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Originally Posted by ndifelic View Post

i know it may not be some of yalls cup of tea, but found a rugby by ralph lauren 3 button tan blazer in goodwill. i thought Rugby was a pretty cool company except for all the skull and bones crap. i think this sold for about 198$ new but only paid 6.25$! gonna have it dry cleaned and add it to my closet. not for sale

Rugby tailored stuff is pretty good imo. I've got a Rugby tux made by Caruso
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No. Send it to me.

Flip it over and take a pic so we can actually see the belt.

Great find.
Originally Posted by hbkshin View Post

Should I be as excited as I am about this? Pierre Balmain Crocodile belt made in france
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

Edit - the internet vindicates.

Well thats what I get for gloating. got the jacket today, and she did say there was some moth damage on the front, but theres a bunch of actual holes, not just light wear. Anyone want this at cost before I send it back? Someone can make it serviceable, but I dont think its flippable.
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"Baby carrots is a lie, B!tch I'm the truth"
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Painful to leave a Sulka and sick Robert Talbott paisley bow tie because of condition issues.

Peter Blair marlin tie.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

NOS Orvis tan moleskins. 100% cotton. Made in USA. Unhemmed. 38 waist. I was looking for tan moleskins for F/W 2013, but never got around to purchasing them. Really wished these fit.

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Just a few things today.

Fueco approved. Signed by Erik Zabel.

A couple 7-folds

Some shirts

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Originally Posted by runyourchain View Post

No. Send it to me.

Flip it over and take a pic so we can actually see the belt.

Great find.





I was still out when I posted that. Scuff on the buckle is removable thank god.

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finds for today.


50R Southwick tweed. Available.



46L Hickey Freeman 100% silk SC. Available.



46L Hickey Freeman bespoke SC. No material tag but feels like a linen blend. Available.



46L Samuelsohn linen/silk blend. Available.



Florsheim Imperial two-tone brogued tassels? I have no idea. Amazing condition, though. Size 9.5D. Available.



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





Cherry pop for me. Helmut Lang l/s shirt. Size 50. Fits me. N/A


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That Zabel signed jersey is awesome!

Looks like a promo for an event or ride. Would have been even more awesome if it was a team jersey!

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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

Why was I born? Will I ever amount to anything? How do they make baby carrots? If they just cut them from big carrots, doesn't that waste a bunch of carrot scraps? They must use those for salads. Do square watermelons taste different or just look different? Probably the latter. Is that a mole or something I should be worried about? I'm young; probably the former. Wait, did I use "former" and "latter" correctly? Yeah, yeah I did. I like chicken more than I like turkey, but both are pretty great. Why am I thinking about food so much? Ah, it's lunchtime. What should I do with my life? Will I be okay? I need to relax, be less self-centered. Woah, look at those boobs! I wish I could stay home and watch Netflix instead of take this exam today. Where did I put my wallet? Wait, what was I going to say? I'm drawing a blank.



You just reminded me of that classic Bugs Bunny cartoon where a log is whittled down into a single toothpick.

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Damn you adidas for not making wide shoes.
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Finds for the day, TM Lewin shirt 16 33 and Orvis 40R Cord vest:

Not pictured: Zanella Unicorns with some mad yellowing, any advice on how to get that out? Oxyclean?

And a LL Bean 100% Cashmere for the winter, NO CASHMERE LEFT BEHIND!

EDIT: all available

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







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Colorful day here in the CT...finally felt like Spring

Cherry popped...First skeet tie
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Some of the better ties I found today



Ike Behar, RT BOC, Made by Hand Culwell & Sons, Breuer, Isaia 7 fold, Breuer, Hickey Freeman



The one you all probably actually care about Isaia 7 fold - I don't think it's Grenadine



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