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I vote for the Seiko 5. I had one for about $65 USD and sold it recently for a lot less. The mineral glass just doesn't last in the work I do (repair shop.) I replaced it with a Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT watch and have been happy ever since (about 10 months ago) and the sapphire glass doesn't have a scratch or nick on it (keep in mind the Seiko 5 was only worn maybe 5 times to work.)

The seiko 5 would be fine in an office/school environment. Not that many well dressed people at my school either, typical drape of suits if worn, lack of polished shoes, and so forth.
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Originally Posted by jimmyoneill View Post
Any experience with this brand? Almost seems too good to be true, and in my experience that means it often is.

I'm contemplating sticking a nice grosgrain strap on my IWC. Should i take it to my dealer to remove the strap?

I have 2 autos from this company. Both are 3-4 years old and still run very well.
I always change the straps to stingray, lizard, or gator/croc.

You can buy a spring bar tool (see below) to change straps and bracelets for $4. Also the straps are well made and nicely priced.
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Speaking of Orient/Seiko watches, which one of these should I get? or
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Originally Posted by KJT View Post
They have a 100% guarantee - they'll just deduct $7 from your refund if you return something for shipping. Might be worth giving it a shot if you like the way it looks. I have no idea the quality of Orvis's watches though, that's why I was asking.

I've had a couple of Orvis watches, both quartz. On one, the crown snapped off about six months after I bought it (I blame my children, but I don't know how it happened). I walked it into an Orvis shop and they replaced the watch, no questions asked. The other one I have:

Keeps very good time, of course. It's small, simple and cheap. Could definitely benefit from a better strap. But Orvis's return policy is so good (LL Bean like) that I feel very comfortable buying from them.
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Originally Posted by imightbechad View Post
Speaking of Orient/Seiko watches, which one of these should I get?


I like the top one alot. The use of numbers, the bezel & the helium valve make it a distinctive looking watch; more so at least than the bottom one which looks like a blue version of of a Rolex Sub. That said the Sub is a classic, Rolex connotations aside, and a blue dial & bezel are a good twist. Orients get good reviews. I'll be interested in your ownership experience.
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Thanks for the input. I'm going to get the top one, as (like you said) the bottom one is too close to a sub knockoff/replica for me. I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out! Chad
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^ Yup I'd go for the top one as well. Orient makes excellent watches for the money, comparable to mainline Seiko IMO.

Some of the recommendations in these threads are just . Sturling Original(another in the long list of GermAsian brands) and Fossil?
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CK makes a very minimalist dress watches! have a look, also D & G got tons! Paul Versan spanish ones, around 60 .150 euros have a look, most are copied from $$$$$$ brands but legal
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Try a Fossil, Movado, or Seiko outlet.
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Originally Posted by imightbechad View Post
Speaking of Orient/Seiko watches, which one of these should I get? or
I have the one on top.. really beautiful watch.. and its 20bar (it doesn't realistically matter).
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I like those blue Orients! Hadn't seen them before. Best place to buy online?
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Originally Posted by jagmqt View Post
I'm still relatively new here, and the brand may be taboo, but I didn't see anyone mention Fossil...

Almost all of their men's dress watches are under $135 (heck, almost all of their watches are under that price)...

I bought a Fossil "blue" (model bq-9038) back in the mid-90's and the thing is still working without fail's so old and scuffed after a hard life, I have trouble putting it aside and still use it for daily wear...

I'm not sure if you like the style of thier product, but they certainly make a durable watch for the price you're looking for.


Jag, I too have a Fossil "blue" that I bought back in the late-90's made out of titanium and like yours it is still kicking to this day without fail. I think I might have paid $85 or $90 for it since at the time I was just looking for an everyday watch, but I found that it was so light and so very sturdy (I've knocked it smack into the corners of walls and door frames and it didn't even flinch) that I started wearing it all the time. 10 years later it's still my go-to-watch whenever I'm not wearing a suit.
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Ted Baker on sale tomorrow
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Originally Posted by crazyquik View Post
Pics below aren't mine, but I rock the grosgrain strap Timex about 75% of the time.

I'm diggin' the grosgrain strap.. but hating the font.
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You should also check out Hamiltons. I got this watch for $100 on this forum, and I'm pretty sure you can have this watch for around your price range. It is somewhat small (35mm), but I've gotten used to it, and since you sound skinny, it might just work out for you. Also, when you use ribbon straps or whatever, it makes the watch look bigger. It is quite versatile.

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