.98!"

I so tried not to laugh out loud!

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^^ laugh.gif
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Great news - Pierre Cardin is also coming out with the UK's first designer android tablet facepalm.gif
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Originally Posted by caseyfud View Post

I wouldn't buy anything for $195 and expect to make any money reselling it.

I have actually made quite a great profit doing this with watches though (but I bought them at a higher price than $ 195).
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I've become more of a browser than a serious thrift hunter in recent days but with the rise (NPI) of the denim thread, I've been looking for a slim fitting pair of jeans that would look good on me. No RRL or APC so far but I found a couple of pairs of Levis 514 that do the job nicely but that's not why I'm posting. After looking at a LOT of pics here, I've come to the conclusion that jeans look best with a wide, flat leather belt in brown or black, depending on choice of footwear. I starting looking through the belt racks with a fresh perspective and came up with a vintage Levi Strauss brass buckled Italian leather belt that was made in the USA. There's a rack of Levis belts at my local membership box that are all Chinese made and they feel it. The Italian leather feels so good I find the process of buckling and unbuckling it somewhat sensuous which is kinda creepy but there ya go.

Yesterday, I scored a black version with a silver buckle. Total investment stands at $4.

This pic was taken with the camera mistakenly set on "macro" but gives a general clue as to the brown belt and jean (30X30) fit. The shirt is really blousy.

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Today I got a very nice pair of allen edmonds shoe trees for a buck fifty.

Also, around the trees was a pair of black calf Allen Edmonds Sanford shoes in size 12 (EDIT: Just noticed A width) that are in very good shape. If anyone wants them for a little bit over shipping just holler.

And a flannel shirt.
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.... Dang. I hit three TJ Maxx/Marshalls today and found none >.< At this point I'm essentially rifling the tie racks, looking if they have any suits/sc's and then heading out, to keep it moving.

Also hit forty (I shit you not) garage/yard sales today... including a handful at multi-million-dollar properties. Best thing I saw was a whole bunch of JAB and a trashed Southwick jacket. ffffuuuu.gif

Did get a working power wheels jeep for the kids for $23 so it wasn't a complete waste of time... but I think sartorially, around here, it ain't happening.

Hit one store on the way back and bam, two hangers I never thought I'd see in the wild around here since you can't buy them anywhere near here - Brioni & Isaia, both recent. No garments to be found, of course, though I'll be hitting that store as often as possible for the next week or two. I think I'm going to hang on to these unless someone has a Kiton suit hanger to trade.

Finally stopped at the consignment... and got a check for $55 for 4 shirts that sold. That means he sold them for twice that, which blows my mind since I couldn't sell them for $15 shipped apiece on SF. Shows it pays to explore all avenues to unload stuff.

Hanger pic - again, if anyone has a Kiton suit hanger to trade, PM me! wink.gif
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Wow - forty sales?!? My usual runs consist of maybe 5-8, unless it's a neighborhood sale and there's a ton within walking distance. Sucks that nothing good popped up at any. I'm surprised you didn't find anything at those million $ + places. Usually they have something decent floating around.

As for those hangers, you know that they probably were donated with something on them. Do hit that store hard for the next few weeks.
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Today, I walked into a thrift store and was looking around at some stuff when I came to the back corner. I then looked up and noticed a large roll of some nice green tweed fabric. So, I walked over to it and took a look. Turned out to be Holland & Sherry. So, I thought I'd ask how much it was per yard. The lady told me the whole roll was $20. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I still have yet to roll it out and see just how much I have. If you all want a picture, I'll take one.
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At the local thrift store today, I passed on:

Orphaned Zegna DB jacket in my size (no trousers anywhere) but shoulders were extremely padded anyway.
Orphaned Oxxford jacket (not my size anyway)
Green Lacoste polo in my size but cheap buttons gave it away as a fake
Zanella shirt that looked like a guido party shirt

Actually some good stuff in the cd section, most of which I already had: Talking Heads, Smiths, Prince, 10,000 Maniacs. Did get a Jimmie Rodgers cd, so not a complete loss.
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Ohmygod--I never thought it would happen to me, but then it did: a haul, after months of very little. Two Burberry shirts, a nifty HSM suit, an Armani cardigan, some sweaters I needed, etc. etc.

And then: a NWT Hermes tie (icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif), an Aquasctum ancient maddery tie, a Robert Talbott BOC tie. And then: a Land's End Harris Tweed jacket, like I'd always wanted, and a Polo tweed jacket in wild colors.

My stupid iPad camera is terrible, or I'd be sending pictures right now. Pictures when I figure out how to make these things look legible. Dudes, it's the pictures of other peoples hauls that led me to stay in this long enough to find this stuff.

Never thought I'd have occasion to slayer myself.
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Originally Posted by alliterativerevival View Post

Re: Stafford, Stafford...

Oh, my god--I laughed out loud at this. I feel my relationship to Stafford is about what the guys in "The Perfect Storm" have with water. Where does it come from? Where does it go?

I know this was posted a while back.

Every time I see Stafford now, I laugh. But I'd also like to add...Towncraft. ffffuuuu.gif Towncraft.

Where's all this Club Room riffraff coming from? Macy's, I think. And Croft & Barrow...
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