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(Slightly regretting not purchasing them) . . . Yup. They had the wingtip boxcalf and the split toe.
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Johnny, do you know if Louis accepts phone orders during its semi-annual sales?
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I don't think so, because I called the morning they shoes went to 60% off and asked if they could do a phone order and hold them for me (just in case others were stalking them). They said they didn't do that. I ended up not buying the shoes. I'm sure someone could do you a favor from here though -- I would, but I don't think I'll be in Boston for the July sale.
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Louis, as far as I know, isn't stocking Vass anymore, and yes, at the Louis sale at Filenes, there were still a fiar number of U lasts, at $399 (at FB, there is hardly anything too good to be true.  The Barney's sale is even more intense.  My biggest regret is *not* picking up a BNWT Kiton knit for $20, down from $425.  Note that this was the initial price, not a marked down price. I'd also pick something up for you, gratis, but will also not be in Boston for the whole of July.
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LA Guy, does FB still have the U lasts? I kinda regret I didn't take up JN3's offer to pick up a pair of U last. What's the timing of the Barneys and Louis sales at FB? Do they have BG sales? May be I should give $10 Chinatown bus service to Boston from a try.
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The U-lasts are long gone. Right now, all they have left are some Jil Sander shoes, most of them sort of ugly, and of the Louis stuff, some assorted Pantoforo d'oro boots. Louis is now done (first stuff came in on Feb 20.) though they still have some assorted stuff left. Lots of P.A.R.O.S.H pants and other assorted brands (I just got a pair of great Cloak pants for less than a third of the Louis price, which means about 70-75% off NYC retail prices - I've checked.) The BG sale is usually pretty small - a few racks, hardly worth even checking out.  The Barneys sale will happen towards the beginning of April.  You should get there first day for the best stuff.  The best deals are in sportswear and furnishings.  I find the suits and formal outerwear not particularly well priced compared to the rest of the stuff (still better than the Mitchell and Mr Sid's stuff, which is still highway robbery, and pretty boring to boot.) Will post when I get better info.
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Vass from Louis has popped up on Ebay over the last month. The auctions get alot of action, but some haven't gone over the pre-set reserve price. A recent U-last auction didn't get past the reserve with the final bid in the $460 range IIRC.
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Louis, as far as I know, isn't stocking Vass anymore.
LA Guy, When did this happen? If Vass isn't being carried by Louis Boston any more, then who is carrying it other than Sky Valet in DC?
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Not sure, but I haven't seen them there recently, and a few of the people on the salesfloor have told me similarly. I don't have a direct conduit to Debi Greenberg. If I did, I would ask for a buying job.
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This is kind of a bummer if it's true. I was thinking about heading up to Louis during the July sale to try and snag a pair of Vass (preferably the norwegian penny loafers on the U last - such a great looking shoe). Jeff
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try and snag a pair of Vass (preferably the norwegian penny loafers on the U last - such a great looking shoe
Dude, not to rub it in more, but I there were a fair number of pairs in various sizes at FB for $399, and I was going to flip them here for less than half price, but decided (poorly, it seems) that there wasn't going to be a demand for them.
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Wow. Now I've gone from bummed to depressed. On the other hand, it's my own fault. I live in CT, so Boston is only about 1 1/2 hours away. I could have always driven up to FB or to Louis during their winter sale. Of course, explaining yet another shoe purchase to my wife leads to an entirely different emotion (I think it's called "fear" ), so perhaps this is for the best. Jeff
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