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Candy striped shirts

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I hope this is not an obsolete question. I went shopping last weekend and noticed many 'mall' retailers, such as Express, Club Monaco, and Zara, were carrying those candy striped shirts. I think it's been about two years since I first saw them so the question is not whether the style is the latest fad or not, but whether it's getting played out and rapidly going out of style. (Or is it already out?) Personally I'm rather fond of those jaunty stripes and would be sorry to see them go. Do you think they have a life of their own, like faded boot cut jeans? Thanks.
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Well, striped shirt are sort of a staple in menswear - one of the few areas where guys aren't afraid of a little color - and I would imagine that Paul Smith, and "real" traditionalists like Turnbull & Asser will continue to make these shirts. However, I think that the thick striped shirts and the diagonally striped shirts that have become ubiquitous are well on their way out. Worst look: college guy with a too-loose, diagonally-striped shirt untucked over an fraternity or "I survived Frosh week" t-shirt, semi-baggy jeans (all Express for Men,) Kenneth Cole chunky black shoes, and too much hair product.
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i agree with laguy, but candy stripes are different from what he described. they are a classic pattern. if you like them, don't worry. they're always available from the more traditional makers.
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There are more of them on the way for Spring '04....These shirts are well represented both here in Las Vegas and at the Collective in NY a month or so ago...
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't "candy stripes" a specific type of stripes - fairly thick stripes of uniform width, usually red and white or blue and white?  I didn't really think those were "in."   I believe the original post, and LA Guy's response, were actually referring to the Paul Smith-style shirts where there are a number of different color stripes of varying width.  I have also noted that this trend has filtered down to mall retailers, which hopefully will pass pretty quickly.  I am going to continue wearing my striped shirts no matter what, but I wouldn't want people to think I shop at Express for Men.
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'candy stripes' are the broad equidistant stripes. they are a staple pattern, neither 'in', nor 'out'. variegated stripes come and go in terms of trends, but if the style suits you (akin to the idea of avoiding horizontal lines if you are shorter in height), then it is rational to wear them.
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I'm the original poster and what I meant was the Paul Smith-style stripes. I did not know that 'candy stripes' specifically referred to broad equidistant ones.. I'm sorry for the confusion but thanks for the replies and new piece of information. =)
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