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The official thrift/discount store bragging thread  

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I've been meaning to do this for a long time. I often get great stuff, and I want to brag and gloat to someone who will care, understand and/or appreciate it. But it's not worth starting a thread for each new item. I also want to hear about what other people got. It will be a journal of sorts.

Plus, keeping it all in one thread will help those who find it distasteful to avoid it.

I warn you, the following may be perceived as gauche, a faux pas, or other French words, because I am likely to include prices. That's part of the bragging.

So here it goes, starting with today's haul. Maybe pictures later.

- RLPL White pinpoint oxford FC/spread collar dress shirt, made in USA, 15.5x33. I will get the sleeves let out a bit on this. I had a pink one of the exact vintage and style that was my favorite shirt of all time, but alas, I grew out of it. $10

-RL Polo "Lowell" white broadcloth point collar dress shirt, 15.5x35. Functional, fits, great plain white shirt. $10

-CK black cotton velvet blazer. Needs the sleeves let down a bit, otherwise fits perfectly and looks smashing. I have been looking for a good velvet jacket for a long time. Not stellar quality obviously, but then I won't need to cry when someone spills something on it. $15

-Nieman Marcus sterling/gold plated (?) cufflinks. I will need a pic of these. Really nice and kind of unusual looking. Non-toggle back, which I need to have more of. $25 (most I have ever paid for links, IMMSMC)

-Bespoke suit, worsted navy wool/mohair (?) with no labels at all and tons of hand work. 2 button, ultra slim, peak lapel, no vent, lowish button stance, sort of RLBL style. Needs a little alteration, but looks awesome. Very Alfie(2004)-esque. $25

This was all today.

Other recent purchases:

-Gorgeous Hermes tie, in a color and pattern I will actually use. Looks almost brand new. $2

-AE bluchers, medium brown, plain toe, comfortable, lightly broken in and slightly patinated. $3

More later, I can't think right now.
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Posting what you bought on the net is for FARMER. Jon.
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Amazing haul, j. You must have hit a consignment store for that stuff. I've hit a dry spell, but hope to stop by a couple of places later this week. Perhaps I'll have something to report then. I'd love to see a pic of the cufflinks and Hermes tie.
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*sigh* i am having goodwill withdrawals now. i've been away from my office in the city for 6 months, so i've been without my near-daily sojourn to the thrift store around the corner. good on you, what a great pile of loot. /andrew
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Your wish is my command: Hermes tie: Nieman Marcus (at least that's what the box said) cufflinks, in the classic style of 150-spoke Daytons: Edit- I got all this at two thrift stores. One of them was not Value Village. Also, I am having second thoughts about the suit. When I move my arms forward the sleeves go back about 6" or so and the shoulder padding (minimal) goes up a couple inches. What does this indicate exactly? Edit2- The jacket is cut pretty long. I may be operating under a wishful delusion that it can be altered to look right.
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I finally found a suit that fits about five days ago at the Goodwill, I'll post pics later. I like it.
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Posting what you bought on the net is for FARMER. Jon.
Speaking of which, I found a ridiculous Lanvin tie the other day and almost bought it just to post here for ernest to see. It was Versace-style gaudy, dark blue with gold L initials and chains printed all over it. Strangely attractive, however... Mack, interesting finds. PL jacket $7? Very nice.
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j, good job on the tie and the links.
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Over the last couple of weeks: RLPL DB suit (Chester Barrie) in charcoal and grey stripes ($13.99). Light blue Malo cable knit cashmere pullover ($5.99). Kiton shirt, fine blue/black stripes ($5). Two pairs of Thurston braces, one in blue boxcloth with catgut ends ($1.75, made for Gieves & Hawkes) and another in black satin moire ($1). Pristine black velvet slippers with an elaborate monogram in gold braid (not my own, obviously, but not RL either) marked "Made In England for Dunhill Tailors, NY" ($5). And a slew of ties all for $2: Hermes scarf print, Zegna seven-fold, Kiton seven-fold, Atelier Versace, bespoke T&A, a great bottle- and lime-green stripe by Oxxford, woven ties by Duchamp and RLPL, and all these weird Fornasetti designs. Oh and a really ugly brand-new Borrelli for twenty-five cents. Of course in December and January my luck was really good: bespoke N&L/P&S black captoe shoes, identical Henry Poole suits (one in grey flannel, the other in blue mohair), Lobb Lopez loafers, grey cashmere herringbone jacket also by Henry Poole, and a large lot of tailored clothing by the late lamented Donaldson, Williams, & Ward of Burlington Arcade. fb, you better get back to the city and hone those skills. If you ask me, j. gets into the Hall of Fame on the strength of those McAfee crocodile loafers alone--the rest is all gravy, just coasting.
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I live in San Francisco. It's not what it once was, but great things still manage to surface from time to time.
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j, If you don't mind giving up your secrets, where are you shopping? I grew up in Olympia and went to the UW and am travelling back to Seattle quite often these days. In fact I'll be there again the end of next month. Any recommendations on shops? cheers, bob
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I don't want to be mean, but I can't post my circuit in public. I don't want to hit a dry spell and blame you all. But to be honest, I find good stuff in every shop for the most part, except the downtown Goodwill. But I've only been there twice. However, Slim found his suit, a HF Boardroom in perfect shape, there, and it is really nice. I really go to all of them in the North Seattle area and the Eastside. So actually, my list wouldn't help much. Like I said before though, the most consistent results are on Capitol Hill. All the stuff in the first post was from there. Good luck.
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Hmm...I think I live in the wrong place. Atlanta needs a couple thrify shops. e
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within the last month, all like new: HF Boardroom jacket, obviously half a suit ($10) BB tweed jacket  ($10) ties by Lanvin, Hermes, Gucci, Ferragamo (the ones with the little themes, fops, nerds, animals, eskimos, etc.), Liberty fine lawn ties, made in England not USA ($2 each) crazy J Peterman heavy tweed duck-massacring jacket with leather elbow patches, gussets, shoulder patch on which to rest my shotgun butt ($10) less crazy Orvis tweed duck-blasting jacket, elbow patches, gussets, belted back ($10) Andover Shop wool odd jacket, too small for me, gave to a friend ($10) (and while we're at it) lithos of big-eyed, disturbingly sexualized pre-pubescents by Keane, "Igor," etc. ($2 each) large classic Aalto vase ($2)
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- RLPL White pinpoint oxford FC/spread collar dress shirt, made in USA, 15.5x33. I will get the sleeves let out a bit on this. I had a pink one of the exact vintage and style that was my favorite shirt of all time, but alas, I grew out of it. $10
See bold in quote: Can you really get sleeves let out on a shirt? I did not know this. How is it done?
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