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thanks for the input on the watches everyone, will have them checked out. I paid $90 bucks for both and wouldn't mind paying another 90 for two more, they are beautiful watches.
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About the watches, there are $200 Rolex and Omega replicas out there that will pass for real until the back is removed. I am talking about watches which can be ordered from Hong Kong or Guangzhou, not Chinatown junk. Seeing those fakes made me reevaluate my interest in the more expensive watches. Now I wear a Seiko. Genuine, by the way.

And back to our regularly scheduled programming...
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Originally Posted by ChetBakerSings View Post

Damn, Nataku. How do you find these great garage and estate sales?

Very carefully..... devil.gifbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by tonylumpkin View Post

Vintage NOS Roblee full brogues in burgundy Horween shell. Now the big quandry...they're my size...flip or keep.
They still have the original department store price tag on the sole. The guy got them for half off. He paid $14.50. I'm guessing they must be from the '60s, but are in near perfect condition. The tag in the picture is the Horween Shell tag.

Very nice shoes, tonylumpkin! Hope you're keeping them!
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A few bits from recent trips out:

- New Church's branded small Abbeyhorn shoe horn.
- Turnbull & Asser gold plated and green enamel one-piece cufflinks (my wife got these for me for $1.50)
- Three pairs of virtually new Thurston woven braces in striped patterns.
- A Dunhill Tailors of New York grey stripe SB 2 button suit that fits pretty well.
- A new Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving soap in a wooden bowl; perfect timing because my old one is running out.
- A pair of Simpsons of Piccadilly black patent evening shoes; I hardly need these, but at $5 they're worth having.
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Okay, so I have to tell you guys about a once in a lifetime MOTHER LOAD. While on vacation, I visited the discount store K&G and stumbled across Hickey Freeman on clearance for 3/$30 (aka $10 per piece - included all pants/shirts/sweaters). I ended up raiding this particular K&G of virtually all size 34 (my size). In total, I bought 18 pieces for around $190! The 3/$30 special is now over, but all Hickey Freeman is now on clearance for $14.99 each. I am also told that Hickey Freeman was only stocked in a few select K&G stores across the country with "Designer Spotlight" Sections. Due to low sales, K&G is discontinuing their "Designer Spotlight" section and all other non-Hickey Freeman is 75% off the last ticketed price. Back in Dec 2010, I managed to snag a pair of Valentini pants a K&G for $32. It's unlikely that much of the non-Hickey is still available, but there is a remote possibility.

Here's a link of K&G locations that had "Designer Spotlight" sections:
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Originally Posted by RebelWithACause View Post

I know the odds of these being real are .0000000001%, but one never knows. Any input? Also picked up a gitman shirt in XL, will have pics of it later.

Fakes, unfortunately - some of the giveaways are:

- They're not a model Omega ever produced, though you need to be a bit geeky to know this.
- The pushers and the crown are not in line (meaning it's a two-part movement, the time module and the chronograph module).


- The engraving on the back of the watch isn't good; on a genuine watch it would be much deeper and polished afterward:

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I'm guessing somebody passed away (RIP) but last Friday I found 6 A-Man Hing Cheong suits at my local Salvation Army. They appear to be completely bespake, bespoken, bespoke (whatever the past tense is). Just doing a quick SF and Google search leads me to believe that I might have made a decent score. Anyone know anything about this tailor?

They are just a touch too big for me in the waist (both jacket and suit) but I've already taken them to my tailor who seems to think they will be easily adjusted. Solid navy, blue on navy windowpane, blue pinstripe, a lighter solid blue, gray pinstripe, grey and blue glen paid @ 16.99 each.

Also scored a pair of Alden tasseled loafers and a pair of Hanover Shoe shell cordovan oxfords. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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On the advice of a poster in this thread, I stopped in at my local TJ Maxx. Found a Golden Fleece tie. Ugly as all shit and ever so slightly defective, I nonetheless purchased it for 8 dollars and will try to flip it.

Also, found a nice HF SC for 4 dollars and a nice pair of shoe trees for a buck.
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Haven't posted here in a while, but that's mostly because I haven't found anything worth bragging about.

Today proved to be my most successful/interesting day in a while when I found my first item of SW&D ever for only $5. I also brought along a couple of North African students studying here for the summer and while they didn't find anything of note either, it was fun to be with them during their first thrifiting experience. I expect we'll go again later this week.

A couple of weeks ago I also found a Hickey Freeman houndstooth silk/wool jacket in a 42R that I imagine I'll eventually put up for sale or trade.Otherwise, the thrifting landscape has been rather bleak. Yet as Jacob Riis so eloquently put, ""When nothing seems to help, I go look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before."
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The TJ Maxx thing must be very random. I've seen oodles of BB ties at TJM/Marshalls, but never a GF/BF.

DID find a BF tie at Filene's awhile back - but that's much more in line with what you'd expect.

And yes, this week I've been stopping at every TJM/Marshalls I pass by. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by gdwy89 View Post

Today proved to be my most successful/interesting day in a while when I found my first item of SW&D ever for only $5.

Awesome find! I'd love to find a pair of KMWs in a thrift - helluva score at $5. My pair of 1980s ran me $100 at a discount store and they are worth every penny!
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Hey, I got a BB main line coat that fits (unlike the ones I scored last week for the trading post) like a glove today and a Talbott tie...but also a Daniel Cremieux Dillard's Loro Piana slimmer fit suit that's almost spot on size, pants and all, but I'll need the sleeves let down a half inch or so.

Question: The Cremieux is fused, probably? Are they, typically? I'm still having a hard time figuring out for sure, what with the pocket liner and all those layers of fabric in the various spots, esp when they have the extra little pocket below the inside breast (for a cell phone I'd imagine?) pocket. My post count says senior member but I admit I have much to learn.
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I can't imagine the Cremieux not being fused.
No idea how their suits are, but far as department store brands goes it's one of the better ones, if not the best. Quality is on par with department store polo stuff.
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Passing by the Salvation Army today (usually don't go till 1/2 price Wednesday), and ran into a some shirts full price!! $3 & $4 or chance it and wait till Wednesday to pick them up at $1.50 or $2. For a grand total of $14 went ahead and bit the bullet as I would have been shooting myself over the extra couple of bucks if I waited and someone else snatched them up.


(2) 14.5x32 BB Slim Fit Point Collar in White (like new and what I usually buy in the stores anyway)

John Varvatos USA FC 15.5 Button Down (might sell this one)

Theory Button Down Small

Banana Republic casual button down 14.5

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