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READ: RULES for the B&S forum - 45 days membership required to post, no bumps  

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I don't have time right this minute to formulate all the rules for the Buying and Selling forum, but I need to say that all posters must adhere to a gentlemanly rule against posting in a competitor's thread. Please refrain. There will be more later. Thanks. [this is a mod/admin only thread.]
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How to advertise your wares here without being banned as a spammer:

Post one post in THIS FORUM ONLY with an introduction to your site, store, or whatever.

Put your website address or store name, etc., in your signature.

Post useful comments in the clothing forums so people trust your judgment and want to support your business.

Do not post your ad in every forum.

Do not email me asking "how do we advertise on the forum" and simultaneously have someone post on the forum having "discovered this great new shop". This is called shilling, and we can smell it a mile away and won't ever let you advertise here because you are being dishonest. Trust me, you aren't smart enough to shill, and if you knew enough to do it well, you'd know much better ways to make money. We will buy your stuff if you behave properly.
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Recently, there has been a lot of bumping by posters or their own threads. Not cool. If no one wants to buy your stuff or responds to your thread, you can bump the thread by lowering your prices or by opening up to offers.

We want to keep this a useful place for everyone. This requires that people don't abuse the system.

Please don't bump just to get your post up to the top more than once unless you have something specific to add. There are too many "but what if I..." cases for the moderators to address each individually. If we feel that someone is abusing the system, we will delete the thread. If anyone persists, they will be sent to Conventry.

Here is a good guideline. If you have to consider whether we'd frown on the behavior, we probably would.

Thanks all.

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If you're trying to get interest in your stuff for sale, you can add a link to your signature that goes to your for sale thread.

And please use descriptive topic titles - if you have a ton of items, maybe (if you feel you must) split them up into a couple of threads instead of just one. But for the usual 4-5 items at a time, put them all in one thread so everyone can benefit from the B&S forum.

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Firm asking prices are necessary unless you are running an auction, in which case, it must be clearly described as such, and the auction process must be transparent.

Also, please note that sellers may find their posts deleted if they do not follow all rules of the forum. It is your responsibility as a seller to abide by the rules here, which are meant to give members the best possible experience.

Finally, this is a public forum. We do not profit from any sales, and we are not responsible for an interactions between any sellers and buyers.
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Posting in someone else's thread to say the equivalent of "that's a ripoff, I saw those for less than that, blah blah" is not acceptable. Buyers here are very well informed and if it's not a good deal they won't buy it. They have a right to ask any price they want, even an unreasonable one, and you have the right not to pay it.

This is not to be construed to prevent posting in a B&S thread to alert buyers to the possibility of fake or counterfeit goods being put up for sale, but we wouldn't expect that from any established member anyway. If you see that from someone who just signed up, report the post and a moderator will inate the mer.

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Copied from the announcement:

Bumping your threads to get them to the top will result in a thread lock if we see it. The only exception is to announce a significant price drop on items - 5-10% or so sounds reasonable.

If you are new and you do this, I will very likely spaminate your entire account.

If you are not new and you keep doing this, I will ban you.

Updates on what is sold can be made by editing the original post.

Answering questions in the thread is semi-acceptable, but try to do it by PM and then not acceptable - edit the info into your original post.

If you want people to see you have stuff for sale, put that info along with a link to your sale thread in your signature, and post useful posts around the forum.

If I see a bunch of one word or useless posts from a person with any links in his sig, I will watch and likely ban.

You have been warned.

Have a nice day!
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Okay, this should be obvious, but obviously is not.

If you create extra usernames, and use these to shill your product or bump your thread, you will be banned, permanently. If you get your friends to do this, make sure they don't live with you/work in the same company/share a computer. You will not get the benefit of the doubt.
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Fok has posted this in the rules, I have posted in transparent modding on it, J has started a thread on it showing how obvious it is, and I am starting and pinning another thread to reiterate it, so there is absolutely no excuse for 'not realising'. Copied from my post in transparent modding... -- In case it is not obvious enough...if you are starting up false accounts to have conversations with yourself (argh, this is painful to even have to bother writing) in order to bump your threads, you will be banned. It is pretty obvious to the rank-n-file members when 3 new people show up out of nowhere to compliment you on your stuff and say it is 'perfect but just a bit too big' etc. Guys, please report it whenever you suspect it. It is glaringly obvious to the mods, cos we have a mouseover thing that shows your IP address. If you do are gone. It is that simple. Any of us can and will ban you and your IP-sharing alter egos with the spaminator without warning. -- Seriously....typing 'bumpity bump' gets you locked, but this one actually really pisses us off...dont test us.
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There's been some confusion so I will more clearly spell out a few recent rules for posting in B&S:

  • You must have been here 45 days to be able to post a thread, i.e. sign up, wait 45 days, then you can post.
  • You can only post threads in one of the following subforums of this one:
  • There is no minimum post count to post in the B&S subforums or reply to a thread. You just can't start a thread until your 45th day.

Hopefully that makes things a little clearer.
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As noted over in transparent modding, please do not reply to your own threads to report "sold" on single items, or when your last item is sold. Instead do this by editing the original post. Just a courtesy measure, as your "sold" post bumps other sellers off the front page. Feel free to report it when you see it.
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Forum moderators are not small claims court judges. Any resemblance between Steve B and Judge Judy is purely coincidental. B&S is a buyer beware board provided for your convenience, and mods do not intervene in buyer/seller disputes. Please do not PM us with "well he said it measured 32 but actually it is 31.5 and the zip didnt work and clearly the pictures are another item and I think it may be fake and I could have bought it at Yoox and..." - we don't care and we don't get involved.
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