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First day back. Hit one store. Found tags. I'm thinking "shit they're gonna mark it up high" and I saw the pricing Nazi behind counter. Luckily the girl who rung me up quickly typed in $2.99

Cutest Hermes I've seen


edit: and basically NWOT other than the wrinkles.
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Pal Zileri 15 1/2 39, available for PZ aficionados


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One stop and three decent finds.

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Found a few things today.

Class 5 vest. Sad that this doesn't fit me. Sz M and fits true to size.

I'm lost when it comes to Nike but I rolled the dice with these. Looks like they've been worn once. I'm guessing that's someone's last name embroidered onto the back. If that's the case I'll be returning them but I was hoping maybe they were made for some football player or something.

Couple ties. What say ye on the Hermes? Everything looks spot on except the printed model # and logo are kinda wonky and pretty faded/faint.

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Anyone know who makes these?

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Originally Posted by luv2breformed View Post

Anyone know who makes these?

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Been crazy busy lately.

Quick story,

Made a quick stop. Saw a father looking at suits for his son... I started looking from the other side. Saw the father pull out a jacket and comment to his son that sometimes people donate their old faded flimsy jackets and tossed it to the side. The huge smoke MOP buttons caught my eye so I look it over and BAM!

100% linen Navy unstructured Boglioli in my size...

Bonus. It somehow sat there until half off!

I know I know.... Pics or it didn't happen. I was just too damn excited to wait.

One of my all time thrift grails for me.
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every hermes posted today is real.

@nataku nike id is like mi adidas…customizable, so yes, monogramed so to speak.
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Found another awesome Hawaiian shirt...

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1941 'Boston Uniform Co' coat in nearly perfect shape. A little bit of wear at the closures and a small tear in the armpit lining. Really heavy, wonderful wool with lots of cool details and hand-stitching.
I'm a 38L, so it would make a decent overcoat for a ~36R/L or fit well over a sweater for a thinner 38. Available. (Picture's are Ian's - he found it.)
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Finals + No Thrifting for me^ The Awesomeness of this Thread + 1/(Sleep + Socialization) = Unhappy Me

Not sure that makes any sense, but at least it got me to take my nose out of my Econometrics book for a few minutes.


BTW - Making a trip to Savannah here in about a month.If anyone can assist me in an awesome thrift fit it would be appreciated. Tan suit, blue checkered shirt, retro running shoes, and a box of chocolates and i'll be looking snazzy.

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Where are your pants!!?!?!?!

Did the moths at least thank you?
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Jeebus, so...much...Hermes today, amazing finds, folks!


Not much for me, so just wanted to share this:

100% thrift fit day

Billy Reid coat and shirt

2x Hedgehogs

ancient JAB probably wool knit tie

not pictured, some PRL chinos, Bally dress shoes.


Saw everyone trying to sneak a peak at what the hell was up my sleeve today, it was pretty funny.  Oh and sold a 6 figure job today, thanks hedgehogs.

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Originally Posted by books and tweed View Post
  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Bad-ass, like Neo the Sailorman.  

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Hi. first time poster here.


Ive been looking for a summer tan blazer for the longest time. and i havent found one that i like all that much.


I found one where I like the color, brand, and overall look. And its only 25 bucks.  the fact that its a 3/2 roll also makes it pretty unique for a linen khaki blazer



however, the issues i have with it are


1. is it a sportscoat or a suit jacket?  i have a hard time telling with thrift buys


2. it has padded shoulders which probably wouldnt look great in a summer blazer look. but the rest of the sports coat looks great to me. 


what are your thoughts?

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